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What It Means To Be Human


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[center][size="2"][font="Times New Roman"][size="6"][u]What It Means to be Human[/u][/size][/font][/size]

[size="2"][size="5"][font="Times New Roman"][b]Chapter 1:[/b]
[/font][font="Times New Roman"]This is War[/font][/size][/size] [left][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][b]â??Again!â?[/b] A fatigued Ichigo yelled at Ginjo. Scars and blood covered Ichigo's body, but despite the damage he remained resolute. Ginjo admired Ichigo's tenacity, but they had been training all day long, and undoubtedly the battery on Yukio's gaming device was almost empty. Yukio's fullbring, Invaders Must Die, could only keep this room going for as long as his game-whatever had a battery. Ginjo didn't know what happened if they were trapped in here when the battery died, and he was in no hurry to find out.[/size][/font][/left][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][left]
[/left][left][b]â??We're done, Ichigo!â?[/b] Ginjo said with exasperation. [b]â??We've been at it all day. Your body is roughed and, quite frankly [i]I [/i]need a break.â?[/b] Ichigo growled and raised his fullbring for Ginjo to view.[/left][left]
[/left][/size][/font][left][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][b]â??My fullbring isn't even complete yet! What if the Quincy attack soon? If my fullbring isn't complete I'll be a liability on the battlefield!â?[/b] Ichigo yelled, his eyes glowing with determination. Ginjo sighed and deactivated his fullbring, the Cross of Scaffold, transforming it back into a necklace. Ichigo opened his mouth to complain, but Ginjo put his hand up to silence him.[/size][/font][/left][left][font="Times New Roman"] [/font][/left][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][left][b]
â??What if they were to show up today?â?[/b] Ginjo asked sternly. [b]â??All this training has left you exhausted, and it's left me tired as well. If we're attacked, you'll be a liability. Do you--â?[/b] Ginjo stopped abruptly as a cold feeling suddenly washed over his body. Jackie, another fullbringer and a founding member of Xcution, was under attack. He could feel her energy fluctuating wildly, implying they had ambushed her. [i]I hate being right... [/i]Ginjo thought to himself.[/left][left]
[/left][/size][/font][left][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][b]â??Training's over.â?[/b] Ginjo stated emphatically. He looked to the top of the training room to get Yukio's attention, but before he could utter anything, his body was disassembling and reassembling inside of the Xcution hideout. As soon as he head his bearings, he began ordering his troops.[/size][/font][/left][font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][left]
[/left][left][b]â??Orihime! I need you on Ichigo now!â?[/b][b] The girl blushed a deep scarlet at Ginjo's choice of words, but he ignored her and continued. â??Takahiro! Chiniiro! With me! We're going.â?[/b] Ginjo turned from his allies, summoned his fullbring and used his bringer light to rush towards Jackie's location. Judging from the spikes in Jackie's energy, Ginjo figured that there were around ten Quincy there. A bit too much for Jackie to take alone, but an excellent chance to give the relatively new Takahiro and Chiniiro some battle experience. They were capable warriors, and Ginjo was eager to [i]initiate [/i]them into Xcution. But first he needed to see their effeciency. Ginjo stopped abruptly and a roof nearby Jackie's energy signature and waited for his comrades. They arrived only a second after him. Ginjo pointed to where Jackie was and gave them their orders.[/left][left]
[/left][left][b]â??Down there is an injured Fullbringer, Jackie Tristan. She's an amazing fighter, but they managed to deal a decent blow to her. She's holding her own, but at this rate she'll be overwhelmed. I'm going to dive in and retrieve her, but I can't stay and fight. My training session with Ichigo has left me at less than 100 percent, however, so you two will need to engage and defeat the Quincy. I will be back as soon as I get Jackie to Orihime for healing. Good luck!â?[/b] As Ginjo dived down, Jackie incapacitated one Quincy, and Ginjo also managed to strike down a single Quincy, before grabbing Jackie and disappearing, leaving the two Fullbringers to finish the remaining eight.[/left][left]
OOC: Simple beginnings. Engage the enemy in two posts each. Have at it![/size][/font]
[/center] Edited by Vongola
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Takahiro took in Ginjo's orders and nodded in confirmation. Ginjo leaped down and grabbed the other fullbringer. They managed to take out a couple of the Quincy before they departed back to the hideout. Takahiro looked over to his teammate Chiniiro to gage how he was feeling. He had a confident look on his face which also help Takahiro get rid of his doubts. They both leaped down to the location where Ginjo had picked up Jackie and stood with their backs to each other. The Quincy in the area all had smug looks on their faces.

