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Superman: Dictator


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[center][size=6][font=georgia, serif]Superman: Dictator[/font][/size][/center]
[center][size=6][font=georgia, serif][Mature][/font][/size][/center]

[center][size=4][font=georgia, serif]*[/font][/size][/center]

[i][size=4][font=georgia, serif]The Superman was always a threat. A god sent down from another planet, he arrived on our planet as the last race of Kryptonians, a war mongering race of aliens. He may have been raised in a humble setting, to humble Americans, but conquest and subjugation flowed through his veins. Although the people thanked him earnestly and worshiped him as the savior of mankind, we always knew he would reveal his true colors. And exactly that happened 45 years ago, with the death of Bruce Wayne, aka â??The Batman.â?

We knew that the Batman and the Superman had been friends from surveillance videos of the two working together, as well as the occasional meetings between Bruce Wayne and the Superman's civilian identity Clark Kent. Although the Batman was a grittier, more violent vigilante, the Superman respected his devotion to preserving life. So when the criminals of Gotham banded together, revealed Bruce Wayne's secret identity, and then murdered the Batman, the Superman lost his faith in the righteousness of the Batmanâ??s actions. Casting aside his moral shackles, he publicly murdered each â??supervillainâ? who took part in the murder and then destroyed Gotham.

It took the Superman only a week after Wayne's death to overthrow the world's governments, annihilate practically all major and minor supervillains and transform the Earth into his â??New Krypton.â? Some of his fellow heroes joined him in his crusade, taking over countries as his Generals. Others rebelled and were soundly defeated and murdered. Now he spends the day ruling the world from his throne in the city of Metropolis, his new â??Fortress.â? Mankind has been enslaved, forced to endure the iron grip of the Superman, now known as â??[url="http://www.comicvine.com/justice-league-unlimited/65-45101/all-images/108-196194/supermanbeyond1/105-2269523/"]Kal-El, The Kryptonian[/url].â? But we have not accepted the alien's rule. We are Checkmate. I am Amanda Waller II, the daughter of the King Michael Holt and Queen Amanda Waller. And you are the Suicide Squad.[/font][/size][/i]


[size=4][font=georgia, serif]Years ago Checkmate created the Suicide Squad, a team composed of supervillains seeking to reform, who would perform tasks too dirty for the government. However, even before the reign of the Kryptonian began, Checkmate decided to devote its resources to another project, Cadmus Labs, a division which specialized in genetic manipulation and cloning. The clones created by Cadmus were unstable and quickly disintegrated. However, several clones were successfulâ??such as the Superboy, or Conner Kent, who, although operating independently, has proven himself a valuable asset in the struggle against the Kryptonian's tyranny. However, the Kryptonian attacked the cloning base which created the Superboy and destroyed all of his blood samples.

The next project began right after the Kryptonian rose to power and was simpler in scopeâ??instead of recreating the god, Checkmate aimed to recreate the man who could murder the god. Thus the Batman BEYOND initiative began. Checkmate altered the DNA of Warren McGinnis so that it was identical to Bruce Wayne. Checkmate then waited for Warren and his wife Mary to have a child and when then murdered Warren and Mary when the child was at the same age that Bruce lost his family. Checkmate then took the child Terry McGinnis in and trained him in various forms of martial arts, detective work and morality. Unfortunately, this experiment proved disastrous. After outfitting Terry with a state of the art Batsuit and sending him to challenge the Superman, the alien helped Terry to discover Terry's clone heritage and the mystery of his parentsâ?? deaths. Devastated by Checkmates betrayal, Terry chose to ally with the Kryptonian, and Checkmate suffered another critical loss. However, Checkmate has prepared one final counter for the Kryptonian.

