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Anime Virtues and Flaws of Anime You Enjoy or Dislike


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[size=1][color=navy][strike]Time for some topic thieving[/strike] I thought this would be an interesting topic for here. I'm just going to copy and paste it because the poster certainly did a nice job in wording it.

[i]"This might be an interesting exercise and awesome discussion fodder.

We have shows we love. We have shows we hate. In a normal discussion, we tend to heap praise on a show we love and tear into a show that's terrible or too silly. Nothing wrong with that, it's perfectly normal. Yet at the same time many great shows have something that could improved. We think "man, if these things were change, it would be perfect!" Conversely many awful or silly shows may at least have a little redeeming virtue, and so one might think "man, if this had been done differently, it wouldn't suck!"

So here, the challenge is to think outside the box and look at your favorites and pet peeves with a critical eye. The rules are simple.

[List]Choose any sort of anime. It can be a series or an OVA or a movie, it doesn't matter. Do this as often as you like with as many anime as you like.
[*]If you like it, list and discuss the things you like most about it. Obviously it's vice versa for something you hate. These details can be broad or specific, it doesn't matter. Maybe it's a character, maybe it's the plot at large, maybe it's the animation or music. Anything goes.
[*]Here's the trick. For every favorite strength or weakness, also single out and discuss a flaw or virtue respectively.
[*]Discussing and/or challenging the criticism and praise that others have to offer is fair game and highly encouraged.
[*]Just for even more emphasis, discussion is key. Please, please don't make this a list thread. [/LIST]
Here's a very simple example to get everyone on the right track.

[quote][B]Final Fantasy Gundam[/B]
General opinion: positive


Well first off, wow! I can't believe Sunrise commissioned Square-Enix to make up a Gundam story. Sure, all of the men are designed like bishonen and they brought magic into a mecha show, but the story is epic! And best of all, the corresponding game won't suck for a change! Now that's merchandising done right.


Hey, wait a minute! This show doesn't actually exist! And it's a delusional fantasy that will never happen! Whew, thank goodness. That was close."[/i][/quote]

Personally, I don't care how you set it up.

~Props to GWOtaku for the thread~

Edit: Crap... The title is suppose to be "The Virtues [b]and[/b] Flaws of Anime [b]You[/b] Enjoy or Dislike"... Can I get someone to change it please?[/size][/color]
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[CENTER]I'm going to start with "[B]Inuyasha[/B]." My overall view of this show is positive, with some of the positives being the unique villian Sesshoumaru, the very vibrant colors, and the 'Shonen but not without a good story' thing going on. Some other things I like include decently dressed (for the most part) female characters, which is good, getting away from the 'whore who must be freezing' look a lot of Anime tend to have. Although it's positive, it isn't perfect, and some of the negative things are repetitiveness, and slowness to get to the major plot parts. Those are really the only two things I didn't like. Another positive would be the art, which is clean and simple.

Next, I will speak of "[B]Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion[/B]." My overall opinion on the is positive as well. For starters, I instantly noticed the extremely good art and animation, which is a major positive. On top of that, the story was well played out with very good character development and emotional expression. The only real negative I can think of is that I heard it being labeled as "Shoujo," which scars my mind and makes me look back saying, "Did I miss something?" I doesn't seem like it would be primarily aimed at a girl audience, and personally I think it is more in the same category as Cowboy Bebop with it's "Aimed at anyone who likes awesome."

The third Anime I will talk about is "[B]Saiyuki[/B]." My overall opinion is stuck in the middle of like and dislike. The art and animation were lacking, and it was obvious that the creators placed more time on making the characters do dramatic things rather than making the story epic. That's not cool though, because the characters were really awesome and somewhat unique with very down to earth (a good thing in this rare situation, as I tend to like unworldliness more) voice acting. If the art was mastered better and the animation cleaner and actually more animated-like, it would be better. With that, and a more fluent progression of the storyline, it wouldn't be far from a classic in my mind.

The last one I'll talk about for now is "[B]History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi[/B]." My overall opinion of this is positive. It has very traditional Anime art.... big, shiny eyes, and all the rest of the stuff you see in older Anime. Other positives are cool characters, interesting story, and it's a long Shonen Anime similar to others, yet in a league of its own. There is a little more funny comic relief stuff than most Shonen Anime have, which is good, and on top of that it brings back those early 2000's Anime vibes, which was my "Hooked on Anime time."

These opinions are obviously personal, as such things like "Long Shonen Anime" are probably more not liked than liked by long time Otakus (I'm one! I say this with [too much] pride), but I can never get enough!
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I've been waiting for this...

Dessert Punk
General opinion: dislike

Smart and witty humor combined with gun battling action. The main character's battle tactics are amazing. He also is willing to sacrifice anything in order to achieve his goals.

Yeah did I mention willing to do ANYTHING..... He will do anything for money and has no sense of morals. In most anime the main character is treated like a pervert, in this one he just is one. Only 2 things modivate him, women and money... and he'll do anything to get both of them.
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[size=1][color=darkred][b]Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/ 2nd GIG[/b]

General Opinion: Best anime I've seen so far


Animation - Most of the time when people say something along the lines of "________ has great animation", I usually get my hopes up and compare it to this (even though it may not be fair). Anyway, for the most part the animation remains consistent throughout the series. Fights/gun fights were smooth and crisp.