"Well it seems these fools think they can take on a group of high class Quincy. The nerve of them. I guess we have to teach them a lesson like we did with that stupid girl."

Takahiro looked around at the remaining eight Quincy coming towards them and prepared himself for battle. He drew back to his martial arts and got in a ready stance as he grabbed his keychains from his side. He looked over at Chiniiro and saw him pull out a pocket watch that was completely black. He drew his attention back to the Quincy as they prepared to attack.

"Alright men, attack these fools and make them wish they were never born." The Quincy began firing arrows towards Takahiro and Chiniiro.

"Looks like it's time to show these guys who exactly they're dealing with" Takahiro said as he and Chiniiro leaped to avoid the barrage of arrows. I shall take the four Quincy over here Chiniiro...good luck.

"Harmonious Gemini!!" The two keychains reacted to his words and changed into two short swords. The sword in his right hand had a shiny golden blade with the word "uproar" engraved into it and the sword in his left hand had a brilliant silver blade with the word "silence" engraved upon it. The two swords complimented each with their brightness as the light from the air reflected from them. Some of the Quincy began to grow weary from the sight of Takahiro's power. The others weren't impressed and attacked him again with more arrows. Takahiro saw the attack and quietly held out his left hand to block the attack. He didn't make a sound as the attack was deflected by his sword. The Quincy that attacked him all had surprised looks on their faces.

"How did you do that? You blocked all those arrows with the slightest of ease. Theres no way you could do that with just one of your weapons. It must be your ability to reflect light of something. That's why your swords are so bright."

Takahiro's feet began to glow a green light as his zipped up close to the speaking Quincy. He was shocked to see Takahiro move so fast and stumbled backwards on the ground. He walked up closer to him and whispered to him "You're wrong." As he whispered the words to him he lunged his silver sword straight into the Quincy's heart. The others witnessed the cruelty and began attacking again but again Takahiro was too fast for them. He got behind another one of the Quincy and cut him down where he stood, still being quiet as a mouse.

"Silence allows one to hear all things in this world and the next." The remaining Quincy had puzzled looks as they didn't quite understand Takahiro's words. "Those were the few words I remember from my mother and I shall always keep them with me."

The Quincy began to wise up more and began attacking Takahiro in a different manner. One would attack before the other and it got Takahiro a bit off guard. He managed to dodge most of the attack but got hit a few times in his arm and his body. They noticed his weakness and tried to finish him with a last barrage of arrows. Takahiro got fed up with the arrows and began to yell at the top of his lungs. His swung his right arm vigorously and shattered the attacked. The Quincy began to grow more frustarted and resorted to other techniques. One of the two Quincy formed a couple of Seele Schnieder while the other readied his Ginto. Takahiro noticed the disparity in their actions and also readied himself for a final strike.

"Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice...Heizen. Tilt the goblet to the west...Wolke!!!" The Quincy began unleashing pillars of energy that dropped from various places and firing energy blasts towards Takahiro.

He cranked up his movements trying to avoid the relentless attack being brought upon him. As he was moving from the pillars and blasts, the other Quincy took the opportunity to attack Takahiro from behind with the Seele Schneiders. He dealt Takahiro a serious blow when he slashed him across his back. Paying attention to the cut, he got caught by one of the blasts the other Quincy was firing. The shock blew into a nearby building.

"Looks like he was just another pawn in Ginjo's army. That fool doesn't know what a good fighter is."

"Yeah, you're right. It would seem that he would train stronger fighters to face us. First that stupid girl and now this dumb kid. Childs pl-" His words were cut short by a surge in Takahiro's power. He sensed a great increase in strength coming from Takahiro's direction. Takahiro came walking from the rubble. His shirt was torn and he had blood dripping from his his arm as well as the cut on his back. He clenched his two swords tighter as they still seem to shine brightly.

"You two are quite strong with your techniques but that won't be enough to stop me. Up until now...you have only seen half of my powers. Now I will show you the rest."

