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Review the last Anime film you saw.


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Pic: [img]http://i.imgur.com/liWoF.jpg[/img]

Title: Redline

Year: 2009

Studio: Madhouse

Watched Dubbed or Subbed: Dubbed

The movie starts out with a qualifying race for Redline. Redline is a racing event involving creatures from many different planets. As it turns out, this Redline will be held on "Roboworld" where the government swears to kill anyone who enters their atmosphere.

The visuals in this movie are amazing. I wouldn't expect much less from Madhouse, who are known for making some good anime. You may want to watch the dubbed version if for nothing else but the fact you're free to gawk at the visuals the entire time (unless you know Japanese...then i guess this would be a moot point). The voice acting wasn't too annoying and it almost reminded me of some of the older Saturday morning cartoon shows.

The music in this movie is also very good. It's techno-ish music that just seems to fit the mood. I could have maybe done with less vocals, but overall it was very good.

A lot of the movie is made to look as if it's being broadcast on television. There's an overview of many of the different racers on the news. I thought this was a very refreshing take on this kind of movie.

This was one of the better anime movies I've seen recently. I would have to give it approximately an 8.5 out of 10.

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