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Misayo Takahashi

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Your freedom and life are extended at the expense of innocent lives. In the world of Sarilonne,the year 2314, all rulers have been murdered by their Mafia, and the world is in chaos and destruction. Unfair laws are passed by the Mafia and the consequences of Good and Bad have been changed; if your good, your punished, if your bad your awarded. Now if you don't give yourself up innocent lives are wasted, igniting your fire to do good, but you can't or you'll never get out. Running is no longer an option. Rumors are going round that there is a sanctuary for "The Good". Will you risk going and take a chance at being captured, or worse, die? Or will try to continue running? Or worse, will you join the Mafia? Choose wisely...


Good Deed orBad Deed:
Personality: (optional)
Bio: (optional)


Name: Alledya Corim
Age: 15
Good Deed orBad Deed: Saved a kitten from a burning building
Personality: (optional)
Bio: (optional)
Other: She a kitten that she saved. Edited by Misayo Takahashi
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