Believing Bruce Wayne's DNA was itself enough to breed new heroes, Checkmate began the ERADICATOR program. Checkmate decided to make a team of heroes, each comprised half of Batman's DNA. Originally they planned to use the Supergirl's DNAâ??who has also joined the struggle against the Kryptonianâ??but that any more creations which shared a lineage with the race of Kryptonians, especially ones with the potential for Batman's intelligence, would ultimately prove dangerous for the human race. Captain Marvel was considered nextâ??although his body was collected after the Kryptonian murdered him, and a blood sample was collected, they discovered that Billy Batson's body possessed no inherent magical abilities. But finally the answer presented itself. Checkmate brought the elderly Zatanna, who had to the last Checkmate base in existence, the Checkmate HQ. There they extracted her magical blood, fused it with a combination of Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller's DNA and created seven new heroes.

The heroes were raised with the knowledge of what they were, why they were created, and were trained in a similar manner to Terry, but taught skills of espionage, torture, and torture resistance. They were taught to harness their varying abilities, and when they were old enough, were sent out into the field. Based upon the impossibility of their missionâ??break into Metropolis with weapons forged from every known form of Kryptonite to kill the Kryptonianâ??and in memory of Checkmate's glory days, Waller named them the Suicide Squad. Are these soldiers marching towards their deaths, the death of the Superman, or something else entirely?[/font][/size]


[font=georgia, serif]Welcome to Superman: Dictator, a story of spies, revolutionaries, absolute rule and superheroes taking place in the year 2045, as well as my most recent attempt to tackle the DC universe. You, the RPers, will play as either soldiers, giving their all to bring down the tyrannical reign of the Kryptonian, or as the Kryptonianâ??s loyal followers, attempting to enforce his will and destroy the dissenters. Just as in Earth 53, only a passing familiarity with the DC universe is necessary, if that; as this story takes place 45 years after the current DC universe, many heroes are too old to operate any longer or have died. If youâ??ve seen Batman Beyond, however, that will give you a good idea of what the cities look like, as well as the type of technology available to the people. Also, just as in Earth 53, feel free to create your own hero, your own villain or continue the legacy of established heroes. The RP will also feature much more interaction between players and a smaller scope of operations, with RPers operating together primarily in Metropolis and Smallville, although if anyone would like to operate elsewhere that is fine as well.[/font]

[size=4][font=georgia, serif]In this RP, you can sign up as member of one of a number of groups. The people who sign up in these groups will be responsible for how their group operations, so, as I mentioned earlier, interaction between players will be crucial. [/font][/size][list]
[*][size=4][font=georgia, serif]Those in the 7 person Suicide Squad all possess some form of magical power, as well as Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller's intellect, but suffer from different psychological problems due to their origins and training. Their mission is to eliminate the Kryptonian's forces, reclaim Metropolis and kill the Kryptonian. They wear modified versions of the Batsuit given to Terry McGinnis. Along with the [url="http://www.comicvine.com/terry-mcginnis/29-40501/"]list of abilities the original suit had[/url][scroll down to Abilities and Paraphernalia], their suits can cloak themselves to make it appear that the user is wearing nothing, as well as another hidden function. The members are also permitted to wield guns, although not all of them do. The Suicide Squad are currently located in Metropolis to take advantage of the Week of Rejuvenation, which has just begun. [More info in my short bio, below][/font][/size]
[*][size=4][font=georgia, serif]The only other major resistance group is Diana's Freedom Fighters. Their mission is the same as the Suicide Squad's, but they have not completely given up hope on Clark, as they think there was more to Clark's transformation. The leaders of the Freedom Fighters are Diana, Superboy, Supergirl, Starfire, Wonder Girl and Donna Troy due to their extreme longevity.[/font][/size]
[*][size=4][font=georgia, serif]New villains, although greatly diminished in numbers compared to pre-Kryptonian days, still exist in large enough numbers to pose a threat. Calling themselves DOOM, they are largely viewed as a terrorist cell, bombing cities and attempt to sow chaos in the Kryptonian's perfect world. Some heroes have even joined their ranks, believing their radical stance to be necessary. The Suicide Squad try to mask their presence in Metropolis by blaming their antics while in disguise on DOOM. The Jokerz, Assassins and Venomites are the three main sects of DOOM although some of their agents remain unaffiliated with any of these groups.[/font][/size]
[*][size=4][font=georgia, serif]Dracula's (Terry McGinnis) Royal Guard are the Kryptonian's personal bodyguards, as well as functioning occasionally as a city police force. Those among their ranks do not personally possess powers, instead utilizing modified variations of [url="http://www.comicvine.com/terry-mcginnis/29-40501/"]Dracula's Batsuit[/url] like the Suicide Squad. This serves two purposes: 1) To allow the Kryptonian to easily deactivate rogue soldiers and 2) To force the soldiers to rely on their own skills in battle instead of powers. Due to their tech-heavy MO, they have a number of droids, weapons and combat vehicles.[/font][/size]
[*][size=4][font=georgia, serif]The Sun of Krypton, a cult like organization who worship Kal-El as the second coming, acts as another powerful influence. Although not officially a military group, they pledge themselves to Kal-El and patrol Metropolis to ensure that his will is done. Members of this group wear blue robes with golden stitching and the red house of El insignia on the chest over their regular clothing or costume.[/font][/size]
[*][size=4][font=georgia, serif]Another group exists, the Kryptonian's Generals, those that he has elected to rule the continents as his vassals, are the voice through which his policies are enacted. There are three Generals on each continent, save Antarctica, which only has two wardens and is used as a maximum security prison. They are not playable, but can be challenged by any group that wishes to at any time.[/font][/size]
[size=4][font=georgia, serif]Although the members of each group will be largely responsible for their antics, I will still be guiding the storyline and posting crucial plot information, and I'll be leading the Suicide Squad (although how the other members carry out the orders I give is up to them). Now hereâ??s the sign-up sheet![/font][/size]

