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Request Hazama set


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Hello gals and guys of the ABR, I'd like to make a request for a banner/ av set.

Using this image:


I'd like a banner and avatar.

Avatar: Hazama from about mid shoulder up. Just that. With a 1 pt stroke aroudn the avatar.

Banner: 300 by 100. Hazama from about mid-shoulder down. Make it say "strictly buisness" somewhere in a cursive font. For the banner, just give me link instead of posting the image, as my computer likes to hide your pretty works from me.

Awesome, you guys rock.
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I am up for this.
I have some free time today, hopefully a first draft should be ready in an hour or so.

EDIT: as requested!

hopefully you fixed the computer problem by now, so i will post the images too.


questions: did you want the pictures grayish blue background too?
I forgot what the image size constraints were before but you can literally double the size of the banner if you wanted.
The border is a 1 pixel stroke like you asked, but I didn't know the color so I picked one that matched Hazama's eye.
also I added the same one to the banner, but if you don't like it i can get rid of it.
lastly how is the font? the cursive that i used is very wavy, and its normally thin, but I made it more bold. Edited by CaNz
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sure, the font is actually supposed to be thinner, but i dont thikk it really gets any easier to read.
i will make a few different ones and if you still dont like it i will use a different font.
EDIT:here yah go, lemme know if you need any more changes done.
[IMG]http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/PandasQ/ey4.jpg[/IMG] Edited by CaNz
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