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Between Two Points

Anakoni Stark

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[i][font=times new roman, times, serif]As a break from the constant DJ'ing that I've gotten myself caught up in for the last two weeks... I decided to write a bit of fiction that was spawned from listening to [url="http://soundcloud.com/theglitchmob/between-two-points-feat-swan"]a tune[/url] from one of my favourite band's records. I ran with the theme of the lyrics mostly, and this is the result. Hope you guys enjoy this one.[/font][/i]
[i][font=times new roman, times, serif]______________________[/font][/i]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] The doctor stared at the concrete wall, tucked away from the chaotic noise and shuffling of the city. The memorial was adorned with newspaper clippings, various arrangements of fauna and pictures of a young blonde with green eyes at numerous points during her lifetime; an oil painting of the young woman decorated with a wreath around the frame of the picture as the centrepiece. One photo that caught Alistairâ??s eye was one of him and the young woman. He peeled the photo from the collage and began to study it. It was the two of them; she was kissing him on the cheek with her eyes closed while Shepard worn a smug grin. A smile formed across the assassinâ??s face as he recalled her laughter as he held the picture in his hand. Juno made her way out of the bar with the thunder crashing and the rain began to pour. As she made her way to Shepard; she noticed something that felt as if it was ripped straight out of a comic book, the rain slid away from him and the memorial. Mercer slowly made her way to the android and reached out to touch him but as she did, a warm sensation met her fingers. A dark orange ripple effect revealed an invisible barrier between him and the outside world; a solid wall to shut out all of the uncertainties and guilt that came with the events that had unfolded within the last three years.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] Halfway across town a doorman is fixing his post, sweeping at the front door when he drops his hat; as he makes his way to pick it up, a young woman beats him to it. â??[b][i]Oh thank you maâ??am.[/i][/b]â? The doorman answers, the woman smiles back at him as she makes her way into the flat complex. The woman takes her groceries in her hand to the lift, where she commands it to bring her to the 27[sup]th[/sup] floor. As she steps into the elevator she heard a trance track with deep soul roots, she quietly hummed along to the chorus as the elevator shot her up to her floor. As she walks out, she greets two of her neighbours who have heavy vases in their hands and she holds the lift doors open to let them through. â??[b][i]Hi Vickyâ?¦ Is that a new vase with your designs on it? I love it.[/i][/b]â? The young woman commented as the artist smiled in return â??[b][i]Yeahâ?¦ I call itâ?¦ Trippy.[/i][/b]â? The artist replied as she looked at her other vase carrying friend as they laughed at an inside joke. The young woman made her way to her apartment as the door unlocked itself as the roomâ??s AI greeted her, she then heard more clamouring outside her door when her roommate noticed her walking in. â??[b][i]Hey you, howâ??d your day go?[/i][/b]â? The roommate asked the blonde to which she replied with something weighing on her thoughts. â??[b][i]Ehhâ?¦ The same thing, different dayâ?¦ But today felt different.[/i][/b]..â? The blonde answered as she set the groceries on the kitchen table. Her roommate made her way toward the bags and squealed as she found that they were going to make citrus chocolate truffles for the winter holiday. â??[b][i]What do you mean â??differentâ??, bunny?[/i][/b]â? Elizabeth pressed on the young blonde as they prepared the pots for melting.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] â??[b][i]I donâ??t knowâ?¦ It might be these new oranges from Florida.[/i][/b]â? As she peeled one and bit into it while her roommate looked at her with a blank expression, then went back to heating the pots. â??[b][i]Have you noticed thereâ??re no children or teens here? Plenty of married couples, but no kidsâ?¦ What the hell?[/i][/b]â? The blonde questioned to which Elizabeth agreed to. As the two roommates commenced with the baking, the artist and her vase carrying friend started chatting with the doorman. â??[b][i]How is she?[/i][/b]â? The doorman inquired to which the artist replied â??[b][i]Sheâ??s fine but her occipital lobe seemed to have more activity today than normal and her endorphin levels spiked.[/i][/b]â?[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]What do we do about it?[/i][/b]â? The vase carrying male then interjected to the doorman before he continued â??[b][i]Something about her shopping trip caused her memory to jumpstart itself.