[size=4][font=georgia, serif][b]Name:[/b] As well as your number 1-7, if youâ??re a member of the Suicide Squad.
[b]Callsign:[/b] Your superhero/villain name
[b]Age:[/b] Suicide Squad are all 20
[b]Appearance:[/b] A picture and description please (at least a description of your costume, if you have one). All members of Suicide Squad have suits practically identical in appearance with Terry McGinnisâ?? batsuit, but the blades on the forearms are retractable. The Royal Guard use the suit as a template as well. Bat ears are optional in both groups. The details of the suit--what symbol is on the chest, the color of the symbol, and other superficial decorations--vary from person to person.
[b]Power:[/b] Or, if your character is powerless, their skill set--thievery, espionage, martial arts, etc...
[b]Affiliation:[/b] Suicide Squad, Freedom Fighters, Royal Guard, Sun of Krypton or DOOM. If DOOM, you can choose to be one of the Jokers, Venomites or League of Assassins, although you can choose to remain unaffiliated with any of the minor sects as well.
[b]Short Bio:[/b] Only about a paragraph is necessary

And my sign-up as an example
[b]Name:[/b] Helena #006
[b]Callsign:[/b] Diva
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Helena.png"][Helena][/url]
Helena stands at 5â??10 and has a curvy and sturdy frame, as shown in the picture. She wears her brunette hair as shown in the picture and has crystal blue eyes. Instead of a bat symbol on the chest of her suit she has two adjoining lightning bolts which come down from her shoulders and meet at the center of her chest; the design repeats down her back. The fingers and wings on her suit are purple as well. [/font][/size]

[size=4][font=georgia, serif][b]Personality:[/b] Helena is a calm, collected strategist. She specifically asked to be trained in the art of crisis negotiation so that she would be able to control otherâ??s behavior as well as her own. This allows her to be level-headed even when faced with insurmountable odds, as well as the ability to rationalize a situation and choose the least damaging outcome. Her practiced control has left her at odds with her teammates though, who think she is imply handling them instead of working along with them. She harbors a deep sadness because of this, but keeps it to herself.

