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A rant about things


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This is a rant. It's something I've been dealing with since I got my first true pc.

Everyone keeps telling me I should switch to intel. They all gave me the same fanboy reasons. It's faster, makes less head and takes less power. I already knew that. I also knew that intel gave amd off hand cpus back in the 90's to produce for them before deciding to make their own cpus. After all they where making gpus by the late 90's. Intel has a tight grip on the market because they fear a real competitor. But with AMD's new cpu coming out later this year. They are getting worried though not shown to the public. AMD's new cpu is supposed to be lower power consumption and lower heat generating then their older lines. 

People keep comparing AMD's aging lineup to the "newer" intel chips. Using DDR4 for their intel chips compared to DDR3. Every single test I've seen has to be skewed to intel in one way or another. I hate intel. I hate how they operate. I hate their marketing. I just hate intel period. One bad experience is all it takes to ruin something as a wise man once said. Well I had a bad experience with intel's cpu. Even if it's a laptop. It's still intel. I sold it 8 months later after I got it as I had to send it in TWICE to get it fixed as it crashed and picked up an amd laptop which served me well for a solid year before I got my tower. I've had the same cpu for over 6 years. An AMD Phenom II x4 970BE 3.5GHz cpu. It's survived power surges and brownouts. 


I will wait a full year to see what the Zen model cpu from AMD performs and give myself time to save up to build a larger rig then I currently have. I never go out and spend everything on the newest gadget that comes out on the market. I let idiots....I mean fanboys go out and spend their money first. Letting them find all the hidden gems and giving AMD time to iron out kinks in their new cpu. I will not follow the crowds of intel users. A crowd of sheep saying the same thing. That will only get you killed. It's my choice to stay with AMD. It's my choice not to pander to the intel fanboys. Till I personally get handed a decent intel rig to try out. I will keep using AMD.

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