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So I found an old parody comic I made in 2004...


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I couldn't believe it, after so many iterations of OtakuBoards, I thought for sure the attachment in the original thread was gone, and the original files, because I was so bad at backing things up then, were long gone.
Then I saw it, in my attached files, still there. A movie I made about OtakuBoards life set to a parody of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the daftly titled Moderator and Otaku: The Short Side of TheOtaku.



Back in the day It had little fanfare and was watched by about 5 people. I think this was due to the need to zip the file in an attachment as there was no YouTube or anything like it back in the day and image hosting websites had their limits. You did have to jump through a couple of hoops and then have a flash player installed on your pc to watch it, after all. 

Besides being a parody of Master and Commander, the film references several notable events and the crazy characters of OtakuBoards at the time and was heavily influenced by Dragon Warrior's Daily Comic series. The cop-out ending was hastily thrown together simply because I got bored with the project as the frames piled up and Flash became less stable on me, computers of the time, eh.

I thought this might be interesting to some as a throwback very much of it's time and it certainly did bring back a few good memories. ?

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