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Gaming Virtues and Flaws of Games you Like and Dislike


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[size=1][color=darkred]Pretty much a game version of the anime thread. I actually think this is better suited for games over anime... "shrugs"

I thought this would be an interesting topic for here. I'm just going to copy and paste it because the poster certainly did a nice job in wording it.

[i]"This might be an interesting exercise and awesome discussion fodder.

We have games we love. We have games we hate. In a normal discussion, we tend to heap praise on a game we love and tear into a game that's terrible or too silly. Nothing wrong with that, it's perfectly normal. Yet at the same time many great shows have something that could improved. We think "man, if these things were change, it would be perfect!" Conversely many awful or silly games may at least have a little redeeming virtue, and so one might think "man, if this had been done differently, it wouldn't suck!"

So here, the challenge is to think outside the box and look at your favorites and pet peeves with a critical eye. The rules are simple.

[List]Choose any sort of game. (PS, PS2, XBOX, etc) Do this as often as you like with as many anime as you like.
[*]If you like it, list and discuss the things you like most about it. Obviously it's vice versa for something you hate. These details can be broad or specific, it doesn't matter. Maybe it's a character, maybe it's the plot at large, maybe it's the graphics or music. Anything goes.
[*]Here's the trick. For every favorite strength or weakness, also single out and discuss a flaw or virtue respectively.
[*]Discussing and/or challenging the criticism and praise that others have to offer is fair game and highly encouraged.
[*]Just for even more emphasis, discussion is key. Please, please don't make this a list thread. [/LIST]
Here's a very simple example to get everyone on the right track.

[quote][B]Final Fantasy Gundam[/B]
General opinion: positive


Well first off, wow! I can't believe Sunrise commissioned Square-Enix to make up a Gundam story. Sure, all of the men are designed like bishonen and they brought magic into a mecha show, but the story is epic! And best of all, the corresponding game won't suck for a change! Now that's merchandising done right.


Hey, wait a minute! This show doesn't actually exist! And it's a delusional fantasy that will never happen! Whew, thank goodness. That was close."[/i][/quote]
I'll leave that Gundam quote there just for a general idea even though it is geared towards anime. But you get the gist of how it goes.

Personally, I don't care how you set it up.[/size][/color]
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