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"Draw closer and sit beside me and listen to the tale I have to tell about your land, the Land of Uma.
Today, you are called to play a vital role in the future of our universe. Your hearts burn with a fire which darkness cannot quench. For you are the Pure of Heart, whose destiny is to fight Evil. But before you engage in battle you must learn about Uma's history and, therefore, come to understand why the threat of darkness still hangs over the people of this planet, even today.

The Land of Uma was created in the mists of time by Life. It was, indeed, Life which fashioned this land, sculpting its every contour, providing the blood coursing through the veins of its animals and the life-giving source for its vegetation.

But the balance of the universe was under threat and Death had to be created to re-establish some degree of harmony. After all, this is why Life cannot exist without Death. Consequently, the plants began to wither and bloodshed broke out amongst the animals, thus perpetuating the cycle of life and death."

The Primeval Battle
"Thus elapsed thousands of years which passively witnessed this unending, titanic struggle between Life and Death as it transformed the peaceful Land of Uma into a battle-field. This period was known as the Primeval Combat. It came to an end with Life emerging victorious, but the Land of Uma had now become one huge mass grave. Out of the ashes of this destruction rose Mankind, representing the ultimate challenge to Death. It went forth populating the world, imbuing the land and sea once again with Life. These men, your forbears, created villages, tilled the fields to produce corn and planted trees and bushes yielding fruit and flowers. This marked a golden age, an age of peace and harmony, but at the same time Man continued waging a relentless war against Death. As a token of her gratitude for Man's toil, Life decided to assume human form as the goddess Kaliba, the goddess of nature, and gave our ancestors magic powers."

The Dawn of Kaliba
"Our ancestors called this period the Dawn of Kaliba. The magic powers helped our ancestors to triumph over adversity. They also used them to create magical creatures, the Dragons of the Dawn, which became Kaliba's invaluable allies. They would protect the villages and castles, light the furnaces of our craftsmen's forges and, with their sacred fire, would help the population through the harsh winters by warming up the air.

The Dragons of the Dawn were not the only creatures around. There were others, just as gentle, which are now extinct. Among these were water-sprites, whose songs sounded like a babbling brook; fairies, whose beating wings created rainbows, centaurs, pixies, imps, and many more?. But the Dawn of Kaliba was followed by the Wars of Darkness, which swept all these creatures aside like straws on the wind."

The Wars of Darkness
"The Wars of Darkness marked the decline of Mankind. The Grim Reaper had licked his wounds and once again, wielding his scythe, started to shed blood. He began to gnaw at the hearts of men, fuelling their greed and spreading jealousy and lies among them?

When I think back to this time, I can still vividly remember the deep distress which gripped the hearts of men, the outbreak of bloodshed among them and the tears of the goddess, shed in great sorrow as she contemplated the havoc wreaked by Death, as men killed each other in the pursuit of a scrap of land, power and money?

This period of the Wars of Darkness also saw the demise of the magical creatures, especially the Dragons of the Dawn. Others were doomed to become creatures of Evil as imps were transformed into goblins and fairies into gorgons. But Evil's triumph over Life was not quite complete. Our goddess, Kaliba, overcame the distress which burdened her heart and offered one final message of hope to mankind. As part of this, she called upon the assistance of the druids who lived in the great forests of Uma. These druids were the devoted servants of Nature and would willingly sacrifice themselves to ensure that Life would triumph. And in order to make it a more equitable contest and help the druids to drive Death beyond the confines of Uma, the goddess Kaliba gave them the gift of the Time Orb, fashioned from the Tears which dropped from her cheeks. The druids were now ready to bring the Wars of Darkness to an end and men wept when they realised the madness which had possessed them.

The Age of Harmony
The Wars of Darkness ended about a thousand years ago. Following this, the druids who had survived this battle against Death decided to break up the Time Orb to prevent it from being used for evil purposes. And so, the Orb was broken into seven crystals, the seven tears of Kaliba. Each of these crystals was entrusted to an anonymous guardian whose mission it was to watch over the crystal and to pass it on to a new guardian, worthy of their trust, before their death. But all the guardians knew that the day would come for them to be parted from their crystals. And this day arrived when the Pure of Heart came to them.

