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RPG Star Wars: Dark Time


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Ok, here are the rules. First of all, this is a Star Wars rpg. If you don't know what that is then, well its a long story and you would probably be lost if you tried to play ;) This story takes place 90 years after the defeat of Admiral Thrawn(which took place 6 years after the battle at Endor). All the characters from the original trilogy and all the books written so far are now dead. You must make up your own. You can be any race you want and have any occupation you want. However, I'll except no Jedi Masters and 3 Jedi Knights...and if things get too extreme only 6 padawans. The same thing goes for Sith Lords and apprentices. If you select a Jedi or Sith, I will decide when you advance. Other than that, everything is up to you. My character will be:

Name: Justin Greywind
Race: Human
Occupation: Jedi Padawan.
Age: 17
Bio: He is a young Jedi Padawan on the verge of becoming a Jedi Knight. He was blessed as a baby by his current master, Luke Skywalker.

[COLOR=royalblue]A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...[/COLOR]

[b][COLOR=orange]His life prolonged by his strong connection the mystical power known as "the Force", the aging Luke Skywalker was on the way to Coruscant, to see a child.
For over 20 years there was utter peace in the galaxy. However, for 15 of those 20 years, Master Skywalker was plagued by a vision. A vision of impending doom. A vision of a battle, between two forces never imaginable to him.
The arrival of the one, inevitable force for evil, the Gyundi, was fast approaching. The only way to avert the wake of darkness which will follow him was to find the force for the Light Side. The Gyundo. Skywalker believed that this boy was the Gyundo.
All the while, a military force was massing along the Outer Rim. Its objectives and its chieftan were unknown.
Now, 17 years have passed since then. The boy has grown into a powerful Jedi Padawan. The military force has disapeared without a trace.[/COLOR][/b]

Justin: I have a bad feeling about this.
Luke: I've had a bad feeling about this since before you were born. Relax. Focus your mind on what you must do.
Justin: The word from Coruscant is that the Republic is mounting a fleet to visit the outposts near the Unknown Regions.
Luke: I know.
Justin: *thinking* Is there any use in talking to him?*
Luke: Well, you won't be able to teach me anythingbut, i can guarantee you that you didn't learn all that you know by ignoring me...*thinking* Did you?*
Justin: *thinking* Of course not.*
Luke: We're here.
Justin: It has been a long time since I saw my old quarters at the Jedi Academy.
Luke: You'll find this new crop of students isn't very promising.
Justin: I'm sure that Master Horn will inform us of that.
Luke: He will. He has become the image of his father.
Justin: His son is the image of him. I suppose it runs in the family.
Luke: It does. It will for many more generations to come.
Justin: Come, Master. The students have come to greet you.
Luke: Like I said...they won't be very promising.

ooc: Now, the next registree will pick up his/her beginning, where ever that may be.

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I like I like....... I think.......
Name: Darth Ice
Race: Unknown....... (honstly, I don't know wtf I am)
Ocupation: Sith Apprentice
Age: 15
Bio: He had a promising childhood, growing up with a certain career as a magistrate on Coruscant. However..... Ice was a rebelious child..... and was sick of the higher class life. He needed action, adventure..... and brutality. The Sith Emperor was not ignorant in this fact, and soon asked Ice to become a Sith. Ice joined with very little persuasion......

In the harsh deserts on Dantione (thats right, there is a planet called Dantione) a Master Sith trains his apprentice.

???: Concentrate your fellings...... focus your anger..... use it.

Ice: Yes Master...........

Darth Ice closes his eyes...... and holds out his hand towards a rock.... Ice concentrates hard, and slowly the rock starts rising off the floor.

???: Good Lord Ice...... now focus your harted..... absorb your anger....... use it!

Darth Ice's hand starts wavering, as the rock starts to raise above his head. Suddenly, without warning, it explodes.

???: Excellent. You have a lot of hatred in your heart.
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Cool! Finally a star wars RPG!:D WHy didn't I think of this ages ago......

Name: Calla Ashran
Race: Human
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Age: 16
Bio: Calla was given into the custody of the Jedi's as a child by parents who couldn't stand the thought of having a "freak" as a child. To make up for this she has trained rigorously for 12 years to become a jedi knight and prove to herself that she is worth something.

