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fight just for the hell of it?! dumb!


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man there are some ignorant ppl in the world, and by pete it gets under my skin. I just read the post by that obviously pissed of ex-otaku member, now under the alias of....well, basically a whole bunch of real naughty words that i won't stoop to mention here, and boy does it piss me off. It struck me as the attitude of a person who just HAS to make an argument, no matter what. No matter how trivial, there has to be an argument so that they can dominate and deride and just annoy everyoe, coz that's where they get their jollies. Seriously, you meet these ppl all the time. You'd think that after the first few times they piss ppl of so much that they stop talking to them, they'd realise that maybe there was a problem, and maybe it was their attitude. Seriously people, there's no need for that pretentious, obnoxious crap, we're just here for a good time and to play around and INTERACT with each other....there's just no need...

I had to get that off my chest...rant officially over
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