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PDA Apocalyptic Crisis (Mature)

Akieen Cloud

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Laying on the couch facing her large bay window Satsuki closed her eyes and sighed as the sun beamed through the glass to warm her lightly tanned skin. Twirling a strand of her sky blue hair around her finger she smiled slightly as the dog on the floor snored loudly before growling and letting out a whine in his dreams. Life was wonderful, peaceful and slow; just how she liked it. Letting her hair go she shifted her weight and stood her full height of 6ft, stretching her back before padding silently towards the kitchen for a glass of water. Standing next to the sink she cocked her hip to the side letting it rest on the counter, looking out the sink window she watched as the dried, colored leaves of the fall spun around the ground as the wind blew. It was getting colder, but she had never minded the cold to be honest and she loved the snow most of all. She had bought this house and moved her for the only reason that it sat on a snow belt and white was promised every year. Her mind drifted for a moment back to her old job, the one she had retired from less than 5 years earlier. Her team had been the best of the best, and had done some damn good work in the 10 years they had worked together. The loud growling of the dog in the other room caught her attention and pulled her from her thoughts; gone was the lazy dream growling and in it's place was the sound of an agitated pit bull. Putting her glass in the sink she began to walk back through the house, her muscles tense and ready for anything, or at least she thought. Rounding the corner into the living room she stopped in her tracks as a blast from the past stood in front of her bay window.

The young man bowed his head, his brow was knitted into a frown and she could sense unease all around him, walking over to her dog she put her hand on his back and patted him lightly. 

"Easy Tank, he's a friend. One I'm kind of curious as to why he's here actually."
Sighing the man in question finally spoke. 

"You might want to sit down for this Suki...you're not gonna like it."
"I already don't like it Helix."

He nodded slowly as she did as he asked and sat down on her couch, the red nose pit jumping up next to her, keeping his eyes on the stranger.

"Satsuki, the PDA has asked me to gather you and your old team back to headquarters. There's been an emergency."
"What kind of emergency?"
He leaned forward and handed her a large envelope, it was slightly thick and a little heavy.

"What's this?"
"This is a report of all the issues going on in the last 6 months that have led me here to you."
She threw the envelope onto her coffee table and leaned back into her couch; crossing her arms and legs she pined the young man with a glare.

"Why don't you tell me what's been going on."
"Satsuki, there is reason to believe that they are back."
"They who Helix?"
You and your team retired after your final assignment, the one that almost cost you all your lives...The PDA thought that would be a reasonable way to repay you for all you had done. Buying you all houses where you wanted and making sure you were all set for life. All of you. They never expected to ask for you to come back, at least not come back and do it all over again."
Satsuki's stomach flipped slightly, she frowned and shook her head.

"No, your screwing with me, there is no way you're saying what I think you're saying."
"Just look at the files Suki, you'll see."

Sighing she reached for the envelope and opened it slowly, the first page was details of the dead rising from their graves, the second was the file of 4 different towns being at war within themselves, the third was files of strange illnesses that had no cure and no explanation, and the last were reports of strange deaths up and down the east coast, people dying from overdoes, or liver failure due to alcohol poisoning. Others were more disturbing, but with each report she read her stomach dropped.
"These can't be real, the only way any of these thing could be happening is if the master is out. And that's never going to happen."
"It already did Suki, there was a massive earthquake 6 months ago, and right after it these reports started to flood in from all over the country. We checked the tomb, it was cracked...and empty. The earthquake must have cracked the tomb and he escaped. Now his men are out there causing chaos so he can recreate hell on earth."
Satsuki pressed her fingers to her forehead as if she were getting a headache. 

"Your telling me, that for the last 6 months the PDA has just been what sitting around and drinking on the job before they finally checked the tomb?"
Helix shook his head before he spoke. 

"They didn't connect the dots til a story of the people rising from their graves came in. At first we just thought it was a necromancer at work, but than the town just went dead. No people, no animals. Nothing. Everyone and everything was just gone. No living source to be found. Even the vegetation was dead. Only one being can do that, you know that as well as we do."

Slamming the small pile of papers on the coffee table Satsuki stood up and cursed, her Fuchsia eyes blazing in fury as she began to pace across her floor. She finally stopped and looked up at the young man.

"They're loose. All of them?"
"All four, and their master."
Cursing again she kicked her table causing it to flip a few times before smashing against the far wall.
"What the hell do they expect us to do about it?!"
"Your being reinstated. As of now you are once again a member of the PDA, The rest of your team is being gathered as well. For those who refuse to rejoin or can not be found replacements will be found for them. You on the other hand have no choice. You led them, you have to lead them again."
"No choice huh?"
"That's right."
"They are demanding that I either risk my life or die to put these a-holes back in their graves."
He nodded slowly.

"Of course. How hard can it be to hunt down the Four Horsemen and Satan himself?"

"Be ready in an hour Satsuki. I'll be back to collect you then."
A small pop could be heard as the man vanished from her sight. Screaming she flung her arm out, ice shards flew from her skin at the movement, shattering windows and sticking into the wall. 

"I was supposed to be dead before they ever even thought of returning to the earth...the horsemen alone were hard enough to put away...but now they want us to hunt down satan too? We're trying to stop the damn apocalypse and no one gives a damn about the lives they're gonna throw away doing it."

She took a moment to read over the files once more before stalking to her bedroom to get her things together, calling her sister to come and pick up Tank that same day as well. There was no telling if she was coming back from this. 



Signups: If your interested in joining I'd like a snippet like the one I just posted above telling how you were either reinstated or chosen to be a possible replacement for an old member that refused or could not be found. More character detail will be asked for once people have posted.

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