[I]Calla ducked just in time as her masters light sabre narrowly missed her head.[/I]

Raith: Concentrate Calla. Clear your mind of all distractions and let the force guide you.

[I]Calla spared only a nod for her master as she circled to find an opening. Raith feinted to the right and seeing the opening she drove in with an attack to his left side which he dodged easilly and sent her tumbling against the wall with a blast of force.

Raith sighed and shut down his lightsabre[/I]

Raith: That will be all for today. I'm sorry to say I've never seen you so unfoccussed. What is troubling you?

Calla: *Picks herself up from the floor* Troubled? no it's not that it's just...........*she twisted her hands nervously* well master skwalker is coming today and I've never had the chance to meet him and I really wanted to and............*she broke off at the look of disapproval from Raith.

Raith: A Jedi must always keep thier emotions in check, never be ruled by them, you must learn focus. *He looks at her crestfallen expression* But just this once I will make an exception, master Skywalkers shuttle will be docking shortly and I suppose a break in our traing will do no harm........

Calla: *Very excited* oh thank you master, thank you........

[I]She dashes off in the direction of the shuttle bay[/I]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
[B]In the harsh deserts on Dantione (thats right, there is a planet called Dantione) a Master Sith trains his apprentice.
I know. But, its spelled Dantooine, I believe. I've read quite a few of the books so I do know enough to run this story.
I like your opening, too. I just hope we can get more people to join.
Justin: Master Horn, how is the Academy going? The new students, I mean.
Master Horn: Not as promising as I had hoped...but, i know you already know that, Master Skywalker.
Luke: You are a great Jedi, Conner. It was a pleasure teaching you. I'm sure, once you've had time, you'll become a marvelous instructor for the padawans that come through this school in the future.
Master Horn: Thank you, Master. You are too kind.
Luke: I'll be leaving my apprentice, Justin, here with you. I wish for him to endure the trials while I am away. He has learned all that he needs to learn.
Master Horn: Yes, sir.
Justin: Thank you, Master Skywalker...
Luke: Now, I'd like to have some time to meditate before I inspect the knew students, and assign them individual instructors.
Justin: I'll go to the top of the temple. The sunset will aid my relaxation.
Master Horn: The class will be waiting for you when you wake, Master Skywalker.

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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Age: 15
Race: Human
Occupation: Ace Pilot
Bio: Born on Courscant to a rich family, had a fascination with Space Flight since he was 3. He first learned to fly a Landspeeder at age 5, then a Snow Speeder at age 7. He was in an X wing at age 9, and it now an Ace Pilot. He knows how to pilot all spacecraft, or so he boasts....


[i]Ken's X wing twisted and turned around the far outer reaches of the Courscant system. He was on patrol, and was completely bored.[/i]

Ken: Till that fleet is ready to go to the outposts in the Outher Regions, i'm stuck with outer gaurd duty... only Excitement is the occasional Pirate...

[i]Ken began to pull off some barrel rolls, and loops, totally bored. He stopped, checked his Nav Computer. Nothing on the screen...[/i]

Ken: This is Red1, Nothing out here...

Fleet Officer: Alright Red1, Continue your rounds...

Ken: For god's sake... It's so damn boring out here...

[i]A ship appeared on his Nav Computer. It suprised Ken, but he was sure it was a Pirate. He adjusted his X Wing to intercept the pirate, keeping an eye out for it. It slowly came into veiw... But it wasnt a Pirate ship. It was a Cargo Container, and it was expected in, but it was late.[/i]

Ken: Doh... Got my hopes up... *sigh*

[i]Ken barrel rolled to the left, and descended below the container. He continued his patrols, and finally heard the call over his radio that he wanted to hear.[/i]

Fllight Operator: Alright Ken, you can come back in. The next Piliot will relieve you...

Ken: Phew... Long, n borin...

[i]Ken looped backwards tward the ship. Several Minutes later, Ken climbed out the X wing. He descended down the ladder. He jumped off halfway down, and took off his helmet, and shook his head. He walked twards his room on the Calamari Cruiser. It was a several minute walk to his room, and he was anxious to get to his room to rest.

