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The Avatar: Backstage!


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[center][i]Welcome One and All to The Avatar... Backstage! Do we sure have an exciting tale for ya! Avatar Aang-- missing! Otherworldly terror reigning down upon humanity! And at the center of it all, a group of unsuspecting players and a man in a mysterious mask! You've got to hear it to believe it folks, so keep tuned into the Avatar... Backstage! for all of your Avatar-related information. But before we get to the meat of this juicy tale, how about a little backstory?

[b]The United Republic of Nations: [/b]After the end of the Great War, the Earth Kingdom told those leftover Fire Nation troops to take a hike! But the division wasn't so simple--let's just say the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom had shacked up! Realizing the delicacy of this situation, Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko created the United Republic of Nations, allowing for people from every nation to live together in harmony![/i][/center]

[center][i][b]Republic City: [/b]The crown jewel of the United Republic of Nations, Republic City is a technological masterpiece! Created through the determined efforts of citizens from every nation, the flourishing city stands as a beacon to a bright and diverse future! But even as we speak, clandestine forces are working within the shadows to threaten the new peace![/i]

[b][i]Bandits: [/i][/b][i]Wherever there's trouble you can be sure there are riff-raff trying to take advantage of it! Beware! Travel, whether by sea or by land--all forms of brigands and pirates lie in wait, preying on the weak! There's even a rumor going around that they've been abducting benders...

Well, that's all we have for now folks-- but the fun doesn't have to end here! Send us whatever questions you have about our gripping tale, and we'll tell you everything you need to know... Without ruining the craaazy surprises![/i][/center] Edited by Orcus
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