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Would you like to make art for educational purposes?


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Hi, Everyone!

Itâ??s been quite a while since Iâ??ve visited these boards! It occurred to me recently that this might be the place to find some people to help me with some artwork.

Hereâ??s the gist about me and why Iâ??m asking for your help. Iâ??m a teacher. I taught in the USA for a few years, â??recentlyâ? I changed jobs, and Iâ??m now teaching in Japan.

Iâ??m not getting much in terms of professional development here, so Iâ??m doing my own PD project. Iâ??m working on building a site to share my experiences as well as upload revised or newly create materials to share with other teachers.

Itâ??s been over 10 years since I took Adobe Photoshop in high school, so Iâ??m very rusty, and it takes me a long time to make my workâ?¦.. look pretty. I would like to save time to work on the quality of the site content if someone can help me [b]tweek the documents[/b] that will be on it. Please help me make them more visually appealing. =)

I would like volunteers to help me make some [b]original[/b] graphic art.

[b]Clip art (Ex. books, animals, stars, etc)[/b]
[b]Clip art to match with the art on my web page (Ex. simple art as previous)[/b]
[b]Larger graphics (Page covers that look like book covers)[/b]
[b]Edit photos and images (crop, filter images)[/b]
[b]Borders or buttons clipart (for Word documents)[/b]
[b]Edit worksheets (by adding your artful eye recommendations or your own art, and to make it look friendly to children)[/b]

If you would like to help me with [b]any of these things (doesnâ??t have to be everything[/b] on the list) please let me know. Send me a PM or reply to this thread. We can discuss anything if youâ??d like. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much!
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