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Emergency drawing!!!!! Can anyone help?

Darth Vectis

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Hi all, I'm in dire need of some good art work in a short amount of time. With today being 4/14, I need a drawing within this week. I'm going to a tattoo convention later this week and being told on a last minute basis I am in desperate need of a good, fantasyesqu idea as that is something I typically enjoy. If anyone is up to it I only ask you make detailed enough, and don't use too much black where it kind of obscure features.

And if anyone is feeling particularly brave, I have a character of my own that I would like to seen drawn up at some point. He is an average sized male, little bit of definition in him, he has short cut hair and a goatee and he typically wears a leather vest and cloth pants with boots of that era. He has a chain wrapped around his waist with one dagger on each side of his waist, I'd like the handles to look different from each other and finally he has a tattoo on his back, i don't need or want to see the whole tattoo just maybe it peaking out from his vest on to his shoulders. He does have darker skin then average, but that doesn't matter too much as the image will be black and white. One final note, is he has a cat companion, I'd like it to look interesting in like patterns on its fit and what not but that's completely up to you.

Alright, well thank you all for who read this and I hope I see something before the convention comes up.
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