In regards to the Kryptonian, she sees the rationale behind his absolute rule, but believes that humanity could not have gotten to the point that it had prior to his appearance without the ability to make mistakes, and that they will be unable to progress further unless they can make their own mistakes once again. She also hold a level of distrust towards Checkmate, believing the way they raised Terry was immoral and that given the chance, Checkmate could be as oppressive a force as the Kryptonian.[/font][/size]

[size=4][font=georgia, serif][b]Power:[/b] Elemental Magic- since she shares DNA with Zatanna, she is technically a member of the Homo Magi race and thus has magical abilities. Her form of magic is elemental; she can create and manipulate lightning, fire, water, ice and wind, as well as being able to insert her own magical energies into the ground to create earthquakes. Additionally she was trained by Checkmate in the arts of espionage, hand to hand combat and marksmanship.[/font][/size]

[size=4][font=georgia, serif][b]Weapons:[/b] Atop of the gadgets in her suit, while in disguise she keeps two handguns concealed on her person. Like Nightwing she also uses two extendable bo staffs.[/font][/size]

[size=4][font=georgia, serif][b]Affiliation:[/b] Suicide Squad[/font][/size]

[size=4][font=georgia, serif][b]Short Bio:[/b] Raised in the Checkmate Headquarters in the Swiss Alps, Helena and the rest of the Suicide Squad were trained since birth to take down the Kryptonian. In her youth she greatly resembled a young Zatanna, using her powers mischievously and rebelling against her superiors. However, she was severely reprimanded for such behaviour, and was repeatedly reminded of her â??purposeâ? in the world. Eventually she decided that her life was easier if she simply submitted to the will of her superiors. It was around this time that she learned the importance of manipulating emotions to achieve her goals, and so dedicated a large amount of her studies to learning techniques which would allow her to do so. It was also during this period that her â??brothersâ? and â??sistersâ? began to distrust her, as she displayed less and less interest in interacting with them outside of team training.

January, 2045 she and the other members of the Suicide Squad were deployed to Metropolis, where they have been pretending to be members of the Sun of Krypton. They have been using the churchâ??s position as virtual police force to worsen any damage done by DOOM or the Freedom Fighters. All of their efforts are about to come to a head. Every year, the Kryptonian spends one week on the surface of the sun, strengthening himself. This week, referred to as the Week of Rejuvenation, has just begun today--Monday, August 7th, 2045-- and is the one time where Metropolis is at its weakest. For years Checkmate have been attempting to discover the date to no avail. With this golden opportunity laid out for them, the Suicide Squadâ??s orders are simple. Cause as much mayhem as possible in Metropolis--especially on April 12th, the day of the solar eclipse, when the Kryptonian will be unable to view the Earth from the Sun-- and in the ensuing frenzy to murder the Kryptonian upon his return. Even though the lack of the Kryptonian will allow them to move freely, they may still find the task arduous, as other organizations are privy to the knowledge they have and are eager to make their move as well...

