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What It Means To Be Human: Backstage


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[font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]Welcome to the Backstage for the rp What It Means To Be Human. Here, you can post your comments, suggestions and questions, as well as interact with the other rpers. Also, as the rp progresses, I'll be updating this first post with information about important characters, as well as a recap of the 'Chapters'. Don't worry too much about the chapter system, it will mostly be used to keep track of the events that occur.[/size]

[/center][size="5"][center]Shūkurō Tsukishima-[/center][center][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Tsukishima.png[/img][/center][/size][size="3"][center]Tsukishima found Ginjo years ago while fleeing a group of Quincy. Surprised to see that another possessed abilities akin to his own he formed an alliance with Ginjo, which eventually led to the creation of Xcution. However, although Tsukishima helped find their organization, he largely takes a backseat to Ginjo in regards to monitoring the group, as he prefers to work alone. Among his fellow Fullbringers he is kind and amiable, and most of them think of him fondly, as a brother or a best friend they've had forever. His enemies see another side to him-- a merciless, sadistic fighter who enjoys torturing his opponents. His Fullbring, Book of the End, has the ability to cut through anything. He has caused certain Quincy to join the Xcutioners simply by striking at them once, which apparently was enough to frighten them into joining...[/center][/size][center]
[/center][size="5"][center]Kūgo Ginjō-[/center][/size][size="5"][center][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Ginjo.png[/img][/center][/size][size="3"][center]The leader of the Xcution. While he is a Fullbringer, he is also possesses Shinigami abilities, although he prefers to use his Fullbring. During a routine Hollow hunt years ago he encountered Tsukishima engaged in battle with Quincy soldiers and assisted him. Realizing that there were others with abilities like his, and that they would most likely be hunted down as Tsukishima was, he resolved to create Xcution with Tsukishima. Since then he has been the official leader, recruiting members personally whenever possible and leading them to the best of his abilities. The other Fullbringers trust him completely as their leader, as he is charismatic and pragmatic.[/center][/size][center]
[/center][size="5"][center]Ichigo Kurosaki-[/center][/size][size="2"][center][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Ichigo.png[/img][/center][/size][size="3"][center]A new Fullbringer surrounded by mystery. Ichigo has always been special, being able to commune with ghosts all of his life. A few weeks ago, however, he encountered his first malevolent ghost, a Hollow. The Hollow nearly killed Ichigo, but just as it went to strike it's last blow Ichigo heard a whisper in his ear. Despite being unable to hear what the whisper said, an eruption of reiatsu sprang forth from him and he was bathed in black energy. Using this form he fought against the Hollow until Ginjo appeared and recruited him. Although Ichigo is a new member, the other Fullbringers have taken fondly to him, thanks to his dedication to keeping his comrades safe and out of harms way, and his generally good-natured attitude. The reason for Ichigo's fullbring resembling a Shinigami's outfit as well as the nature of the silent dark-haired figure who occupies Ichigo's dreams are unknown, although Ginjo has a theory...[/center][/size][center]
[/center][size="5"][center]Kenjiro Masahiro-[/center][/size][size="3"][center][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Kenjiro.jpg[/img]
[/center][/size][size="3"][center][size="3"][size="3"]Kenjiro is the current 'Captain' of the Quincy. He is by far the most talented and powerful Quincy to be seen in hundreds of years, although the young Uryu Ishida might someday surpass him. He is the model of an effective leader-- he is firm and resolute, will always make the most tactically sound decision, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty and join into a conflict if necessary. Although he is an amazing leader, other Quincy do not feel as close to him as the Fullbringers do Ginjo due to his curt and rough manner of conversation. He often butts heads with the Quincy elders also, as he obstinately believes that the Quincy have been stagnant for too long and need to advance lest they face [/size][size="3"]obsolescence. Due to a traumatic incident in his youth, Kenjiro rarely uses his Quincy bow, opting instead to use the Quincy art of Ginto. He is so proficient at this art that he doesn't need to use the actual Ginto tubes to perform it, instead gathering and liquefying reishi in the air.[/size][/size][/center][/size][/font][font="Times New Roman"][center]
[/center][size="5"][center]Uryū Ishida-[/center][/size][center][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Uryu.png[/img][/center][size="3"][center]Uryu is a prodigy among Quincy, able to perform extremely complex and dangerous Quincy abilities despite his young age. Uryu comes from a line of powerful, devout Quincy, save for his father Ryuken, who refuses to take part in the current Quincy activities. Although generally reserved and quiet, he harbors an extreme passion for his fellow Quincy and the Quincy name, and avidly attempts to uphold the 'Pride of the Quincy'. To this end he is extremely chivalrous and refuses to use lethal means against his opponents unless it is absolutely necessary. Despite Uryu's strong belief in upholding the pride and honor of Quincy, as well as his desire to protect his comrades, Uryu is uncomfortable with waging war on the Fullbringers as, even with their Hollow powers, they are still human.[/center][/size]
[size="3"]So get on those questions and sign ups, ladies and gents. :]
[/size][/font] Edited by Vongola
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