[/i][/b]â?[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]Could it beâ?¦?[/i][/b]â? The doorman posed the question to the three of them as they all shared a look of shock. â??[b][i]It could be nothing; we know that it couldnâ??t be the oranges. Letâ??s split and find whatever it is that caused her to thinkâ?¦[/i][/b]â? The artist commanded as the two pulled out their large calibre firearms from the vases when the three of them split away into the city looking for the source of the young womanâ??s disturbance.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]The doctor could hear muffled speech outside of his bubble; he turned to find his apprentice trying to speak to him through the barrier. In a dull flash, like an actual bubble popping, the barrier had dropped and cold rain fell onto the android and Juno made her way to him. â??[b][i]Doctor, letâ??s get out of the rainâ?¦ Youâ??ll catch pneumoniaâ?¦ If thatâ??s what happens to androids that sit in the rainâ?¦[/i][/b]â? The brunette held out her hand when the android took Mercerâ??s warm grip and she guided the two of them back to their hideout. As they arrived, Alistair took a seat in his tattered armchair that made him look like royalty; while Juno poured glasses of whiskey for the two of them, she took a seat on a piano bench next to Shepard and handed him his glass of poison. â??[b][i]Doc, I know how you must be feel---[/i][/b]â? Mercer began when the android cut her off. â??[b][i]No Juno. You donâ??t.[/i][/b]â? Alistairâ??s answer was short and bitter as he continued to nurse his drink. â??[b][i]I did my reading and she seemed like a very bright and understanding womanâ?¦ I mean she managed to temporarily rewrite your script at one pointâ?¦ Which is amazing, doc.[/i][/b]â? Juno began attempting to comfort Shepard when she felt a slight tremor at her feet. â??[b][i]Cut the bullshit, Juno. I know what youâ??re trying to do and itâ??s not going to bring her back![/i][/b]â? Alistair yelled as he got up from his chair, took the bottle of whisky and stormed into his room while some of the china fell over from the persisting tremors. In the midst of the quakes, Juno lied on the couch, thinking about what to say. â??[b][i]Neither will that bottle of whiskey, Aliâ?¦[/i][/b]â? the younger assassin murmured under her breath as the frame of their hideout began collapsing in on itself. â??[b][i]Then what will?![/i][/b]â? The brunette could sense the androidâ??s anger as various objects around their makeshift home began to catch fire spontaneously. Her body shivered in fear as she thought of more things to say.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]As the blonde placed the last of the truffles into the twentieth Tupperware case, Elizabeth was busy making her noteworthy pico de gallo and enchiladas. â??[b][i]I make this every Saturdayâ?¦ Donâ??t you want a different dish, Bunny?[/i][/b]â? The roommate inquired. â??[b][i]No, not reallyâ?¦ Thereâ??s something comforting about it, especially after a long day at Bootsâ?¦[/i][/b]â? The blonde answered airily when Elizabeth pressed on again, being the nosy roommate that she was. â??[b][i]What would that comforting thing be, Bunny?[/i][/b]â? The blonde then began walking around the living room and kitchen when she answered. â??[b][i]Itâ??s feels very tradition---[/i][/b]â? Before she could finish her thought, she and roommate noticed that their hanging mirror in the dinning room spontaneously combusted and instinctively ran underneath the mahogany table as the fire alarm sprinklers went off.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]That isnâ??t normal Bunny![/i][/b]â? Elizabeth yelled as the alarm started its loud droning throughout the complex. â??[b][i]Well of course it isnâ??t![/i][/b]â? The blonde replied as she ran to the Tupperware stack and grabbed one of the containers of truffles while she ran out of the apartment complex; her roommate following behind her as they raced down the fire escape. Meanwhile, Juno was sitting in front of her tutorâ??s door; her body quaked with the anxiety of her forthcoming death as more of their home went up in embers. She could feel the tension forming a lump in her throat as the flames roared behind her and the structure began to disintegrate, she swallowed her fear as she spoke up. â??[b][i]What ifâ?¦ What if I told you that sheâ??s still alive, doctorâ?¦?[/i][/b]â? The brunette spoke to the locked door which caused the lock to turn and the door opened. Juno crawled into the doctorâ??s bedroom where she took a seat on the foot of his bed while the door swung shut.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]Who told you this, mi amiga?[/i][/b]â? The doctor inquired as she looked timidly into her teacherâ??s red camera lens eyes. â??[b][i]I overheard the heads of The Order talking about her... Symanthaâ??s here in London, doctor.