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One Piece: Colours Prediction Thread


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I'm importing this idea from another forum I frequent. The idea is to take a picture from the manga of a character that has yet to appear in colour, and paint up a prediction of what colour scheme you think that character will end up having. You can do this in programs such as Photoshop, the Gimp or even MS Paint. This thread is for the manga One Piece but it can work with any of the major weekly manga that get adapted into a TV series or get colour spreads from time to time. It can be fun to see how close or how far away you are with predicting a character's colour scheme.

Here are a few of the predictions I have made so far:


As yet unnamed three-eye girl from Big Mom's crew


Pekoms from Big Mom's crew


Punk Hazard island colour scheme prediction


"Punk Hazard Dragon" and Straw Hat clothing Edited by Saiyangohan2002
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