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Online gaming idea (gimme feedback)


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I woulda posted this in one of the console game forums, but I didn't think it applied to any of the systems because it could be created for any system. This is a purely ideal game and I think that it'd be a great idea. So get comfy, grab a beer... this is gonna take a while.....

Quake 3, updated version of Quake 2, which Unreal Tournament is based on. Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament are basically the same game!

So I sure hope that if I, or somebody makes an online videogame like I think will rock the market, that it's unique and people get off their 'look at what the other persons doing and mimic it' approach and come up with unique ideas.
My Vision:

Ok, first of all my idea is to base this game on a raging war. All online games would have to be anyway, due to the fact that if they weren't then everybody would want to be the hero correct?

Everybody would want to be the person who gets to the last boss and saves the earth, and some people would have to be store clerks and whatnot, so war would be the best thing to do.

The big war would take place on one big planet. For namesake we'll call it "Fujil".

My idea is to have 3 factions in the game. They are:

Humans: Of course, how would a game relate if it didn't have the ol' homos in it? (Homosapians people, grow up! ;) ) Ok, so what's the deal with the humans? Well, the idea would be, to have the 'human' species inhabit a planet other then Earth in a distant galaxy, the technology is pretty advanced too. Phaser guns, mech armor, many enhancements.

These would be your typical humans using innovation to try and stop the other 2 faction threatening their existence.

Spism: The Spism is a race of highly tuned alien species. They are a race who yearn for a mineral in the planet Fujil. They hit the planet in their form of transportation, which is ALL organic. The ships, the weaponry, is all controlled and runs as if it were their 1 big body, however they manufacture their own bodies, and use surroundings such as rock and such if the need be.

The do not have eyes, and they cannot speak English. They communicate through high-pitched echo sounds, similar to the sound dolphins produce. There are translation devices for humans to understand the sounds and produce them in English, but these are highly technological and only given out to certain people by the government.

They do not usually rely on inventions or innovation a great deal like the humans. Both the Humans and the Spism have been feuding on Fujil for many, many years now. The weaponry used by Spism is also organic. Spism have emotion, and portray similar characteristics such as compassion and mercy.

Drones: Dubbed by the Human race as 'Drones' this race calls itself the Ulitalarians and is extremely hostile, more so then the Humans or Spism. This race is a highly technological race, and is still a mystery to both races on Fujil. What they do know is that the Drones seem to be made up of both organic and technological pieces. It uses both machine and organic material to comprise everything it does, and is usually consistent. During the war of 2744 between the Humans and Spism, the Drones hit the planet Fujil and massacred both races. There were little survivors (1000/100,000), and many who made it back died shortly after due to haunting visions, or life threatening wounds.

Many attribute the high success of the Ulitalarians in that war due to the fact they shocked the world. Many of the weapons they use seem to dissipate organic material in a reddish-green gaseous substance, however this does not usually kill neither race but wound them such as a bullet hitting a non-fatal blow to a body.

Drones use their technology and can phase in and out of space, meaning they?re invisible and virtually ?not there? when doing this, many believe this is a transition state, such as humans ?sleep? when fatigued. This race is very innovative and uses technology the humans nor spisms do not fully understand. Much technology such as a ?polax cannon?, an extremely powerful handgun that has been made out of stolen Drone technology. It proves very useful in a recent test against Drone soldiers in the Desert Mountains of Fujil.

Each one of the races mentioned are trying to desolate each other and be the sole captures of Fujil. Many advancements have been made on Fujil and new recruits are being clones / produced from all three factions to colonize the planet with their own kind, and to win the battle for Fujil. This planet is huge, smaller then earth but just larger then it?s moon, there are many different types of planets and animals on Fujil that all races must be aware of.
The Game:

The games graphics will be that of Virtual Tennis. I know what you?re saying. WTF? Yes but if you?ve played Virtual Tennis for the Dreamcast, or have it. Please play it, and when in a game turn on the ?behind the player? view and you will see how perfect it is for a game like this. Take away the tennis racket, add a gun and some futuristic, lush setting and you?ve got yourself a good basis for a game.

The game itself will start off by you fully customizing a character of your liking. Upon starting the game, you will be brought to a genetics lab for the race you chose. (Ulitalarians, Spism or Homosapians) From here, you will be able to make your character. Lets start with the Human race.

The first thing for you to do would be to customize your characters look. Like No Mercy and WrestleMania 2001 you?d be able to pick from a TON of looks. You?d be able to pick different hairstyles, faces, and facial hair. Once you got the look you wanted (which could be changed may I add by coming back here and paying a cheap fee to get yourself remolded.) you?d then have to pick your body mass. There would be a range of body masses; each would dictate your speed and carrying capacity. If you were 6? 8? and 500 pounds, you wouldn?t be able to run, climb, or even jump as far as a character who is 4?7? and 120 lbs. However, the pro would be your character would be able to pick up and operate larger guns with less effort whereas the smaller guy could maybe pick up a bigger gun, but be weighed down do to the lack of the balance with his own body mass.

