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  1. Wow... I can't say I ever did much with Des other than chat about anime in TheO, but he was such a nice guy. I have many fond memories of the time I spent here with him, and everyone else on the boards, but its sad that he was taken from all the people I am sure he was positively effecting, just like me.
  2. I have been doing a lot of skill training and memorization for my new job, and I was wondering what you guys do when you try to learn new things. Everyone has a method, and though people typically like to learn in an auditory, visual, or tactile fashion, some people like myself like to learn using a mix of the learning styles.   For me, I definitely mix auditory and visual constantly. I will talk to myself while reading the same lines over and over, and I will picture doing something in my mind. I'd say I primarily am an auditory learner though I do often just use the voice in my head if its something simple. I always want to back up my memory with visual information though. Charts are very helpful, and I will be able to preform an action far better if I watch it first.    So what do you do when you need to learn something new?
  3. I have been thing about getting into shape recently. I don't think I look terrible right now, but I have never really been "fit" before... so I kinda wanna see how that feels. I also like testing my determination, and I hear it takes a lot of willpower to go to the gym. Also I think they have showers there so I can get a lower water bill.   Do any of you guys do the gym thing? Any advice?
  4. Gaming

      I Just got done preordering the best buy bundle for this game and a Wii U. (I usually play on my friends, but I need one of my own now to play this game with him)      So basicly the general concept of this game is its a 3rd person shooter where you can mark the map with your ammo, then quickly hide yourself in it and move faster/verticly and through some objects (fences, bars, vents)     The game types are usually a take on territories, but not all of them are released yet, and most have to do more with how much of the map you can coat in your ammo color than kills.    Anyways I will definitly talk more about this, but I am too hyped for an intro, so I will let you guys tell me your feelings on it first.  
  5. With the recent crash in Taiwan, I have been doing some thinking about planes, and in my opinion we should work towards other methods of transportation.   Planes do a lot of things well. They are fast, pretty comfortable, they serve food, and have generally friendly staff once you are on(though even now they are all female.) Overall its usually not a bad ride though. Airports however are a pain. weather often delays or cancels flights, and the jam packed runways make taking off and landing time consuming, but mostly just annoying.   It may be just my 9/11 bias, but I don't think they are too safe. I know driving is way worse, but we drive a lot more often, and sometimes Impaired. Pilots also are supposed to be highly trained, and they often have help from a co pilot or their control center... drivers can just be a 16 year old. Crashes still manage to happen, and those are deadly.   I know I just talked about solar panels... but Jet fule is both expensive and harmful for the environment. there is no way I can think of to generate enough thrust to fly using alternatives though. Maybe someday...  but no time soon.   If we don't use planes how do we get places? Driving isn't much better after all. Well I think the answer comes from the past. Historys most popular mass transit systems: boats and trains.   Boats are still used to transport cargo, so why not people? For a vacation why not spend the first few days taking it easy cruise style. It may take longer, so some buisness people wouldn't like it, but I know boats can acess the internet from the cruise I went on like 10 years ago. as for the environment, its a lot easier to move a boat using wind and clean electricity than a plane. Also if it gets less dangerous neuclear subs would be cool.   The real improvements could come from trains though. Their are some really cool high speed trains out there, and electric power is the way to go. There are basicly no train accidents other than users finding dumb ways to die.  Trains can be large to fit lots of people, and you could just hire workers to make it like an airplane.   If we set up a renewable energy train system, travel in the future may even be free! if so we could easily see our grand kids, and if they make online friends on a forum it would be easy to meet.   EDIT: I forgot to set guidlines for the discussion. This isn't a thread about the Taiwan crash, so if you wanna talk about your reaction to it and post the youtube videos make your own thread. This is a thread about transportation and the direction you think humanity should move towards... or you can tear my ideas appart.
  6. Sometimes I get hungry halfway through discussion posts, but if I take too long cooking I lose my train of thought... or maybe I am just lazy.   This thread is all about what you eat when you are too lazy to get good food. As for me I went to cooking school, and over the years I have learned how to cook quite well. I still get lazy though. I am sitting here eating a baked yam dipped in melted butter mixed with brown sugar. The hardest thing I did was put 15 seconds on the microwave and hit START.   Your turn 0B!
  7. spaghetti is good lazy food material. I like frying it up with some oyster sauce, but leftover spaghetti sauce is great too. Lately it seems like I eat two mcdoubles per day.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if he already is a mod.  It could totally be Adam in disguise doing his annual check up. Though it could also be Boo in disguise, but that would be too normal.
  9. Gaming

