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Well everyone knows or seen a tv special about the crash in 1947 at Rosswell New mexico. Well since man could make weapons their has been a secret family controlling the worlds black markets and technological break throughs. They became known has the Asgaurd family.

Since 1949, they have been reverse engineering the alien ship and have developed every single thing we take for granted today. The head family leader had plans to dominate the world using any means necessary. In 2014, World War 3 broke out when Brazilian militerist launched 5 nuclear warheads at the United States Russia, England, Japan, and Germany. Goverments paniced and launched nukes at anyone they thought nuked them. The Unted States eastern and Western coast lines where worst hit with spackle shots across the rest. Hawaii and Alsaska where untouched. 8 years later, when my character was born in, they developed scrubing nanites to help clean the contaminated air. They did well above their expected range but the contamination kept coming back.

In 2028, they came up with the 2nd gen nanites that where able to scrub air and water supplise. This greatly improved the lives to all who wheren't in the Asgaurd Hives. At the same time, my character has just been tested to see what his role would be. When the results came back, he was the smartes person since Albert Einstien. So they put him to work on a device that could open rifts to other demensions or universes and allow a person to travel through. The device was powered by alien power cells that seemed to take energy from the air and convert it to energy. Since the cells where too big to fit in anything smaller than a backpack, it would give the user a chance not to loose it.

In 2037, he was taken off the Multi-verse traveling device and put on the redesign of the 2nd gen nanites to work on ground contamiations. A week into redesigning them, he found out that they have actually reached the limits of their designs. So he scrapped that and started to draw designs for a new generation nanites that would do more than scrub the air, water, and ground. Since the discovery of nanites contained in a vial abord the ship, he could fit their main program, medical dictionary on all life on the planet, and reporduction tech on an even smaller version.

This caught the eye of the leaders and they started to talk to other scientist to se the possiblity of using them has spies or even to kill. He heard of this and perfected the MVBP (Multi-Verse BackPack) by 2038. He also rigged his room to explode and catch fire in order to destroy all data residing to the MVBP and the new nanites. He carried a trauma kit which contained the only (depends on how many people join initially) and the MVBP with all data on him and his research (its stored in the MVBP's onboard 500Terobit memory {which is alot of memory!}).

At the same time though, security was right behind him and open fired on him with dummy 9mm rounds at first. A few hit his back and arms. When he activated the MVBP they used assualt riffles on his legs and right arm. The uper right arm was hit and shattered the bone. The lower left leg got hit but the bullet stuck in the bone. The right leg got skinned but isn't life threatning unlike the others.

At that same time, a bright light opened up in another universe and he came through.



1: No god modding. Keep universes within the "What If" possiblity.

2: Keep it within real damage.

3: Time to time make things funny!

Sign ups:


Age: 16-35


Characteer Discription: (Or photo)

Universe Discription: Point out the one or more things different in your universe.


Little snippit:


I will have this up for a couple of days.

My sign up:

Name: Draco Asgaurd

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Character Discription: Draco stands 5'6", dark brown hair, slightly built (do to muscle growth injections). He is sort of a distant person that perfers small groups rahter than lots of people. He is serious yet easy-going, as smart as Ablert Einstien without going crazy, and he enjoys the little things in life more than anything.

Bio: Read story intro.

Snippet: Read story intro.

Ok people, enjoy.
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