"Only half...but our comrade figured out your powers. He said that your swords reflect light and thats why you can block our arrow attack."

"Ha, I never said he was correct in his assumption of my power. But I was sure to let him know that he was wrong before I cut him down. I suppose I could tell you what my power is but that wouldn't be any fun. You Quincy attack in groups like wolves, always having a number advantage. But that doesn't matter when you have to face a stronger individual."

"You're bluffing. You have no other powers. We shall hide your lies away from this world. A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed...Gritz!"

The Quincy threw a Ginto towards Takahiro and it changed into a coffin like structure that surrounded him. The Quincy then formed a giant Heizen above the structure and hurled it towards Takahiro. The Heizen pillar crashed into the ground crushing the structure that had encased Takahiro inside.

"Theres no way he could of survived that attack. Good work. Now we can focus on that oth-" He was cut off by a giant slash cutting through him. "Bu-...bu-...but how?" he managed to say before passing away.

"WHAT! How did you survive that attack. I saw my Heizen ginto crush the Gritz ginto...theres no way you could of lived though all of that."

"You're right. I mostly likely would have died...if your attack hit me."

"I know I hit that attack!! I watched it with my own eyes."

"You saw your second technique crush the structure you previously made. You never saw me get hit with the attack. You see as a fullbringer I can pull on the soul of certain things. Things like the ground. I pulled on the soul of the ground as was able to make it soft enough for me to move through it. I simply got out of your prisonlike structure and moved closer to your friend who I just killed. It was an impressive move but you'll need way more than that to defeat me."

The Quincy stood there with a dazed look in his eye that quickly turned into anger as he readied more Quincy spells to launch at Takahiro. He fired numerous blasts but was unable to connect with any as Takahiro was too fast and he was shaken up from failing with his last attack. He became more and more frustrated with Takahiro who had suddenly stopped moving. The Quincy was grew even angrier and drew his spirit bow once again and fired a large barrage of arrows.

"YOU FOOL. YOU HAVE BECOME SO PREDICTABLE. YOU'RE DESPERATE NOW! FINE, I SHALL REVEAL TO YOU THE OTHER HALF OF MY POWERS. BEHOLD MY MIGHT. NEVER BE AFRAID TO SHOUT...IM COMING FOR YOU AND THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME." Takahiro began yelling at the top of his lungs. The sword in his right hand grew brighter and brighter. He launched himself towards the Quincy and his attack.

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Garamond"]Chiniiro was slightly taken aback by Takahiro's assault, but he didn't have time to take in the sights when he had his own problems. A volley of arrows flew directly past him as he sidestepped the attack. His orders were clear to him when this battle started. The conditions of this battle were clear: A comrade was injured, and they needed backup immediately. She was one of their own, so despite how well he knew her or not, she was an ally. For hurting her, Chiniiro was going to make them regret it any way he could.

"Don't forget about the red haired one!"
"But the others-"
"They could be equally strong, don't take the chance of being overwhelmed!!!"

Chiniiro's eyes narrowed as he heard bickering among their ranks, focusing on the one who called him out to begin with and charging toward him at full speed. He lifted his pocket watch from his waist and held it out in front of him. "Let the blood spill, Akakiba..." he muttered and as another volley of arrows shot toward him, a white scabbard struck through and shattered the incoming missiles. The scabbard seemed to have blood splattered along its edge, but he hadn't drawn the red-hilted blade yet. The Quincy could probably see his speed wasn't up to par with Takahiro's as they seemed to have the idea to ambush him. Two of them disappeared from his view and his eyes narrowed on those he could see. [i]It's just their Hirenkyaku...Focus...[/i] he thought before he whipped around to deflect two incoming volleys with Akakiba and glancing over his shoulder enough to change his position in time to avoid rear fire. The two who appeared behind him appeared just in arms reach with Seele Schneiders at the ready. He dodged one but found himself cut across the side with the other attack. As blood ran down his side, a red aura started growing from inside the scabbard of Akakiba. "Guess it's time, huh...?" Chiniiro said to the blade as he drew it slowly from the sheath. Just as he did, he seemed to have disappeared.

"Wh-what the? Was he hiding how fast he actually wa-AAAGH!!!" one of the Quincy who found himself surprised, found a blade sticking through his chest from his back.