    I totally get that. I was excited for the chance to play Smash Bros online with people around the world when Brawl came out, but as most people know it was pretty much unplayable online due to lag and framerate issues. However Nintendo has done a lot better this time around. In Smash 4 it actually runs pretty well online. Its not perfect, but what fighting game is? Apparently the team that made the game is fairly young (especially compared to the other development teams in Nintendo) and they all have played the popular shooters on the other consoles like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Obviously the gameplay will be nothing like those, but hopefully the quality will meet or beat it.
  10. Most people who regularly browse the internet watch YouTube, but what gets watched tends to vary from person to person. I think it might be interesting to find out what your top three favorite youtube channels are.  You can also give a quick description or why you like them if you want.   My favorite is Idea Channel. Occasionally Mike willl cover anime and games (which is how I found the channel) but really what draws me is the philosophy he correlates to modern culture. He kinda has a Vsauce/vlogbrothers kinda style, but his content is less science and more conjecture.   I also really like Game Theory. Overspeculation is the name of the game. Matt strings together game information from any legitimate source, no matter how rediculious the figures become in order to make a compelling point. Usually this makes the physics of game worlds crumble... but sometimes he creates possible conspiracy theory storylines which I tend to believe.   Lastly Veritasium is something I always wait for. I paid attention in physics class so I haven't learned much from the channel scientificlaly, but I love watching Derek teach strangers about the rules that govern our universe. I have used his methods to teach my 8 year old cousin about inertia, my 6 year old cousin about gravity, and my grandpa about global warming.   If you don't have a favorite channel you can post favorite videos instead!
  11. It seems  like google found a new way to track our data.
  12. So I just noticed I got the cool Seinor rank. I was working really hard to get it for years, but now that I randomly come back and its their I feel like I didn't earn it.   I actually took it pretty seriously back then. I would count the senior otakus I surpassed in post counts, and make new goals. 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500... I was planning on going as high as it took. Kinda seems like the american dream... work hard for an unatanable dream, or maybe don't try and get it handed to you.    
  13. TV

    A couple days ago I saw episodes 6-8. I liked the show, especially Foggy and Fisk. Its pretty Arrowish, but that is a good thing.
  14. Yeah, but that is kind of my point. Back then, things were good and just and everything was wonderful on the boards. I would have liked to see a more intertwined OB.
  15. AlLa: I wasn't even around when chat rooms were an issue. I did however see gaps between the RP thread goers, the artsy people, the videomgamers, the PRP posters, the modsquad, and new members. I post everywhere, but very few others do that. I guess seperation here isn't gonna hurt, but I would like it better if we were all friends talking together.
  16. TV

    I loved Arrow on netflix, I just haven't had the ability to sit down and watch a show lately, Hopefully I will be able to watch it next week.
  17. I can see why some people like the seperation of things, but I feel like subtle divisions ultimately caused tension between the groups. Maybe it had more to do with the people that the situation, but I'd rather everyone be familiar with eachother.
  18. every time I see the Vsauce channel logo I have to copy that face. I'm not crazy.
  19. Gaming

    I am too afraid to play another boarderlands game. I was too disappointed after two. I would rather just play borderlands until the day I die, searching for a perfect twoshot Jakobs unforgiven with a mashor attachment.
  20. Gaming

    But that updated ending tho... Honestly I wasn't suprised that the ending was bad, just disappointed because those lame three options were supposed to be the direct result of the actions you made in all three games... and it wasn't representative of that at all.
  21. Gaming

    So my friend is playing GTA online, and he is exploiting a glitch where he duplicates really ugly cars and sells them fully upgraded to make money. He does this by parking by a dumpster, stealing another car, going to his garage with his cell phone up, and then shooting that car till it blows up, and teleporting to the car he parked.   That may seem like a lot of work, but it saves him about a week of normal play time by doing this. Glitches like this are in tons of games. Loot caves in destiny, MissingnoM in Pokemon R+B, ect. Doing these allows you to get big rewards without the in between time, However, some may argue it diminishes the reward for both the players who cheat and those that don't.   Creating Pokemon for instance and duplicating them allows for exceptionally good shiny Pokemon... that everyone can get, but the people who choose not to cheat have to work hard to compete with them, and may never legally get one. The cheaters also diminish the value of the Pokemon,  and any legitimate one found is worthless because so many fakes exist.   What is OBs stance on glitching in games for profit?
  22. We haven't really done that since Tiger and Bunny! I would be interested in that.
  23. Okay, was it picking up his breathing or was it the same slow breathing rate? If it was something innocent like engine failure or something, you definitely would need heavy breathing, a reaction to the banging, and a higher heart rate. If anything that is evidence against him. If you are pleading negligence I still would consider that a form of murder, just not premeditative.   It also would be a conspiracy, since everyone is being told a lie. Its good to be skeptical though, regardless of if you are right or not. I should definitely have looked into it more.
  24. Cons

    What a great plug.
  25. Buzzfeed.... so we meet again. I feel like its okay until the last two, which are always the most popular.