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Lupin the 3rd Vs Conan the Detective


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Okay so I just watched this the other day.
It currently hasn't been released in English Dub as far as I know, but it is subtitled pretty well. If you are a fan of both shows like I am, you really must see this. The movie does a great job staying true to both shows. All of the characters seem to have retained their personality, as well as the flair and sense of humor in both shows. [spoiler] The only thing I didn't like was that the movie has VS in it... when they don't really "battle" [/spoiler] The art style seems to be more Case Closed than Lupin the 3rd... but they both look good. There really isn't much you won't like about this movie if you liked the two amazing animes that inspired it.
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Funny that you mentioned Cased Closed. I started to watch a couple of episodes of Conan and I remember how much I love it. As for Lupin, I used to watch it when I can and enjoy the humor it has. Im not too picky about the drawings as long as the plot intriguing. Having both in a movie together does allure me. How long is the movie?
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