After the walk, he set his helmet down, and put on his casual clothes. He layed down in his bed, and fell asleep...[/i][/color]
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Ack...sorry about this guys...it completely slipped my mind until DK made his post. The old fighters from the trilogy and the books written afterwards are out-of-date. However, the same designs(such as X-Wing) may be used, but it would be wise to modify their weaponry slightly. Trust me, fire power will play a big role later on. So from here on out, here are the rules on fighters:
[b][U]New Republic[/U][/b]
Standard: ZX- 101(X-Wing IX)
Bomber: YB-10(Y- Wing II)
Guerilla Fighter: E-834(E-Wing II)
Ground Assault Fighter: GA-95(G-Wing)
Snow Speeder: ECF-0(Snow Speeder)
Space Combat: B-65(B-Wing VI)
Fast Fighter: A-114(A-Wing Red)
Escort Fighter: A-84(A-Wing Black)

Standard: Z-101(Headhunter UG)
Bomber: YB-5(Y-Wing Custom)
Guerilla Fighter: A-115(A-Wing Scarlett)
Snow Speeder: N/A
Space combat: B-12(B-Wing SC)
Fast Fighter: A-115(A-Wing Scarlett)
Escort Fighter: Z-101(Headhunter UG)
Those are only the fighters. The cruisers and transpost may remain the same. I, however, suggest adding a few customizations to them.
Oh, let it be known: That is only a rough estimate of what pirates use in general. They can have anything. That is just what you will see me using.
Again, sorry for this.

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Name: Sukin (pronounced Swee- kin)
Age: 1,000
Race: Kitsune
Occupation: Spy
Bio: Sukin is a fox spirit. She can't die, so 1,000 years of age is pretty young for a kitsune. She can take the form of a rat or a human, depending on the situation. She was raised by the Imperial fleet, but as soon as she was 800 years of age, the Imperials decided to make her their new spy. Just as she stepped into her new role, she sensed something was very wrong and fled. She allied herself with the Rebel alliance, she was a good friend to Luke Skywalker. She now lives in the Kitsune Temple on Yavin Four. ( for the whole story on Sukin, look for my story "Star Wars: Legend of the Kitsune". I'll get it on this site when I have the time. )
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name Darth Dark
race shido(shapeshifter)
age ?
siden sith
description tall muscular white eyes and hair.
bio born on corosant to the shidon ambassador he used his shapeshifting skill to play pranks. when his father sent him off to military school he rebelled and was found by a ssith who trained him.

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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Wow, someone really brought this back from oblivion. Oh well, if someone is still interested I guess I'll continue.
Conner: So, Justin. Luke wishes you to endure the trials?
Justin: Yes.
Conner: *thinking*The boy is as cold as Master Skywalker.*
Justin: And I know all his tricks as well, Master Horn.
Conner: Heh...I assume you'll be eating dinner tonight alone.
Justin: No. I will wait for Master Skywalker to finish his meditation. When he is prepared to eat, I will eat with him at the place of his choosing.
Conner: Very well. But it'll do you good to lose the attitude. There is still much for you to learn. In spite of what you know, you are not Luke Skywalker. Stop acting like you are.
Justin: Yes, Master Horn. Master Skywalker will be waking within the hour. You had better cut Mess short a few minutes to have the [i]students[/i] get ready for inspection.
[i]Conner walked away eyeing Justin[/i]
Justin:*thinking*Sassy bastard*

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:devil: :devil: :devil:

Dark was using the force to sheild his presence from skywalker but was growing tired . his mission was to try and turn skywalkers apprentice to the only true side of the force. he walked away to his ship to contemplate the jedi's conversasion.

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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Name: Tursi (no last name, was orphaned at young age)
Race: Human
age: 16
ocupation: jedi padawan
Bio: Parents were killed when she was 5, and jedi found her in the forest and took her in. He noticed that the force ran through he very powerfully and decicded to take her to the academy at the end of her 15 year of being alive.


