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RPG Star Ship Troopers: A new breed


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The bugs are back 30 years after their original defeat their back smarter and in greater numbers than ever before, the world is once again in jeopardy and it's your time to become a new recruit for the mobile infantry, fleet or inteligence. [B]Sign up now soldier![/B] Do you want to know more...

Rank: (all privates at the start and I'm squad leader)
Soldier class: (infantry or pilot or inteligence)

Name: Davidson, Lee
Age: 25
Rank: Squad leader
Weapon: EM gun
Soldier class: mobile infantry
Appearance: The usual suit blue eyes brown hair
Bio: He was born in LA and joined the mobile infantry.
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Name: Carey Gerad
Age: 36
Rank: Private
Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Soldier class: Pilot
Appearance: Blue eyes, brown hair, thick muscles
Bio: Carey grew up in Europe not knowing who his parents were. He thought they had abandoned them until he found they had been killed by the bugs when he was six. He found out about the new bugs and vows to kill all of them, even if it costs the lives of others.
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Name: Nick
Age: 16
Rank: Private
Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Soldier class:inteligence
Appearance: Nick wears blue army uniform
Bio: Nick was abondoned at age 3 and found by the Start Ship Troopers and he was trained starting age 5 his dad is *train goes by* though he doesn't admit it
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