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Best teachers ever

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I can relate to this thread better than Worst Teachers Ever because I can't really remember having any truly awful educators. When I try, all I can think of is the multitude of supremely fantastic teachers I've experienced.

For starters, most of my English teachers have been pretty damn awesome. In ninth grade I had one that played guitar and ended up being my only lasting friend from that particular school. Tenth grade gave me a teacher with incredible taste in music and an interesting personality, and I had her again for AP Lit in 12th grade. My junior year's AP Lang teacher was a hilarious and down-to-earth hippie who basically taught me everything I needed to know for both that exam and the AP Lit exam. I keep in touch with all three of these wonderful people and I can't really imagine anyone else being as awesome.

My AP US History teacher was pretty much a grouchy grandpa and the class itself could be ridiculously boring, but I have nothing but fond memories of him. His crotchetiness was really funny. One day someone asked him how he knew some random historical fact, and with a very exasperated tone he said "Because I was there!"

My physics teacher from junior year was a sarcastic wizard genius who looked a lot like Jim Henson.

Finally, the woman who taught me AP World History and AP European History is probably my favorite teacher of all time when it comes to both likeability and academic value. She was a sweet grandma type with a great sense of humor, and every single one of her students just adored her. After our AP exams she threw us a party, complete with cake and fruit punch. When I was a senior, she wrote my class a letter that made everyone cry. She's just a great person and the best teacher I've ever known, and I don't know how anyone else in the world can handle not even knowing her.
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I've had quite a few good teachers through out the years. For now though I think I'll just focus on one. My first year of college I took physics from an awesome no BS teacher. My mind was blown countless times learning about the theory of relativity, and how things work on a quantum level. There were many good documentaries watched. There were also many lessons taught outside as the teacher smoked cigarette after cigarette. I'm not sure how many people will get cancer as a result of this class, but I have to say it will probably be worth it.

This teacher hated technology, but only good came of this. I've had all these teachers that rely on the Internet to assign homework, and for students to submit homework. In all of these cases I felt heavily inconvenienced.

That year I had quite a few good teachers, but this one was the most memorable.
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