[/i][/b]â? Juno answered as she showed him stills from numerous surveillance cameras around the city. Shepard studied the stills and another emotion that had not surfaced in a worrying amount of time had shown on his face, as a tear rolled down his cheek and onto the photo. â??[b][i]Well... Hello, again; my sparrowâ?¦[/i][/b]â? He quietly greeted his blonde haired green eyed muse.â?[b][i]It seems that thereâ??s hope for us yetâ?¦[/i][/b]â? The android said out loud with a smile on his face while Juno opened the door to find that their pending death by immolation had ceased. At that moment, Juno took the androidâ??s hand and began leading him back to the bar. On the other side of town, the three angry guards stood outside their badly burned apartment complex, with the local fire department tending to the remains of the building as the remaining two former tenants started at the wreckage from a distance. â??[b][i]Wellâ?¦ Our apartmentâ??s gone, bunny.[/i][/b]â? Elizabeth reminded the two of them as they sipped on lattes from a rooftop café, she noticed that the blonde was looking out toward another smoking building and that her attention was put in a chokehold by it.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]I SAIDâ?¦. WELL. Our apartmentâ??s goneâ?¦ HELLO?![/i][/b]â? Elizabeth repeated herself and finally the blonde snapped out of her trance and looked at her roommate. â??[b][i]Iâ??m sorryâ?¦ Iâ?¦ I got lostâ?¦. There was another building on fireâ?¦ What do we do now?[/i][/b]â? The blonde posed the question. â??[b][i]Wellâ?¦ I have a party to go to, soâ?¦ Iâ??ll see you soon, bunny?[/i][/b]â? Elizabeth said as the two of them made their way to the entrance of the restaurant. â??[b][i]Ohâ?¦ Okay.[/i][/b]â? The blonde said nonchalantly when a thought crossed her mind. â??[b][i]Then Iâ??ll head over to that new Spanish tavern that just opened up, it isnâ??t too far from that building burned down, I want to see if anyoneâ??s okay.[/i][/b]â? The blonde replied as the two went their separate ways.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]Half an hour after their hideout had burned down, Alistair went back to bar duty while Juno started up with her hostess work. It was the same English drunkards who came through and some families on holiday who were just so fascinated by the styling of the tavern. The bell chimed and a stunningly beautiful blonde with green eyes made her way in. â??[b][i]Hola, welcome to The Drunken Shepard. Iâ??m Juno andâ?¦[/i][/b]â? The brunette was cut short when she realised who she was dealing with. The blonde waved back and smiled which caused many of the men in the waiting area to become mesmerised with her looks. â??[b][i]â?¦ And you look like a bar kind of girl! If youâ??ll follow me, maâ??am.[/i][/b]â? Juno continued as she made her way to the assassinâ??s bar, as the two continued in route to the alcohol tap, many of the customers continued to drink while some noticed the blonde who looked too terribly out of place. â??[b][i]Hereâ??s your seat maâ??am, the bartenderâ??s name is Ali.[/i][/b]â? Juno said as she pulled the centre seat out for the distinguished guest. The blonde cleared her throat as she situated herself while Shepard made his way to his new customer. He was taken aback for a split second when he realised who his newest client was.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]Hola, mi llamo es Alejandro y yo estaremos cuidando de ti esta nocheâ?¦ What can I start you with?[/i][/b]â? The tall, muscular Puerto Rican asked the blonde who was immediately fascinated with his strikingly good looks. â??[b][i]Umâ?¦ Hi, my nameâ??s Symantha, Alexanderâ?¦ Can I get aâ?¦[/i][/b]â? Before the young woman could finish the assassin interjected. â??[b][i]¿[/i][/b][b][i]A piña colada, para ti, mi bonita señorita?[/i][/b]â? Which got the blonde to laugh and nod in agreement as Alistair noticed her delicate truffles; she brought up the Tupperware and offered one to him, as the android took one he said. â??[b][i]Oh citrus, pretty good isnâ??t it?[/i][/b]â? Symantha smiled and laughed slightly. â??[b][i]Howâ??d you know, mister Alexander Barkeep?[/i][/b]â? the blonde questioned.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]Iâ??d know the scent of a good Florida orange anywhere... My last name is Shepard by the way.[/i][/b]â? The android answered he poured her drink as he continued. â??[b][i]Soâ?¦ What brings you to The Drunken Shepard, Sam?[/i][/b]â?[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]Well my apartment burned down and coincidentally another building was going up in flamesâ?¦[/i][/b]â? Symantha laughed nervously to herself when the realisation of talking to the owner of one of Londonâ??s newest drinking holes dawned on her as the android offered her drink. Symantha handed a £5 to her bartender which caused him to smile. â??[b][i]Itâ??s on the house for you, señoritaâ?