You?d also have to customize animations. There?s be animations for when you?re standing, running, walking, flying, falling, dodging, flipping, jumping, etc. Depending on your mass and height the animations selectable would vary! But you?d be able to FULLY customize your character, not just his/her looks. You?d also be asked to choose a gender as well.

After this you?d be given another option, the option of armor and weaponry. This game would not be heavily based around weaponry, so you could get almost any type of gun. You?d also be given a space age material sleek pole, which is used if you are disarmed in combat. Armor upgrades would come from doing missions and such, but you?d all be given a high quality protective body suit. Getting upgrades later would mean getting chips, which would cause your armor to expand to a more protective state by inserting the chips into your arm monitor, which is basically your option bar, with a friends list and such.

Ok so you?ve made your character and you?ve customized your look. So now it?s time for you to assign your points. Points would be spread out between 4 base categories:

1. Speed, how fast you react and run.
2. Strength, how strong are you. Can you pick up THIS much or not? Also used in hand-to-hand combat or weapon combat.
3. Agility, this dictates how well you can jump and perform aerial abilities. Such as jumping form air units and Para dropping, etc.
4. Endurance, used for long rounds of fighting. Dictates your health as well. How much damage you can take.

After this your character would be finished. You could write a profile for yourself and such. You?d also be given a standardized backpack (you could purchase a new one at the store to carry more) and you?d be placed inside the genetics lab as if you?d just been created. There?s be an information desk to the side, where it would give you a map of the city and world. The city you start in is Old Gwava, the main homestead for the Human race. This town is the only place where you are safe from being attacked by other races or other humans who are convicts. After getting the information you need such as how to put your gun away in town, and not to fire at people in town or you?d be arrested by the NPC police (Police who patrol the town for trouble, it would be fully possible to go on a shooting rampage in this game, but you?d have to face the police of course, perhaps even some villagers who have guns of their own, and eventually if you do not escape the town you?d be placed in jail, then given a bad record or if you?ve repeated your offense several times put in the slums (where the convicts go).

I've got more I just ran out of room. :(
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Aside from the havoc you could cause, you first walk out of the genetics building and are put into a real environment. There would be a park just ahead of you down some steps and many buildings about. NPC players would be walking around the town, talking and carrying on. But immediately out the door you?d see three booths. One is for military, this booth has information about military and you could sign up for a job here. One is for politics, this booth has information on how to run for office or have a voice/vote on matters in the city (such as: ?The gates need new auto turrets, should we hire a repair man?: YES OR NO.) Eventually you could be working in the main office, which is a space station above Fujil, and make bigger decisions such as where to make the next military strike, etc. The last booth would be a man who interests people in doing freelance work, this is where you could run your own store, run errands for money, or even do mission type work such as: ?Please capture the 3 tales monster fox in Drone controlled ?Techno Towers? (an area) for me.? This is where you?d get money from other NPC?s and humans for doing missions for them.

When joining the Human Military of Fujil, you?d be given 3 choices.

One would be to join one of three factions within the military:

Aquanauts: One of the units you can choose is to be an Aquanaut, which is a sea based faction. To swim, to fight under sea, ride water vehicles (such as personalized water submarines, and propel back packs with under water guns) and much more. Your job would be to fight a war against enemy factions under water. You?d be given special breathing gear that never ends and be able to fight a war under a vast sea. There are underwater cities and areas and many creatures (such as very large killer fishlike creatures) and much more. Your ability to swim would be enhanced and such. You could also rise up eventually to the role of General. Where you?d be given free armor upgrades and such for moving up ranks. Perhaps even given a seat on the council, which I will explain later on.

Militia: A unit based on land attacks over various terrains such as forest and mountain. You?d be in a group to do espionage runs on land bases, and outposts in mountains and such. You?d also enhance your ability to run, land based fighting and ride land vehicles such as personalized hovercrafts with turrets, or 4 x 4?s and such. Of course there are many creatures on land, some harmless, some aggressive and some hellacious, your job would be to fight battle on land and create camps. The boarders of the land would change depending on your actions. So if you lost the battle at the border, your team would be pushed back to fight another one and you?d try to keep the aliens at bay.

Elite Air Force: The elite air force would fight high up in the sky. So far you could barely see people from ground level. You?d be responsible for of course, fighting air battles with personalized jetpacks and such in high-speed battles. There are chances of you actually getting knocked off of your aircraft and being vaulted to the ground, in need of medical attention. There would be air bases and you?d be given many air weapons. Your missions would be to stop air forces from destroying ground bases, and sometimes to destroy ground bases yourself!

Each one of these job options will give you the choice to be 1 of 3 things. 1) A soldier, who is basic for defending and attacking. 2) A medic, who is responsible for keeping the troops healthy and repairing them. Medics would have tags on all troops to know where they are located at all times. 3) Matter Chemists, which is the equivalent to magic. Lower on HP and battle skills then soldiers, their main job would be to shoot fireballs and cast barrier spells (etc, etc) to help out the army. Each would require it?s own set of points and you?d choose the job. Each group in the military would have their differences and such.

Same is with politics.

You?d be given 2 options.

