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Writing House Of Night


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Has anyone read these novels?

I am utterly hooked.... i find it to be a mix between harry potter and twilight...

At first I did not like first book but it really grew on me all the plot twist and exciting turns... and the drama dare i say it's tinged with a little gossip girl lmao.... maybe not tht would be going too far..

I also feel emotionally attached to some of the characters, at some parts i even got all misty-eyed. There or very few books that pull at my heart strings..

i could go on and on about this series.... but am i alone in my ramblings?

anyone else had pleasure of visiting the world of House of Night?
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[SIZE=1]I can't say that I'm all that interested in reading it. /:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]But maybe that's because I read the Twilight series waaaaay before it was famous, and then it was like, BOOM. And now it's really famous, and I hate it. Dx[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Stupid sparkly-loving-vampire-fangirls. 3:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Yeah, I probably just won't make myself read it because I'm so freaking sick of vampires and romance crap.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Vampires are supposed to be scary, not SPARKLE. D:<[/SIZE]
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