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Anime Trigun's end


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ~Mystical Pan~ [/i]
[B]*whispers to them both*

Please don't spam....i hate to see someone close this topic..:(

Can I ask you guys a question though,,,when you meant that Trigun had a sad ending..did you mean..it was sad cause it doesn't really complete the anime? or is it sad as in people die? :( [/B][/QUOTE]

um number one and two....... depending on the person
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Guest Jabroni3:16
I actually thought it was going to be sadder than it was, of coarse the last Anime ending i saw was the Bebop endind. In fact the last epidose ain't sad, now maybe the last 2-3 episodes, but not the last one. Lets put it this way "High Noon" (for those of you who don't know "High Noon" is the last collection in the Series) is just a sad DVD/VHS. Seriously if you thought Trigun was Sad in the Ending don't watch CB.
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