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RPG Through the Eyes of Dark

Dragon Warrior

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"Through the Eyes of Dark" is the new story I'm writing. It's all about this villain and his life and the best part, you hear the story from his point of view! That's right! He's the narrator. And I have the first Chapter done and I'll just keep posting the new chapters. All you gotta do is read 'em! Thanks for reading..

(Tell me what u think) Starting now...

[I]Worlds of wonder do not tell,[/I]
[I]of the gift of Heaven and the curse of Hell,[/I]
[I]for if these realms were to unite,[/I]
[I]legends don?t tell what would come of the plight.[/I]

[I]Of course, all living creatures,[/I]
[I]good and dark,[/I]
[I]have a place in this world,[/I]
[I]their very own mark.[/I]

[I]And for if they are not forgiven[/I]
[I]and are banished, punished or killed,[/I]
[I]that is wrong for all creatures,[/I]
[I]good and dark,[/I]
[I]have a place in this world,[/I]
[I]their very own mark.[/I]

-Daskar Talon's Log

[SIZE=3]Chapter 1.[/SIZE]

?Look at this.? Polo chirped as he dusted an old book off. His friend, Bernard, came to see what his companion held. It was a leatherback book with dusty, moldy pages between it?s covers. Only a single threaded string held it together. Polo picked curiously at a lock which kept it shut. ?Darn. I can?t open it. Give me your pick.? Bernard shrugged at the command.

?I lost me pick a while back in bird country. I have it no more.? Polo looked up at his chubby friend, still picking at the lock.

?Then what can we use? Is there a key??

?Well, I?ll look.? Bernard poked around, knocking things over by accident.

?Hey, watch it over there. My grandmother?s possessions are a buffet line you know. You don?t just drive through it.?

?Well, I?m trying to find your stinking key!?

?Don?t take that tone with me. You may be older, but I?m stronger. Watch it! You knocked down that picture!? Polo placed the book down on a stacked pile of other books as he went over to help Bernard. Polo picked up the picture only to get dust in his face. ?Cough! Whoa! That needs a good cleaning. Wonder who it is.? They took a rag to the glass cover of the picture and wiped off the cobwebs and mud.

Their eyes went wider as the picture became more clear from underneath the filth. ?Wow. It?s neat!? Bernard jumped up and down. The picture came closer to being done with it?s wash, but suddenly, Polo stopped as he heard a noise from behind. Bernard rushed past Polo, knocking the picture out of his hands and breaking the glass upon the floor.

?Bernard!? Polo carefully scraped up the glass pieces, but cut himself on one. He yipped and placed his finger in his mouth. Blood trickled onto the magnificent painting which was now clearly shown. Polo bent down and inspected the artwork. It was one of the most amazing pictures he had ever seen. He saw writing at the bottom of it, but before he could read it, he heard a scream from outside. Polo quickly placed the picture in his knapsack and rushed outside to where Bernard was.

Polo saw a girl with the book in her hands. Polo scowled, noticing it to be Judy. He called her many things such as ?Jerky Judy? and ?The Evil One?. Bernard was well aware of Polo and Judy?s arguments, but neither ever quarreled with or around Bernard. Polo tried to snatch the book, but Judy jumped back. ?No, no, Polo. You can?t have it. It?s mine.?

?What? You took it from my grandma?s basement.? Polo argued. They both remembered Bernard was nearby, watching so she shoved the book in Polo?s face.

?Look at the lock,? she remarked, ?It doesn?t need a key. If you look closely into the lock, it has no room for a key.?

?It?s dark in my grandmother?s basement.?

?Grandma?s basement this. Grandma?s basement that. Why does everything have to revolve around your grandmother?s basement??

?Well that?s where all the events have happened.?

?Hm. Well, you didn?t notice the lock didn?t need a key ?cause your clueless and have mush for brains.?

?Argh!? Polo turned beat red as Judy grinned. ?If your so smart, how do we open it.?

?Simple. It has a combination. Just turn the lock in certain places to open it.?

?Alright. Do it for us.?

?Umm.. no! You do it!?

?You don?t know it??

?I do so.?

?Ha ha. You don?t know the com.?

?Either do you!?


?Now guys, let?s stop arguing and start thinking.?
Bernard butted in.

?Why, Bernard,? Polo said, looking amazed, ?That was the first smart thing I?ve heard you say!?

Bernard grinned. "Thanks, Polo.? They all sat down in the grass to think, but none of them had any ideas. Millions of questions ran through Polo?s head.

[I]Where?s the com? Is it near? Is it somewhere I know about? Have I seen it, but it was invisible to the naked eye? Is it on the pic-. [/I] Polo immediately leaped up and yelled, ?That?s it!?

?What?s it?? Judy asked, picking the pedals off a dandelion. Polo searched through his pocket and found the picture. Judy peered at it and started up her sarcasm. ?Wow. That?s a neat picture. But what does this have to do with the com??

Polo held up a hand to silence Judy and read the bits of writing down below the painting. It was hard to make out, but after reading it through more than thrice, he sort of understood:

[I]My journeys never ceased,[/I]
[I]yet my life had to halt,[/I]
[I]but for the future people that find my book,[/I]
[I]that is covered in leather and sea salt,[/I]
[I]it beholds my life, the members of it,[/I]
[I]and the meaning of my life,[/I]
[I]at least of what I remember of it.[/I]
[I]Please do not destroy such a book,[/I]
[I]unless you?ll first have a look.[/I]

-Daskar Talon

Judy inched along as she read it, trying to make sense out of it. Polo just shook his head. ?It talks of the book, but not the com.?

?What? You actually understood that rotting pile of paper and ink?? Judy remarked.

?Watch what you say!? Polo snapped. Judy kept quiet as Polo explained, ?It says that the book is the life journel of this ?Daskar Talon? or at least as far as he could remember. It?d be great to read it and listen to his life story, but it doesn?t have the com.?

?Hey, guys! Look what I found!? Bernard emerged from the basement doors and brought something rusty in his hands.

?Is that? is that..? Polo started.

?Yes. I think it?s the com.?

?Where did you get it?? asked Judy, peering at it in Bernard?s hands.

?I found it in the broken frame of the picture.?

?Well, don?t just stand there, Bernard. Use it on the book!?

Bernard followed Polo?s command and picked up the book. He inspected the com like it was poison and Judy became irritated. ?Argh! Give me that!? She swiped the book and the com from Bernard?s open hands and spun the lock in the coordinates of the com. Naturally, the book opened to the first page. It was blank.

Judy dropped it onto the floor. Polo looked down on the book and up at Judy asking, ?What did you do that for??

?I-I-I don?t know. I guess I?m just excited.?

?Yeah. Right.? Polo bent down to retrieve the book, but decided to read it on the soft grass. He laid down next to the open book and turned the first page.

?Well?? Judy picked, ?Aren?t you taking it into the house??

?What?s wrong with the outside?? Polo asked, not even looking up from the book. Judy sighed and sat down as did Bernard.

?I wish I had some food.? Bernard said, rubbing his tummy which rumbled as he did. Polo shook his head and smiled. Then, all three of them looked down on the book and the tale of Daskar Talon unfolded...
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