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For Shame!


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So I'm sure we've all messed up before, right? I mean, I'm sure we'd all love to have ourselves portrayed as cool and amazing super people, but... NO.

For example: When I was in Pre-K, my class went on an easter egg hunt in the local park. While there, I slipped in a mud puddle. I fell on my butt in a new easter dress in front of my entire class. The kid nearest to me began making fun of me. So I leaped up, dragged him into the mud puddle and beat him like a conga drum just like a good little Catholic girl should. After that mess was sorted out, the both of us were loaded into a parent's car with plastic on the seats. She drove us back to school where we changed clothes and went home. That was a dark day for me indeed.

So what are some of your most shameful moments? Why have they stuck with you? Did you cry? I did...
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When I was in second grade, I moved to a different school. It didn't take me long to get to know the people there and figure out who was who. But, one day on the way to lunch, some kid started randomly making fun of me, to which I loudly responded with by telling him in various ways I didn't appreciate what he was doing. The teacher eventually old me to go to the back of the line, which I refused to do- after all, why should I be punished? The other kid was making fun of me, HE should be the one going to the back. Finally, a woman comes up to me and tells me to do as my teacher said NOW. Now, I had only been at the school for two weeks, but I was sure that I had figured out who everyone was by this point. So, I thought this woman was some random person, maybe a parent. Not my mom, not my teacher, and therefore, she had no authority over me. So, I simply told her to shut up and that she wasn't my boss.

The woman turned out to be the principal. Needless to say this did not go over well at all with the principal. Or my mom, for that matter.
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