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Naruto: Rise of the Jinjuriki

Akieen Cloud

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Naruto sat behind the desk, his brows furrowed in concentration as he picked up another piece of paper and looked it over, before laying it down and plucking another and doing the same. He repeated this action over and over.

You can do that all you want Kit. The result will always be the same.

'I know Kurama...but this makes no sense. I killed him. I know I did.'

He's not one to go down so easily. Even if a small amount of his chakra was left he would find a way to come back.

'I should talk to Bee about this...'

It would be wise.


Naruto rose from his desk as the door slammed open, Sakura stomping through the door.

"You know, if your friends wanted to come over all they had to do was KNOCK Naruto!"
The blonde smiled as he watched her brush sand from her shoulders.

"I take it Gaara is here?"
"You think?!"
He flinched, almost expecting the hit that never came, from behind her, the tall red head floated in, his face was impassive, Kankuro walking behind him, no doubt Temari had gone to find Shikamaru.


Gaara nodded.


Naruto smirked as Gaara extended his hand, taking it he shook it firmly.

"You have news?"
Gaara nodded slowly as Sakura and the puppet master exchanged looks.

"Fine, we'll leave."

Sakura slammed the door as they left.

"What's up Gaara?"
"Shukaku has been reborn. We weren't sure of it at first when the child came into the world, but all these years later, we're sure of it."
"Shukaku...do you miss it?"
Gaara looked thoughtful for a moment, then shook his head.

"No. It was a curse to me. But it seems as if his new host is very accommodating. He has yet to rampage through the Sand."
Naruto nodded.


I would imagine who ever his host is now, has been able to control him. Must be a talented ninja.

Gaara looked at Naruto, then back to his paper-laden desk.

"Have you got anything interesting?"
Naruto nodded slowly.

"I do. Madara."
Gaara's eyes widened slightly.

"I thought-"

Naruto nodded. 

"So did I. I also have other reports as well. The other beasts have been reborn as well. I fear that the war is going to start once again between the villages and Madara."

Gaara flipped his headband over, the united crest shining back at Naruto, who nodded.

"Our first step is getting the Jinjuriki together so we can keep an eye on all of them. I don't want what happened last time to happen again. I won't let them die. Not on my watch."

I can help Kit. You should send message to Bee and Hichibi as well.

Naruto slammed his fist on his desk, Sakura and Kankuro coming back through the door.

"Sakura, you and Sai head for Kumogakure. Tell Bee I need to see him as soon as he's able, its urgent. Before you go I need you to assemble Kiba, Shino and Hinata, I also need Kakashi and Yamato."
Skaura frowned worriedly.

"Is every thing alright Naruto?"
"No. I'll explain when you get back with Bee."
In a flash Sakura was gone, Kankuro stood next to his brother.

"We need to go now. We have much to do. I'll explain on the way. Go and fetch Temari."

In another flash Kankuro was gone, Gaara nodded to the blonde who in turn nodded back, and with a swirl of sand the Kazekage was gone. 

Looking out the window looking over Konohana, Naruto's sapphire eyes drifted to the cliff in the back off the village, the rock faces staring back at him; his eyes locked onto his father.

Another ninja war...only this time, the Jinjuriki will be fighting with us.

Naruto nodded, his brows meeting in determination as Sakura and the others he requested appeared in his office.

"We have a class S mission. Starting now. These are your orders..."


Alright, so there are seven open Tailed Beasts, Killer Bee and Naurto being alive the 8 and 9 tails are already taken, and as such Bee and Naruto will be NPCs in this RP. As will any of the other original characters. 

The tailed beasts available are as follows. 


Shukaku, the Ichibi(One tailed demon raccoon)

Nibi, the 2 tailed demon cat

Sanbi, the 3 tailed demon turtle

Yonbi, the 4 tailed demon ape

Gobi, the 5 tailed demon whale-horse

Rokubi, the 6 tailed demon gastropod

Shichibi, the 7 tailed demon rhino bettle 


I'll post a link with a little more information on the tailed beasts, I'll wait and see if I get any takers on this RP before I put up my sign up. So with out further delay here we go.








Ninja Rank:

Tailed Beast:



Here's the Link with more information on the tailed beasts. http://allaboutblog2011.wordpress.com/naruto-and-the-8-other-jinjuriki/


Any questions, PM me.

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