Anyways, there you have it! Send along those sign ups and have fun with it! And naturally, feel free to ask me any questions any way you please![/font][/size] Edited by Orcus
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[color=#282828][font=courier new', courier, monospace][font=georgia, serif][b]Name[/b]:[/font][/font][/color][color=#282828][font=courier new', courier, monospace][size=2] Amanda 'Yuko' Slate [/size][/font][/color]
[size=2][font=courier new', courier, monospace][color=#282828][b][size=4][font=georgia, serif]Callsign:[/font][/size][/b] Ippon[/color]
[color=#282828][b][size=4][font=georgia, serif]Age:[/font][/size][/b] 21[/color]
[color=#282828][size=4][font=georgia, serif][b][url="http://i737.photobucket.com/albums/xx17/hermesworkshop/char.jpg"]Appearance[/url]:[/b][/font][/size] Yuko stands about 5' 9' with a lean toned frame. She has a tan complexion with amber brown shoulder length hair, usually worn up, and green eyes. Her suit as Ippon consists of a Gi made of an abnormal material. It's feather light and resists all forms of damage to some degree, including ripping, cutting, burning, etc. Underneath the Gi is a black scramble suit with constantly shifting boundaries and shadows so that no aspect of her usual appearance can be discerned. [/color]
[color=#282828]Personality: Yuko is, despite her history, a usually happy and outgoing person. However, she is highly competitive and very serious when competing. She hates to loose anything and sometimes overdoes it in her quest for victory (hence her nickname â??Yukoâ? from the yuko points commonly given to her opponents from penalties for 'overzealousness'). She adheres to a strict honor code and as such is both hyper-moral and hyper-polite in her day to day life unless it is unreturned.[/color]
[color=#282828]Ippon is on the other hand known as a ruthless upholder of justice. It holds life sacred and, therefore, will not kill but many of Ippon's victims wish for death over their reality. Shredded joints, broken bones, and head trauma are all deserved collateral damage to Ippon. Not much else is known about Ippon since it rarely speaks or interacts with anyone outside of missions. Ippon's work, however, is well known and like a fine timepiece, impeccable and reliable.[/color]
[color=#282828][size=4][font=georgia, serif][b]Power:[/b][/font][/size] Abnormal Speed and Reflexes, A Judo Master, versed in basic strategy and espionage.[/color]
[color=#282828][b][size=4][font=georgia, serif]Weapons:[/font][/size][/b] Herself, Friction Increasing Static Tension Sleeves (FISTS) : These were developed originally for factory use. When turned on they adhere to anything with great grip for lifting. Ippon uses them to create an almost inescapable grip and to grip opponents without who don't have otherwise seizable costumes. They have a limited power supply so Ippon usually reserves their use for necessary situations.[/color]
[color=#282828][b][size=4][font=georgia, serif]Affiliation:[/font][/size][/b] Doom[/color]
[color=#282828][b][size=4][font=georgia, serif]Short Bio:[/font][/size][/b] Yuko was born into a nice family and a plush life. Her parents, as they told Yuko, were two small time superheros and she was to take up their fight when she was ready. As such, her parents began training her at a young age in hand-to-hand combat, and basic strategy. Unfortunately the life was a lie and funded by crimes carried out by her parents. Their ways eventually caught up with them when they were murdered by Kal-El. Yuko was 10 when they died and watched them fall under Kal-El's fists. Yuko never learned of her parent's lives of crime and believes Kal-El to be a murder and a tyrant. [/color]
[color=#282828] After her parents death, she was picked up by an orphan service and sent to a few temporary homes. Her rage and pain, however, consumed her and she left at age 12 to find Kal-El. Her quest was sidetracked shortly after beginning when she was confronted by a band of Jokerz. She fought as best she could, but with her minimal training there were too many. Beaten, she surrendered to her fate. But before the Jokerz could claim their prize, a citizen stepped in on her behalf. She watched, enraptured, as the Jokerz fell to the mans bizarre movements. Thug after thug hit the pavement with a sickening smack as the stranger effortlessly threw them. As her vision faded, the pain overcoming her, she watched the leader of the Jokerz pack fly up and over the mans shoulders and hit the pavement, red staining his white face almost immediately as his now blank eyes met with hers.[/color]
[color=#282828] The stranger would take in Yuko, tending to her wounds and caring for her until she was well enough to do so herself. After recovering, Yuko put her quest on hold to beg the stranger to teach her his method of fighting. Eventually, she struck a deal with him. She would help around his judo dojo to pay of her debt to him and in the meantime she could sit in on his classes. As the days unfolded, she excelled at Judo. Within the first few years, she had come to teach some of the classes and was an integral part of the dojo. She had found a new purpose. At 16 that purpose grew, as the once stranger revealed that he was actually a superhero fighting for peaceful freedom from Kal-El under the judomaster mantle which he inherited through is family lineage. He extended an invitation to her to join his fight and, finding her old rage against Kal-El, she accepted. For the next 2 years she trained in espionage and tactics, which she excelled at just as she did in Judo. They began trying to undermine Kal-El and had moderate success, for a time.[/color]
[color=#282828] On her 18th birthday, she would watch judomaster fall at the hands of Kal-El as he destroyed her life and the dojo. Not in costume, she was spared but her rage had resurfaced. She rebuilt the dojo and vowed to end Kal-El. From that day on, she took up the Ippon persona and fought Kal-El however she could, even working with DOOM. Although she's strayed from the path Jagger showed her, she still refuses to kill but does everything else possible to topple Kal-El.[/color][/font][/size] Edited by SusanooNoMiko
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