"You shouldn't get careless..." Chiniiro said as the lines of red down his blade began to wrap around the black steel of his his sword. He tore the blade out through the Quincy's side, letting his blood wash over Akakiba and himself. The front of his body from his waist up to his shoulder and face were covered in a fair amount of the Quincy's blood, and the red aura around Akakiba enveloped him now. "Time to see what we can do with this much..."

"A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Gritz!" was heard from the nearby Quincy as he used his Ginto to try and seal Chiniiro within it. Chiniiro made no movements to try and evade it, the coffin enclosing around him. "Quickly, get ready to use Spren-?" he paused with his Seele Schneider in hand as he saw a gash appear in the entrapment he tried to use on Chiniiro. "He escaped it?!"

"Don't underestimate us Fullbringers!!" Chiniiro roared, slashing his sword against the ground and sending a mass amount of rubble at the Quincy who used his bow to destroy most of it before he found Chiniiro's scabbard smashed against his bow and arm, shattering the bones effortlessly. His daunting look at the Quincy likely had him wishing the Quincy's outfit was brown instead of white as a second blow from his scabbard landed in his chest, shattering his ribs and likely collapsing a lung if not both. His gaze quickly shifted to the remaining two. "The power of my Kekkon will leave the two of you wishing you'd never taken up the bow..." he glared, his Reiatsu still much greater than he'd began with when this battle started. "So long as you can bleed, your blood will be spilled, Quincy!!!!" he said, disappearing with his improved speed once again, leaving the Quincy in a panic to try and figure out where he would strike next...[/font][/color] Edited by Kayin
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"WITNESS MY POWER AND REGRET YOU EVER TRIED TO HARM THE ONES I CARE ABOUT." Takahiro continued yelling as he knocked away the barrage of arrows as he made his way towards the Quincy.

*To himself* "How can this kid be this strong. Its unreal how fast and how smart he is. Ginjo must know what he is doing after all. I will have to resort to evasive tactics while I prepare to remove my Sanrei glove. Its the only thing I can to destroy this fullbringer. If it means I'll lose my abilities, than so be it as there will be one less fullbringer in this world."

Takahiro has completely nullified the barrage of arrows and was prepared for a final strike. He reached back with his sword and gave a powerful swing of it towards the Quincy. The sword released a crescent shaped energy attack that was closing on the Quincy. He couldnt completely move away from the attack so he summoned another Gritz to cover himself from most of the harm of the attack. The force of the attack knocked the Quincy back into a nearby building. Takahiro stood there awaiting his foe to come out as he knew it didn't finish him. He noticed a flash moving to the right from the collision point. It was the Quincy who had suffered a lot of injury from the attack he just survived. He was cut up and his clothes were completely torn and burned.

(gasping) "You think your powers will stop me fullbringer!! Think agai-" His words were cut short by the appearance of Takahiro behind him.

"Huh, I knew that attack didn't finish you as I saw you made one of those tomb like structures before it got to you. You're fast with your spells but you won't be able to hold on forever." He lunged towards his enemy once more.

The Quincy formed two Seele Schneiders and blocked Takahiro's quick assault. He then began to evade using his Hirenkyaku but Takahiro was in pursuit of him the whole time. The Quincy was on his heels as he continued to struggle with Takahiro's fierce attacks. He finally got some separation with the quick use of some spells. Takahiro dodged the energy blasts he launched and stepped back onto a nearby building. He looked down to the Quincy as he began pulling out more tools from his waist. The Quincy gained a large grin on his face as he began to laugh.

"I don't see what could be funny at a time like this. You must of thought of way to beat me. Well....spill it."

"Oh I've come up with more then a way to beat you. This attack will take care of your little friend over there as well. Witness my 5 Blade Final Technique!!!"

As he spoke he unleashed 3 more Seele Schneider and grasped them within his hands. He held them out to form the shape of the Quincy Cross symbol that he so proudly wore.

"This technique is so powerful that no being whether it be a Soul Reaper, Quincy, Hollow, or even you filthy Fullbringers can withstand its might. Now watch as your doom slowly creeps upon you to swallow you whole like the darkness does the sky."