¦[/i][/b]â? Alistair said to her as he slipped the fiver into his pocket before he continued. â??[b][i]If you were wondering if those in the apartment next door are okay, youâ??re looking at one of them.[/i][/b]â? Shepard smirked as he noticed her ruby necklace. â??[b][i]Thatâ??s a nice necklaceâ?¦ A ruby? Julyâ?¦ Right? Iâ??ve seen it somewhere beforeâ?¦[/i][/b]â? The bartender began as Laurent looked down and began to study it as well. â??[b][i]Itâ??s an amazing necklaceâ?¦ Thank youâ?¦ Iâ??ve had it for so longâ?¦ I donâ??t remember how I got itâ?¦ Tell me, mister Alexander Shepardâ?¦ Do you remember where youâ??ve seen it?[/i][/b]â?[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] A nostalgic smile formed on his face before he answered. â??[b][i]I saw it while I was visiting my grandmother in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Ricoâ?¦[/i][/b]â?[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] â??[b][i]I guess thatâ??s not where itâ??s from because Iâ??ve never been to Puerto Ricoâ?¦[/i][/b]â? She laughed as began to take in her dose of poison, when Alistair reached over the bar and opened one side of her jacket to find the Puerto Rican flag within the inside seam of her coat with the phrase [i]Hecho con orgullo en Puerto Rico [/i]written above it. She then looked at her coat and said to herself â??[b][i]Made in Puerto Rico?[/i][/b]â? While Alistairâ??s field of vision changed when his onboard computer noticed a change in her temporal lobes, they were slowly but surely working. Symantha pushed her empty cup back to Alistair with a slight smile on her face, while he made her another drink. [i]At least weâ??re getting somewhereâ?¦[/i] The Puerto Rican thought to himself as he returned with another Piña Colada.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] â??[b][i]You seem like el tipo que pasar algún tiempo en un playaâ?¦[/i][/b]â? The doctor wondered out loud as the blonde laughed and smiled again, she took his hand as while drinking down more of her poison with her free hand. â??[b][i]No habla español, Mister Shepardâ?¦ Can I get a running translation?[/i][/b]â? Symantha asked kindly as the glass came back down.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] â??[b][i]â?¦Of course, anything for you señorita. You seem like the type who would spend time at a beach.[/i][/b]â? Alistair translated when a look of apprehension came across her eye and she gasped.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] â??[b][i]I remember nowâ?¦[/i][/b]â? Symantha began as the android tried to make her another drink but she wouldnâ??t let his hand go as her grip tightened. Alistair had to make sure the alcohol wasnâ??t talking as he double checked her brain scan; the temporal lobes lit up like supercharged Christmas trees in the middle of an Independence Day celebration. â??[b][i]â?¦ I was with someone, he was rather cute. Green eyes, heâ??d an accent, dark hairâ?¦ Really muscular with a perfect tan, he always smelled of coconuts and oranges with a great sense of humourâ?¦[/i][/b]â? Laurentâ??s eyes darted down to the dirty floor for a split second as she blushed with a shy smile on her face before looking into his red camera lens eyes, but her look was different from many of the others who looked at him in fear of being immolated, it looked as if she was on the verge of greeting an old friend.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif] â??[b][i]Heâ??d speak to me in his native tongue of Spanish, sometimes heâ??d tease meâ?¦ But what I remember about him wasâ?¦[/i][/b]â? Laurentâ??s voice was breaking slightly as she tightened her grip on Alistairâ??s hand a bit more.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]He always called me hisâ?¦[/i][/b]â? Symanthaâ??s eyes slid to the right, trying to recall her pet name which always gave her butterflies when she heard him say it, when the assassin took the moment to finish her thought. â??[b][i]Let me guess he always called you â??My sparrowâ??, right?[/i][/b]â? Alistairâ??s answer made Symantha smile as tears slowly began streaming down her face while she nodded and laughed nervously again to hide the fact that the floodgates were about to burst open. Alistair flashed a goofy smile which caused everything to come back to her in an instant. Symantha leaped over the bar, tackling the android in the process.[/font]

[font=times new roman, times, serif]â??[b][i]The shortest distanceâ?¦ Between two points, is the line from me to youâ?¦[/i][/b]â? Symantha whispered the line she heard from the elevator ride to her long lost lover just before the two locked each other in a long kiss while Juno escorted everyone out of the bar and closed the door behind her that had a sign that read [i]Estoy en el almuerzo [/i]hanging from it.[/font] Edited by Anakoni Stark
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