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Team Fortress 2?


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After finishing[b] "Portal 2"[/b] (it took me waaay longer then it should have) I was out of a game to play over the summer and was browsing the Steam site to find another. There I saw that [b]"Team Fortress 2"[/b] was now free to play. I had no idea what this game was other then the fact that you go around shooting people, and I'm not into those kind of games. But, I decided I would try it just for kicks and now I've been playing it non-stop for the first part of my summer.

I mean, it's such a well rounded game! I'm pretty much addicted. So, I was wondering is anyone else playing [b]TF2[/b]? What class do you play as the most?

I play as Scout and Engie most of the time. :D Edited by RainbowsInside
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[color=#4B0082]I've been playing TF2 quite a bit lately. I got it back in 2009 as part of the Orange Box, but hadn't played it for about a year and a half. My Steam name is Desbreko so feel free to add me.

I play sniper the most, followed by soldier, pyro, and medic. I should start putting some more time into scout and heavy, though. Scout used to be completely unplayable for me because my old PC couldn't run the game too well, but now that I've got a solid frame rate, I should be able to do a lot better.[/color]
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