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As of late I haven't been too active on this forum nor have I been doing a lot of stuff I like from classes..(starting to get into more interesting stuff that I enjoy though..)
Solution : rejected sketches from this morning..! Hahaha!
Out of the 12 I did, these are the ones that I liked sketching but knew they were not acceptable for the assignment.
I have reverted back to my freshman conceptual nonsense. I have to work on that again..(sigh)

These are some of sketches based off the story of Genie, a severe case of social isolation from the '70's. My heart goes out to her. <3
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Todos celebracionnnnn! More like I'm the only one..hehe.
Anyway, classes are over for the semester; thought I'd upload a proof of my [size=2](unfinished)[/size] assignment..lovin' silkscreening.
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