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Ok, so i had this rp up on another site, but the site closed down. Then i tried to remake it here, but it got closed. so now i am restarting it up, here goes.

The world has changed abruptly since the Rosen war. The Furries of Terra have all tried to relax. Abrinth, the city of wolves has finally stepped up and announced their domination over the other race's on Terra, but the others aren't waiting to sit by. The pack leader of the Silver wolf Brigade, Rimmen, has taken his warriors and disbanded from the king of wolves, Spade. A lone wolf named Alistar, (Me), was just a pup when the Rosen War first began. his brother was taken as a hostage during the seige on Abrinth. Now he must find a way to rescue his brother.

The Dragons of Terra, more or less the guardians, have waited for their opportunity to strike against the Wolves of Abrinth. D'illongeal, The dragon city has awoken to this new threat against Terra. With their ability to skill-link to another creature and bond with them, the Dragons now try to recruit those worthy of their bond.

A skill-link, (Sorry Robin Hobb, it's from here series The Farseer and Tawny man) is an ability to somewhat speak one's thoughts to another. Skilling is the act of speaking telepathically and forcing one's thought's onto another.

A bond is a physical/mental connection to another by any means. Touching, holding, etc. When a person is bonded and skill-linked they are privy to each other's thoughts.

So post your race and dragon. Any special powers that either one has, where they are from, a description, and if possible a picture of them both.

Name: Alistar
Race: Arctic Wolf
Color: White
Age: 19
Ability: Weilds two swords. HIs left hand has a magically inbued enhancer, which deflects some magic.
Personality: Funny and energetic. Has a soft spot for chocolate and the ladies. somewhat a comedian and loves pulling pranks.
Appearance: A long black trench coat, and black pants. chains around his neck and paws.[url]http://images.wikia.com/furry/images/a/a7/The_Chained_Wolf.jpg[/url]
Birth place: Abrinth

Name: Icefyre
Race: Dragon
Color: Silver and red
Age: ??
Ability: Ice breath and ice shields. his talons turn into icicles and reform if thrown.
Personality: Somewhat of a fire head, despite his cool appearance. Puts up with Alistar's pranks, and sometimes pranks back. But never anger him, or you'll see a side of him you don't want to.
Birth Place: D'illongeal
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