Politician: whose role would be to talk and make decisions on a council of people. Each town could have many of these and make important decisions by them. Very low on battle skills these people would rely on Military operations to get them to various bases around Fujil. That would of course be a mission for Military people, get this person from point A to point B alive, and the enemies mission would be to stop it! Politicians can also be captures, then the mission would be to A) escape? or B) send a message for help, etc.

Negotiator: Free to move about the world without being attacked, the negotiator would be the one to bring ideas to councils of opposing factions. It would also be to gain information about the opposing factions and send it back to their home planet without being discovered.

That?s about it for that. Again, Freelancing you could do what you want, and you could gain experience from running your own stuff. Being a freelance military man and being hired to guard an item of importance, or maybe being a crook and your objective is to get the item of importance back for money!

Farming and store operations would be in this too. You could farm and produce food crop for the military and be paid, or maybe you?d buy the crop off of a Farmer and sell it yourself as a traveling merchant. It would be UP TO YOU. But the point is that you?d have the freedom to do whatever you wish.

How would you get better and obtain points? Well I was thinking of you getting experience from killing animals and such, but hell everybody does that. So what I would do is this.

Make it so that you get experience a number of ways.

Military people would get experience by BEING in a battle. So you?re fighting a battle against Spism people, you?d get 50 exp for just doing the battle, maybe 50 more if you win. But you?d also get missions such as ?clear this area of the forest? and build a barracks outpost there. So you would have 30 seconds to chop down as many trees as possible, each tree worth 5 experience, after 30 seconds you just get a flat 50 points for doing it.

Underwater one of the Military missions would be a giant Tenticlant (Octopus with electroshock) would have blown a hatch in the underwater base. So your goal is to get the Tenticlant to get the heck away from the door, scare him/her off and do repair the door. So you?d be given a special anti-shock suit of armor, and you?d go and get the Tenticlant away, it?d be hard cause of course it?d attack you and hurt you (you?d be in a team for this, so you?d all work together) and I?d make it so that if you shot a drainage pipe near by then a vacuum would occur so you?d have to avoid being sucked out into the ocean and then get the Tenticlant out. It wouldn?t be timed but if you were sucked out you?d have to swim back in and eventually you?d be told to fix the vacuum for no experience. Getting the Tenticlant out would give you say 75 experience and patching the hatch up would give you 10 experience.

It wouldn?t just be an always SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT your dead enemy type deal but unique missions. Maybe even a capture the extremely fact horse fish and bring it back to the lab for experimentation, or it would be STOP the Humans from doing it if you were say a Freelance and hired by somebody who hates animal experiments to stop it from going down.

Politicians would get experience for debates with other ones. For being in meetings and getting experience in their field. So say an NPC doesn?t want to replace all the street lights because it costs too much money, your team of politicians (or yourself, but it would be easier with more people) would have to get the NPC to agree with it. You?d get experience simply for being in the negotiation, but you?d get more for doing it.

Also, this game is not supposed to be level based so there would be like 20 levels and each level would take like 5,000 ? 10,000 experience to complete or more. And levels don?t matter in fights, weaponry and skills do. That way each fight is different.

You?d be able to get health upgrades for levels but if you were fighting a really low levels, so say you?re trying to kill a newbie and you have like 70,000 experience from all the crap you did. If you did that not only would you be pinalized by the military police but you?d also be deducted experience. You?d also have to have experience to spare to attack other players, but it wouldn?t do anything except hurt them because there would be no death in this game. If you?re shot in foot, you may walk slower and limp for a while, but you can be healed by a medic or at a clinic and be perfectly fine. Or even over time all the wounds would heal.

One of the things I wanted to do in this game was make it extremely realistic in battle scenes. So say I have a rocket launcher, and you and your friend Billy are standing by the box, and I shoot but miss and hit the ground behind you. Ok, you know I?m there now and you?re reading to duke it out with me right? But I don?t think so! Because even though I missed, the force from the rocket would have propelled you to into the air.

Same thing, if you?re in a huge mech suit and hit me with a punch, I?m not just going to get hurt, I?m going to be jolted back, and maybe even through a thin wall! So if you hit me in the game, and I get hit and am catapulted into a thin wall, chances are that I will bust a hole through it! Same thing if there?s boxes, if I?m thrown into the boxes they?re going to fall over if they?re stacked. Then after the fight if I win, one of my missions I?m told to do is repair the wall, or maybe if someone?s under attack it will be to aid them.

That way EVERY **** fight is action packed and possibly different depending on what I?m using to fight!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]jesus christ man, that's a lot of typing! [/B][/QUOTE]

It is. Anyway, knowing todays internet gaming community, pretty much everyone would go for miltary. Also, you've got two different types of games in there. War type games and politicon type games. The freelancer one is by the sound of things, half miltary, and half shop keeping. Well, the cost of this would be great. Making it would take years, and buying it would cost quite alot. People would buy the game for the war, and not anything else. So maybe you should have it almost plain fighting, with a touch else. I'm not saying my opinion is right, it's simply my opinion. And to finsih this off, good idea, but I think your setting the standards to high for the time being...
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