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Emblem creation | Need help!

Darth Vectis

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Hey there everyone! If you are reading this now it means you are interested in at least what is in this thread. Well, i'll keep it simple a straight to the point. I've started doing Youtube, Vine and other media things like that and I have noticed I am lacking a recognizable symbol or emblem that will set me apart. So, I need help, as I am art incapable and only mildly knowledgeable in Photoshop and other programs of the kind. I need help creating one for my channel, something I will put up on every video, will be seen by any and everyone who looks at any of my channels. Can you help me? If you can, fantastic! I appreciate any kind of help with this. Below will be the things I am looking for, and i will post up anything that I can put up for the artists references. If you need anything else form me, please let me know!


Below is a crappy version i threw together for a kind of general idea. The main points i would love are:

  • A crest like shield, preferably a little beat up/chipped on the edges.
  • Curved horns very similar to the ones in the image, something that will fit in the shield as well.
  • The middle symbol, id just like integrated better into the image overall, how that is done is up to you
  • Id like a Rod and a dagger like blade together. How they are incorporated is also up in the air, whatever works with the overall design.
  • The color scheme is super basic in the picture as well, Id like Red and black for the primary colors and Gold as the trim.

And that is all, I hope that whoever finds this has a blast working on this and I appreciate all the help!

- Ronin


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