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American Horror Story


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Anyone else a fan of this show? I've always enjoyed horror movies and there hasn't been too many truly horror TV shows in a while. So I started watching this one last fall, I got all of Season 1 and glued myself to the TV watching the whole first season over one weekend. I didn't get any work done, but I really enjoyed myself.


Each season follows a different horror story, Season 2 is a little over halfway over now. It's so hard to talk about without spoiling! ^_^


Violet was probably my favorite character in Season 1. Not sure who it is for Season 2, probably the Angel of Death. :x Though I liked her as a maid in Season 1.


Yes! The stories are different but many of the actors remain the same. ^_^ It's kind of cool seeing them play in different stories and change from good to evil and vice versa.

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