He began by throwing two of the blades at Takahiro with extreme velocity. Takahiro was taken off guard by the swiftness of the attack but manage to escape with only minimal damage. The Quincy threw another blade towards him after he moved to another position. Takahiro avoided the strike and moved in for an attack of his own. He swung his sword down strongly at the Quincy. The Quincy was smart enough to move instead trying to absorb the blow but Takahiro quickly got behind him again and struck him with a quick slash across his chest. The Quincy stumpled backwards from the attacks as he was on his last leg. He knew he had to move faster if he wanted to unleash this final technique of his. He mustered up his strength and moved to grab the swords he had thrown earlier. After retreiving them all he made his way towards Takahiro with the blades in tow. Takahiro braced himself as he watched the Quincy come after him.

"You can dodge 3 blades but how about 5!!" The Quincy threw the blades one by one, each with great speed. He then quickly moved to the ground where he began to emulate this bright glow. Meanwhile Takahiro had been avoiding the swords that had been hurled at him. As he was distracted the Quincy began to remove his Sanrei glove and his power grew to an enormous peak.

"So this is the way you planned to beat me...I knew it couldn't be that weak 5 Blades move. There was no desperation behind that attack. But from what I gather, this is your best move. It seems removing that glove you wear makes you incredibly strong but at what cost, might I ask?"

"I have to admit, you are a perceptive child. You seem to be well over the class of amateur that I'm used to dealing with. You are right, there is a cost of removing m Sanrei glove and its that I cannot no longer be a Quincy after I use this power. But as long as I can rid the world of useless beings like you Fullbringers, then I am satified. Now tell me...what might I call you fullbringer? I would like to know the name of the one who took me to my limit."

Takahiro stood there for a second taking in all of what the Quincy said. "You can call me Takahiro Nagamasa...but it doesn't really matter. You're not going to live for much longer anyway. But do tell me your name as I want to be able to tell the others just who exactly was the Quincy who let me see a lot of their techniques."

The Quincy grew angry and formed a very brilliant bow, much larger than the previous bows he had made. This bow was purely white and raged with spiritual energy. He fired an enormous arrow attack towards Takahiro. Shocked by the immense power this Quincy had, Takahiro could only manage to defend himself with his swords. The attack overwhelmed him and knocked him back into a building. The Quincy stood there with a look of victory on his face. He fired more attacks towards the area where Takahiro was to make sure he eliminated his enemy. After waiting a moment, he turned his attention to where Chiniiro was fighting.

"Hey, where do you think you're going? We're not through here. You forgot to tell me your name?" Takahiro shouted as he stood from the rubble with his clothes torn and bloodied.

The Quincy had a look of utter surprise as he saw Takahiro stand up from the rubble. His looked quickly changed to anger as he readied his bow once more. "Fine, you want to know me name. Its Tomoko Sayuri. NOW DIE!!!"

He fired more attacks towards Takahiro who seemed to just stand and wait fro them. Just as the attacks got to him, he seemed to vanish. He appeared behind the Quincy who turned around to fire another attack but it was too late. Just as he launched the arrow, he felt a deep cut run up his spine. Tomoko was speechless as he gasped for air, each time becoming harder to do. He fell to the ground in defeat as he watched his Quincy powers leave him with the disappearance of his bow. It was quiet for him. Everything he had heard before became a dull moan in his head. His eyes glossed over with white and he hit the ground. The dull moan was interrupted by Takahiro's last words to him:
"As I told you earlier, silence allows one to hear all things in this world and the next...I heard you ready your attack and quickly moved to your most vulnerable area. You didn't hear me because of the loudness of you attack as well as your own voice. If you were calm in your attacking, then you would of known that I was going for a fatal blow. Only yell when you know there is no way for your enemy to stop you. Now die with the shame of knowing that not even your best could stop a fullbringer."
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[color="#8B0000"][font="Garamond"]Chiniiro continued to keep the Quincy on their toes, striking at them suddenly then changing his position if they evaded his attack and moving to strike again. The two would unleash volley after volley of spirit arrows, trying to pin him down, but his speed seemed to be too much for the two. "We can't keep this up all day, Jinta. We need another plan of attack," one Quincy said to the other, glancing to him between dodging the Fullbringer's strikes and firing a counterattack when he could.