*tursi stare at the ceiling and sighs* *she hears some beeps and whistles*
Tursi: I'm not hungry, tell them i'm not comeing.
*some more whistles come from the door*
Tursi: i don't care that master luke is comeing, i'll tell him later.
*a long low whoop comes from the door*
Tursi: Artoo, go away please.
*goes back to stareing to the ceiling*
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Luke: Justin...
Justin: Yes, Master?
Luke: I've had my vision again.
Justin: I had it in my wake, Master.
Luke: It came to you while you were awake?
Justin: Yes, Master.
Luke: That's unusual. We will discuss this later. The students are ready now, let's go.
Justin: Very well. This is going to be boring.
Luke: Remember, Justin. For the next few weeks you are going to be one of these students. Granted, you are much stronger than they are...but you must come to respect them.
Justin: I will do my best. But my best may be resisting to snap their throats.
Luke: Ha ha...anger managment is s kill you can only master when you have a padawan of your own. Patience is the key, Justin. All great Jedu need patience. You are great, of that there is no dispute. But, my father was great when he was where you are now. Look what happened to him.
Justin: You don't suggest--
Luke: I suggest nothing. I'm just saying: Beware the Dark Side. Even in an attempt to do good you can use it. It is powerful. Not even I can escape its call. The students are lined up just around this corner. I want you to smile. Be friendly.
Justin: Yes, Master. [:rolleyes:]

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*Tursi listens to the kids go down the hall to meet luke.*
Tursi: This is so boring, *laughs* Wonder what loser he brought this time.
*tursi feels a dark void like feeling in her*
Tursi: what the hell.
*tursi stutters the shakes it off and decides to go see what's going on out side*
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Horn: Students, this is Master Skywalker.

[i]Whispers can be heard from among the lines.[/i]

Luke: You all know why I am here. I hope you are ready. You may tell any of your classamtes who did not wish to join us that they will be expelled upon my departuer. This is my pupil. His name is Justin. He will be your secondary instructor to Master Horn until I return.

Justin: Anyone of you who wishes to seek my council may do so at any time I am in my quarters. I rarely sleep so don't worry about disturbing me in the night.

Student: You are of no higher level than we are how is it you out-rank us?

Justin: Because, my talents are greater than any one of yours.

Student: Arrogance appears to be a atrong point for you.

Justin: I'm not arrogant. I'm just better than you.

Luke: *[i]Cool it, Justin[/i]*

Justin: 8[i]Yes, Master[/i]*

Luke: Justin will be your counselor. You will obey him unless Master Horn says otherwise. That is the end of this discussion. Now, you may approach me one at a time for inspection.

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Dark skillfully snuck into the jedi compound. He was using every ounce of his strenght, every bit of willpower he had to sheild himself from the many force users in the academy. He hung on a ledge outside Justins window, waiting for him to sleep so he could influence his dreams with a new experemental force tecnique developed for this mission. But for now he waited....

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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*tursi quietly walked away from the students and the inspections and towards the kitchen*

Tursi: I'm starving......

*rummages throught the refrigarater and finds the sandwich she placed there earlier*

Tursi: mmmmmm

*she takes a bite and puts the rest in a bag and goes to her room to finish it, hoping no one saw her*
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Dark was just about to leave when justin entered. Justin looked tired and sleepy. Then justin froze, he whipped around toward the windowsill just as dark leaped in they ignited their sabers and began to fight both of them using all their strength. After a few minutes dark had gained the advantage and was wearing justin down. Dark thought" he is extremely talented but has little experience in a fight.. if i can get him to release his anger..."

Then they continued fighting. Justin, seeing that he was outmached called through the force to luke or any body else.
Then a few minutes later the door opened and...............
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*tursi almost choked on her sandwhich when she precived the message*

Tursi: justin.....why would he want me......i don't think he even know me

*she feels it again even more ergent then before*

Tursi: damn you justin!

*tursi goes out of her room silently and heads quickly and silently towards justins room on full alert and lightsaber already at hand* *She opens the door to see a stranger and justin fighting all out*
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Dark saw another jedi enter the room. this wouldnt work he thought. i have to get out of here. He continued to fight but moved sowly towards the window then jumped out onto his speederbike and hurried off. his master wouldnt be pleased that he had failed................
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