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5 Thoughts From 1

Ol' Fighter

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I'm a teeny tiny bit of a writer so, I thought I'd share a little something that I just wrote that I'd love some feedback on.

5 Thoughts From 1

Where do I start when it comes to my thoughts of you...

First thought: Your beautiful smile and how it lights a fire in my heart and urges me to press my lips against your own.

Second thought: Your personality and how infectiously wonderful it it. It's like a warm glow of things so lovely and heart warming that I nearly never know what to do when I'm around you except be swept away.

Third thought: You. Simply you. You're a goddess before my eyes that radiates an aura of magnificent sun-kissed light with a touch of the most subtle and divine red.

Fourth thought: I just want one thing. To be with you. To be able to walk with you, talk with you, embrace you, kiss you, love you.

Last thought: Can I be with you... Can I keep pace with your lovely stride, can I match your words with my own, can I hold you as I so dearly desire, can I kiss you with all that is me from the heart? Can I truly love you...

My own thought: Yes, yes I can and will as I feel like I already have. Edited by Ol' Fighter
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