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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]i got this from [URL=http://www.otakugamer.com/zelda/]The Greatest Gaming Site on Eathe[/URL] (IMO of course) so go there for more info!!!

Gargantuan Masked Fish: Gyorg:
Gyrog is possibly the hardest Boss you'll face in the Temples. You can fight this battle as Zora or normal Link. As normal Link, you should fight from the center of the podium. Otherwise, Gyorg head-butts the platform, or jumps over it, trying to harm you. Gyrog is armored everywhere except his eye. To harm him, you have to use double attacks. To stun him, hit him once, next score another hit to harm him. As Zora Link, you have to jump into the tank, and hit him with the Barrier Attack, A while swimming. Halfway through the battle, Gyrog releases a swarm of baby fish. Added to that is Gyrog's impossible to dodge bites. The second half of the battle is safer on the podium. After you kill Gyrog, he hops on to the podium, and begins shrinking, and then dissapears. This allows you to collect the Heart Container and Gyrog's Remains Mask.

they havent made the walkthrough for the temple itself... but it is on the way... btw that site is part of this one so check it out for other games too ;)
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