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RPG guyver: return of chronos

Guest QuickSilver

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Guest QuickSilver
its 100 years after the guyver series and guyver one and three have long passed. the guyver units have been destroyed and chronos have developed new hyper zoanoids which aint easily disposed of like the originals. the guyvers makers came back to earth bringing with them five new mechanisims. chronos found out about these and are trying to them. the alien race as left the earth leaving behind the guyver units.
you can be one of five guyvers, zoalord or an hyper zoanoid or an alien creature what ever you go you are on the side of good.

type: eg guyver ( no one as the guyver to begin with you must choose now if you want to be one)
powers: all guyver powers are the same unless you wish to lose one and have another
description: human and type

name: seifer
age: 16
type: guyver
powers: guyvers powers
description: suit looks like guyver three,seifer is tall, long black hair wears shades, always wearing dark trousers and t-shirts
bio: very misterious and always keeps to himself, he live in a foster home because his farther was captured by chronos and turned into a hyper zoanoid
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Name: Ryu Shino
powers: guyver powers
description:His guyver unit looks like the first one.He wear dark blue jeans has long dark black hair and long sleve black shirt.
Bio:He don't really talk to many people.Not really good any nothing but fighting.He saw his mother get killed in front of his eyes by a zoanoid at the age of 5.
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Name: Craig
Age: 15
Type: Black Guyver, Bio Booster Armour
Powers: All the basic Guyver abilities
Normal - Long shorts, Metallica T-shirt, brown spikey hair, Bio hazard tatoo on laft arm.
Guyver - Looks like Guyver 3, but is black and silver
Bio: Craig is a student at High school..... typical childhood.
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name: Andrew
age: 23
type: guyver Suit
powers: The usual
Regular: Mostly wears jeans, vest, Trainers and jacket. Colours vary. He has spikey blonde hair and brown eyes
Guyver: Same as Guyver 1's but the colour of Guyver 3's
bio: Regular guy. regular life. no disturbing past.
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