Characters - I like the cast. I found none of the characters to be annoying at all, although I do feel like some could've been exploited a little more.

Plot - It's an extremely detailed series, and I've never been a fan of politics, but this series made it / kept it interesting enough for me to follow.

Cast - The dub is great. I don't know how the sub sounds but I don't think I'd care to hear it now after hearing the dub.


Extremely chatty - It can be a turn off for some. Personally, I have no issues with it as long as it can keep me intrigued.

Characters - Like I said, I found no one to be annoying at all, but none of them outside of Batou and Motoko (and possibly Togusa) comes off as exciting either. I can understand if people found majority of the cast to be on the boring side.

Think I'll tackle some shonen next since I have a lot to say about those. [/size][/color]
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Here's an obvious one coming from me:

Opinion: Positive

[u]The Good[/u]
It has great music, no matter what the haters might say. With tracks like "give honour to our fellow" and "dwindled bible", among many many others, Roots has some of my favorite anime music ever. <3
The characters are also interesting; I especially like all the minor characters. I wish I could learn even more about them. Plus, character designs are cool overall.
And of course, the setting. I've always liked .hack's setting; an online game that is much more than meets the eye.

[u]The Bad[/u]
[quote name='Director']Okay, well we have all these insert songs, and we gotta put 'em in there somewhere... let's have the characters stare off into pretty backdrops under the pretense of brooding! It'll also save on animation, HOORAY![/quote]
Yeah, too many let's-just-stare-into-nothing-for-a-little-while scenes.
Also, although I like the overall plot, it moves pretty slowly. If you don't care about the characters, then you'll probably hate this show.
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Opinion: Mix bag (leaning towards negative)


[i]Fights[/i] - I haven't watched Naruto since it went into the new set of fillers, but lately, I've been real impressed with the fights. The movements are fluid like I'd want them to be but everything moves at a fast pace and has a lot of intensity in it. Unfortunately, that's pretty much the only reason I've been watching it.


[i]Characters[/i] - When it comes to the leaf village, Kakashi is the only draw point for me, and he's been reduced to being just a side character. And since the series focal point is basically always on the leaf village, it's hard for me to get any enjoyment. The side characters (those who aren't from the leaf) and villains are the real stars in this series. I find them to be a lot more entertaining than everyone from the leaf. Characters from the leaf ranges from boring to annoying (except Kakashi. He's always cool)

[i]Naruto[/i] - I know, I could've talked about him in the characters part, but I have a lot to say about him that he deserves a section of his own. Now, it don't matter to me whether people like the knucklehead / underdog role, but for me I absolutely hate that role. (It's been done to death and I'm sick of it) To make matters worst he's naive. Real naive. [spoiler]This guy is chasing Sasuke, trying to keep him from going the path he's going, and almost ended up dead both times, yet he's still claiming that he's his friend.[/spoiler] Some people may call that being very loyal. I call that absolute BS. Nobody in their right mind would continue with that garbage. I'll stop there with him because anything further is pertaining to the manga, and the anime hasn't showed it yet.

[i]Sasuke[/i] - I don't mind Sasuke at all, but when you focus on him for so long it becomes annoying. It's like the story should just be called Sasuke now.


[size=1][color=darkblue][b]Dragonball/ Z/GT[/b]
General opinion: Can't get into it

[i]Fights[/i] - For the most part the fights have always been entertaining. Although, after coming across other series in the shonen genre, I've come to not like the fights as much as I used to because of the reusage of animations. You know, how in one fight they just have both fighters doing the same thing over and over. Back then it was entertaining, but now I just don't like that as much.

[i]Characters[/i] - Other than Future Trunks there aren't any other characters in the series that I care for. Vegeta was great during the Saiyan and Namek saga, but I really started to hate him when the Cell saga came along. Goku.... Let's just say I've come to the point to where I just can't stand the airhead roles anymore. And I just hate Krillin by the pound.

[i]Goku factor[/i] - Man, I hate how just about every character has come to rely on Goku. It's almost like characters who were once bad###es just became as soft as Krillin stuff. "If only Goku were here...." Argh!!! Crap pisses me off.

[i]Fans[/i] - Let me set this straight now. Not all fans just the ones I've been running into as of late. My God, I once remember hearing it being underrated, or rather I remember there was a time where it get trashed quite a bit. I mean these people act like some sort of elitists and think that because it was the start of a trend that it should be liked by any and everyone into shonen. I never thought there'd be a day where I find a group of fans I couldn't stand any more than NGE and Naruto, but this group pushed me past my limit of being able to tolerate them. "To be continued"[/size][/color]
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Beck Mongolien Chop Squad

Overall Opinion- I really like this series throughly enjoyed it

Positives- Amazing character development, each character has differant quirks, style, aditude and presense. I love how the band forms and how they work through the hard times. There is healthy comflict in and out of the band. Even though they make mistakes they get through it. I also love how they have the urban legend factor.

Negitives- it is a little predictable. You see things coming from a mile away. (my gf made me notice cause she kept saying "he's going to be in the band isn't he?")

definatly should check this one out. It will appeal to the hardcore fans and new fans alike. Also some of the music is in English with is really nice.
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