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Manga New Manga, Wondering if I could have some advice


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I'm starting a new manga and i'm just looking for any advice or criticism i can get right now.. So far the story summarized is about two unique friends living daily life until some unseen type of monster under control of two men attacks the city. They leave the city in ruins taking the two kids from their families and bringing them far away from the base where they are brainwashed with special wristbands worn on the arms. They train with collections of other kidnapped people unlocked their special strengths and powers. They are all an army of assassins until three years later when one of the two friends is in a freak accident where his wristbands break, and he instantly remembers the attack on the city, and goes into a rampage using his powers even without the wristbands destroying everything and freeing the enslaved people. They start to escape and surprisingly the group that attacked the city lets them go in order to keep the friend that already had control of his powersand freed them all.

I was thinking if the main character (the other friend) could team up with some of the other escapees to train with the dream that he will locate and free his friend again.

Im open to any opinions or suggestions or characters that may need to be added to make this story more interesting so far
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