During the course of this last thousand years, known as the Age of Harmony, the druids gradually began to die out as men learned to co-exist in peace. Everyone then believed that Death would give up the fight and its creatures would disappear from the land of Uma for ever. In order to ensure that this would happen, Kaliba created an order of monks whose task was to guide Mankind along the long path of Life. And indeed, during these thousand years the monks were utterly devoted to their task. But, how foolish to think that the Forces of Darkness could be completely vanquished! How blind men were, not to see that Death was biding its time for the least sign of weakness, for a wicked heart that it could invade?."

"And I am the one with that wicked heart, the Chosen One of Death. I am Draak, who will spread my cover of darkness over this golden age, so wretched and lack-lustre compared to the Age of Darkness about to dawn. I used to be one of Kaliba's monks and could see how weak and derisory the powers offered by the goddess were. There is only one real power, and that is the power offered by Death, a power whose depth and strength makes Kaliba's pathetic magic pale into insignificance."

"When I was a mere monk I was called Drakil Tanan. By then, I was already fascinated by the magic of darkness, a fascination which soon developed into an obsession. When night fell I would slip into the library and pore over the forbidden texts eager to learn the dark secrets of necromancy. I spent years in the vaults where I raised spectres and skeletons so that they could become my slaves and help me fulfil my mission. But one day, the monks of Kaliba uncovered my secret. And just imagine, those fools dared to pass judgement on me, Drakil Tanan, the great necromancer. I, therefore, left the monastery without any regrets, leaving behind my old name and assuming the new name of Draak.

Draak?a name which rises up like a funeral dirge, sounding a knell, the death knell for Kaliba. This name was my comfort during the years after I left the monastery. In the bowels of this land my torrent of supplication was answered and I became the disciple of Necromancy. My powers were enhanced and, at the same time, my soul became ever more consumed by my obsession, plumbing depths only known by Death itself. Ah yes, the Grim Reaper soon realised what an invaluable ally he had in me. And just as the goddess Kaliba had given the druids the Time Orb, I was made privy to the ultimate secrets of Necromancy.

I was now able to return to the goddess Kaliba's heavenly kingdom. But, I have to admit that this was a grave error. It was still far too soon to challenge Kaliba, even though I had already used my newly acquired powers to devastate the gold and silver towers of her kingdom and set ablaze the wings of the angels protecting her.

The battle between us lasted a day and a night with Kaliba emerging the victor, damn her! But not before I had dealt her a cruel blow. In the heat of the struggle I grabbed one of her hands and took it down to the bowels of this land. Using my powers of Necromancy I corrupted this hand turning it into an instrument of my revenge: the Astral Hand.

Armed with this artefact, I made my way to the Dragons of the Dawn cemetery where I intended to raise up from the ashes the most powerful dragon of all, the Dragon Lord, but not in his previous incarnation where he was subservient and loyal to man. I wiped his mind and stole his magic so that I could be transformed into a dragon?

Now I am able to devastate this world, enthral its people and allow Death to feed on their souls. Kaliba's monks, these same ones who dared to drive me away, tried to make me see reason. They wanted us to meet face to face. How their feeble attempts were in vain. I cast them into the flames of Hell for their pains, and with their ashes still smouldering I put a curse on the Order of Kaliba. I was then able to turn some monks into demonic skeletons, utterly devoted to my cause?"

"You will feel my vengeance, you wretched people. My wings will cast a long shadow over this land, plunging it deep into darkness. I will use your bones to build my throne and your souls to feed my subjects. And as for you, the Pure of Heart, you may well think that you can re-create the Time Orb to prevent me from destroying the land of Uma. But, do not delude yourselves. I will not let you find the seven crystals so that you can re-create the Time Orb and defeat me. I will track you down wherever you are, you wretched creatures. And you will die because no one can defy with impunity Draak, the necromancer and Dragon Lord?."

