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Favorite anime swag item?

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I don't have much swag to speak of, unfortunately.

Giant Hamtaro plushie, though. It's pretty large, about ten inches to one foot tall?

Can't say I sleep with it, though. It's sitting here in the cubbyhole I made just for it on my computer desk, looking out upon the world and giving me a thumbs-up if life ever gets me down.
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My favorite swag has been a Rirouni Kenshin keychain for awhile but now my favorite swag have to be my zanpakuto from Bleach. I have Kaname's Suzumushi and I have Toshiro's Hyōrinmaru. Im thinking of collecting all the soul reapers' zanpakuto...I dont know yet.
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[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="1"]There would be a tie between my Fullmetal Alchemist Jacket and my Bleach Hollow Mask Necklace.

The jacket I have had since, as I recall, 2004. The zipper came off ages ago and a friend burned a hole just under the hood. The thumb holes are coming apart but it gives it a unique look.

The Hollow Mask Necklace is just spiff. :][/SIZE][/FONT]
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I gotta say, I love my Maromi ([i]Paranoia Agent[/i]) bag. It's great for school and it looks [b]awesome[/b]. I bought it back in '07 for the sole purpose of carrying around college textbooks (as I was to be a freshman soon and needed such a bag). For some reason I stopped using it, but this quarter I had to dig it up again and man I forgot how much I love it.
Here's a picture of it so you may realize its full awesomeness: [url=http://www.justmanga.com/jmprod/650BPAMAR][link][/url]

There's also the Maromi wristband/sports thing/whatever that I got at a Hot Topic a long time ago. Can't really show off a picture of that, but you can just imagine having Maromi on your wrist, staring at you and any one else in the vicinity, all day long. :)
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When I bought [i]GitS: S.A.C, 2nd Gig[/i] Volume 03, it was the special edition which came with Motoko and a Tachikoma! I liked my Tachikoma so much that I took a picture of it sitting on some of my books and made it into an intro for one of my Worlds over at theO. Also, I have two [i]Hello Kitty[/i] cell phone charms that I keep on my coats, instead. They identify me as an otaku.
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