Jinta, the younger of the two nodded, glancing to his elder. "I know, Keiji, but I have no idea how to deal with his kind of agility. He's too fast for spells and hard to keep track of just from watching him. If you come up with anything, feel free to let me know," he said, jumping back before firing a volley of arrows at Chiniiro once he evaded an impeding attack. Jinta quickly froze as he felt a spike in Reiryoku coming from Tomoko's group. Keiji and Chiniiro must have detected it as well as the three were all distracted by it if only briefly before returning to combat. "You felt that, right, Kei-san? It must have been someone removing their Sanrei Glove from Tomoko's group..." just as he said that, they saw a stream of spirit energy burst through a building and the source of the reiryoku diminished not long after.

Keiji grumbled a bit upon sensing it. "Yeah...if they'd gotten that desperate, these two Fullbringers must be a little more than we bargained for. No matter, we have to-!" he found himself nearly crushed under the weight of Chiniiro's scabbard as he leapt up and dropped down with it full force. Keiji's Hirenkyaku gave him enough room to escape as he watched from above. He swallowed hard as he saw the fissure created where he once stood. He looked to Jinta who looked just as nervous for him. Keiji took aim just in front of Jinta and with some luck, managed to stop Chiniiro long enough to defend the arrows and allow Jinta to escape the Fullbringer's attack and counterattack as he took to the air as well. Chiniiro looked up to the two, watching them cautiously. [i]He isn't attacking us from there. We must be out of his attack range. And I haven't seen him take to the air much at all...His Bringer Light must not be as good as the others we've seen. We may be able to take advantage of this...[/i] Keiji thought as he drew several Seele Schneiders from his waist. "Jinta, open fire. Don't let up until I say so!" he said, firing a force of arrows at the Fullbringer and Jinta doing the same.

Chiniiro used both his blade and scabbard to deflect the incoming attacks, focusing on how the impact felt with each arrow that he repelled. As he began to adjust, he started to notice-what he thought were arrows-fly way off their mark and hit the ground. He ignored it for now as he found what he was looking for, reflecting quite a few of the arrows at the two Quincy who were forced to adjust their angle so as not to catch return fire. [i]I may not have ranged attacks, but at least I can use theirs to my advantage...just keep their movement in mind, Chiniiro...[/i] he thought, still deflecting the arrows.

"Lovely..." Keiji mumbled. "No matter..." he said with a smirk as the Seele Schneiders in his hand were gone, and he stopped firing. Jinta, confused at first, could see why he stopped. Keiji landed just a bit away from Chiniiro. As he did, he could see that the Fullbringer realized he wasn't able to go very far. "You aren't as observant as you should be. You see, I was planning on being able to trap you since you rely on all of that speed of yours, Fullbringer. But now," Keiji took a silver tube from his belt, starting to open it, "you are unable to move and unable to evade. The Seele Schneider have you bound in place and there's nothing you can do to escape it." Keiji smirked as Chiniiro's eyes narrowed toward him. "Now I know you're partially human, so I'll give you the chance to speak any last words you have," Keiji said confidently as he had the tube mostly open.

Chiniiro looked down and around, but remained as calm as he could. A simple solution came to mind. "Yeah, I do have one last thing to say before this battle is over..." Keiji nodded, ready to tilt the Ginto. "You talk too damned much, Quincy..." Chiniiro slashed the ground with all of his speed and might behind it, creating a gash in the ground that swallowed two of the Seele Schneider and freeing him to move.

Keiji's eyes widened and Jinta opened fire on their quarry. "Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!!!" Keiji shouted, throwing the explosion Chiniiro's way before he found himself unable to breath or move. Chiniiro's blade went clear through Keiji's chest and spine while his scabbard pierced his ribs from sheer force.

"Like I said...you Quincy talk too much..." Chiniiro said, tossing the body aside, finding new found strength again in Keiji's blood. He disappeared with an incoming volley but Jinta lost track of him.

"Where'd he get t-" Jinta started before he found himself careening toward the pavement with Chiniiro's weight forcing him down, his head clutched in the Fullbringer's hand. His face slammed into the concrete and his body convulsed from the shock of the impact before Chiniiro drove his blade through his back.

"I may not be able to fly, but that doesn't mean I can't jump... Don't underestimate us Fullbringers," Chiniiro said, jerking his sword out of his victim and sheathing it. His body was covered in blood, his trophy from this victory. He made his way over to regroup with Takahiro, Akakiba returning to the form of his pocketwatch as he attached it to his belt and stowed it away.[/font][/color]
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