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RPG Sasami's Quest (tenchi rpg sign up)


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some new evil person has crated a contraption and has sent most of the crew off to an uncharted world exept...sasami & ryo-ohki...its her quest to save them..but this time a few others have come to join her ones she has never meat before...they have been fighting the evil person for quite sometime and are willing to help sasami but they are not the ppl the seem to be the have a deadly seacret........

name: (it can be from the show or from your head you can make up your oun cherecter)
age: (if you want to put it up that is)

name: Sasami
age: 8 i think
looks: just look at the pic below
bio: Aiaka's(sp) sister and a princess (i cant post up anymore right now)

come on what are you waiting for JOIN
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Appearance:White hair shimmering blue eyes tan skin pretty much resembles the Goddess of the Past.. Urd
Bio:Quick tempered, Washuu's first creation, has a twin name Minagi who looks like Ryoko exactly except for two red stripes on her cheeks, is immortal and cannot be hurt, has all of Ryoko's powers plus, has never met her youngest sister Ryoko, is on the quest b/c she is in love not with Tenchi, but with Yosho, has the stone that can return Yosho to the way he looked when he was 25, or when he left Jurai and is questing to meet Ryoko for the first time.
Status:Married to the Prince of Jurai, you know, the one with Pink Hair, is on her quest to find Yosho so she can leave the prince
Extra:Is not a criminal like her sisters are, is very elegant and soft spoken, very Achika-like, elegant but powerful and will defend the ones she loves to the death
Spaceship:Musami, a blue-ish cagbbit with sparkling purple eyes, looks like Ryo-ohki[/COLOR]
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Looks exactly like Tenchi except for his eyes for they are blue.

Nick was one of Washu's secret expirameants(sp) Washu decided to destroy Nick but he survived the heat wave she sent at him and wne into space to find the maning of his creation. After Nick heard about the evil he imedialy decided he needed to help Sasami
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Name: Tobias
Age: 12
looks: Tobias looks like a SSj2 Gohan without the aura.
bio: Tobias was a nomad , surviving on what he could get. He is a very sweet person with a great personality and can make friends easily. Ever since he met Sasami he has fought to help her. He has a secret crush on Sasami, and He is a member of the Jurai Royal Family.
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Looks-Looks like Sephiroth from FF7 except with Cloud's hair.
Bio-Member of the Jurai Royal Family and heard about Sasami's problem and came to help.He's skilled in combat even though he is very young.He is quiet and often seems cold and brutal but wouldn't hurt a fly........unless he was forced to.
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