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  1. I had my first chemo infusion last week and it's been going surprisingly well. They gave me plenty of anti-nausea medication that worked really well, so I didn't get sick at all. The only side effects so far were a few days of being really tired and not having much appetite after the infusion. Edit: Oh yeah, could you let people in GW2 know why I've been gone, Allamorph? I hope I haven't been kicked from UGF for suddenly disappearing for months.
  2. Hey guys, sorry I missed OtakuBoards day. As people who follow me on Twitter know, I've been dealing with some bad stuff, so OB hasn't really been on my mind. But since I finally remembered, I figured I'd at least drop in to let anyone still around know what's up.
  3. This shindig looks like the bomb diggity. Count me in.
  4. Oh yeah, I still have another sample image from when you were working on that design.
  5. I hope so, because that would mean I just got to ban Adam.
  6. Fun fact: Valentine's Day is also the anniversary of me joining OB's staff. (This makes 13 years.)

    1. CaNz


      You are OBs Valentine!

    2. James


      13 years, wow! Impressive. ^_^

    3. Boo
  7. [spoiler]There's a lot of questions the movie left unanswered, yeah. It explained a bit about how the gravity of things got inverted in the first place and how the two groups of people started living underground, but then pretty much nothing about how history became so twisted. That's actually my biggest complaint about it.[/spoiler] The thing about falling from a great height and hitting the ground is that there's still a chance of living. But if you fall into the sky, you're just dead. And not even a quick death by blunt trauma as you'd likely die from hitting something, but a painful death by suffocation and decompression.
  8. You remember right. Most of those are likely search engine spiders.
  9. Actually, while I'm at it, I might as well put up the header images too. 800 width version 1024 width version
  10. I think I looked into that when we first switched to IPB and it would've been a huge pain due to differences in how IPB handles line breaks in posts messing with the HTML. I'm sure it would be possible, but it would probably require rewriting a good bit of the post templates.   Btw, I still have this screen shot of the Caramelldansen skin if you want to relive a bit of the magic. It's not really the same without the animation, though. :sad:
  11. [spoiler]The twist is that Patema and the rest of the inverted people living underground are normal, and the people on the "surface" are actually the inverted ones. Most of the movie leads you to think Patema's people are inverted until near the end, but if you pay attention to the scenes in the beginning when she's exploring the big shaft, you can see the walkways are built to be upright to the underground people. Why would normal people build upside-down walkways in an excavation shaft when they'd be the ones using them while constructing underground dwellings for the inverted people?[/spoiler] I don't particularly have a fear of heights, but the idea of there being nothing but the roof of my house stopping me from flying out into space is still unsettling.
  12. I enjoyed it, but the big twist was spoiled just from being observant during the beginning of the movie. :dry: I think my favorite part was how well it conveyed the terror of being able to fall into the sky with the switches between normal and inverted viewpoints.
  13. Wasn't there some technical reason we couldn't stay on vB 3.8 or whatever version it was we originally started work on? I seem to remember none of us were too eager to switch to IPB, but vB 4 would've cost more and we didn't especially like the looks of it either, and staying on vB 3.8 didn't seem like an option. Maybe security holes or spammer exploits or something that weren't going to be fixed? It makes me happy to know people actually miss the Caramelldansen skin. I still have all the files for it, and every now and then I look through them and remember that week I spent furiously working on it.
  14. I doubt the PRP had a significant impact on the decline in activity. It was already well on its way down about a year before the PRP was created, and although we got a boost in activity around the launch of theO's redesign, it wasn't enough to turn things around. The PRP probably didn't help, but there were much bigger factors at work. To actually reply to the topic at hand, I think the requirements for the ranks got overhauled when we switched to IPB. Under vB, it used to be entirely based on post count, but I think there are other requirements now. So it may be that you already had enough posts but you hadn't been a member for long enough or something like that. I'm too lazy to log into the admin cp and check, though.
  15. I just realized I've been here for about half my life.
  16. You should probably read the site's terms of service.
  17. Oh, it looks like the HTML that the kuja tag inserts isn't fully compatible with the way IPB formats posts. vB just used line breaks for returns, so applying the styling to a span worked, but IPB uses paragraphs which break the span and makes the styling only apply to the first line.
  18. Chibi, I'm going to need you to say "uguu" for me.
  19. Good to see you around again! I'm glad your gold star has survived all the changes. I followed you on Twitter. That's mainly what I use to keep in touch with people now.
  20. Is it bad that my most vivid memory of Reading Rainbow is when I realized that its host was the same person as Jeordi on Star Trek TNG, thereby shattering my five-year-old self's belief in fictional characters?
  21. I can make that happen.
  22. But we already made another Padded Room Party.
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