Welcome to the World of DarkStone!

sighn up create a name and choose a class : warrior ,assain, thief ,amazon, wizard ,druid, magician , monk , priestess.
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[color=blue]Name: Calla
Class: Magician
Weapon: A wooden staff topped by a clear crystal.
Clothing: Calla is a rogue magician with no allegience to any particular god, so she wears simple belted grey robes with many pouches attached containing her herbs and spell components.[/color]
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wild bill awakens in a strange village , realizeing he is naked looks frantickly from side to side for his sword.
priestess puting her hand on wild bill's shoulder: peace brother you are not in danger , we are your friends( more priestesses stand behind her in a giggling group.) we found you in the fields while colecting herbs you were badly injured , do you rember any thing?

Bill closes his eyes in concentration: A name I rember a name .... Bill ... That is my name ....

priestess: Well good morning Bill my name is zoot. In the future you must not anger drak or even be near when he is angry , for by the wounds that you aquired it could only be drak who inflicted them. Now you must rest

Bill falls asleep almost instantly.....
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Blade Steps from from the forest, clad in his black clothing, and sees a village. He hears some talk of an evil villian named Draak while passing through the small town.
" Wel, i wonder where he is, and who he has attacked now" He says to himself, a passerby hears him, and looks at him, a little frightened. " Do not be afraid townsperson, i will not harm you"

Townsperson:" The one you speak of, Draak, has attacked another, his name....is Bill. The Preistess Zoot has him in her charge."

B.D: " Where is her dwelling good townsperson??"

Townsperson:" That way."

Looks in the direction that is pointed, and begins walking, and stops at the dwelling of Zoot.

I am changing my Name to Blade
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bill awakens to find his belongs folded up beside his bed ? wait the bed , it was gone. He was now sleeping in a meadow cloaked in mist outside the town wall , he could have sworn he was on a bed in the house or was it a monistery? confused bill dresses and heads toward town . He stumbles around the town for sevral hours asking all he see's if they know of a women named zoot , the villagers simply stair at him before turning thiere backs.
Could it have been a halucination ? But no it couldn't be his cloths they were neatly folded at his side and his wounds they were neatly bandaged , it was all to confuseing for bill who decided to wash his confusion away in the local tavern , as he entered his where abouts were traced across the tavern by a man cloaked in black .
Blade: you are the one called bill?
confused Bill: Yes I am
blade: Where is the house of zoot I was told that you were thiere but none of the locals Knew of it
Bill even more confused: zoot you know too , I thought I had gone crazy ...

The two warriors converce but they are not alone for another seems to watch them....
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Converses with Bill about the fight with Drakk. But Bill dosen't seem to remember much if it at all. He feels something very strnge, and hears a leave crack as if it was being stepped on, and shushes Bill with a Finger

Blade " Be prepared, we are not alone"

Bill draws his sword, as Blade, jumps into the trees, and being clothed in black, dissapears. Bill begins to search the forest for the evesdropper. Hears a small yelp behind him, and Bill turns to See Blade, standing infront of Nico, with One Katana Blade drawn.

Bill" What are you doing?"

Blade" This is the evesdropper. TELL ME WHAT YOU OVER HEARD!!!"

n" Not much, only small mumbels here and there. Somehting about Drakk i think."

Blade " Are you friend or Foe?"

Nico " That has yet to be determined"
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Ok, I know I am double posting, but the story need to progress, or it will sureley die. POST EVERYONE!!!!!!!

Nico Draws her sword, and suddenly rushes at Blade. blade, prepared for such a pathetic attack, flips over her easily, and lands an elbow into her back, and a quick knee to the kidneys, forcing her to the ground.

Nico: ahhh, I see you are a skilled warrior.

Blade: What did you expect from an Assasin. I have trained myself extensively, and dont expect to be defeated by the lieks of you

Nico: We shall see

Blade stands in the darkness, barley seen, as nico charges at him again. He slowly sidesteps, and Nico trips over his outstretched leg, and Blade flips over, and lands a heel to the spine, and then flips off her, and into a tree. Blade dissapears, not seen, but heard, ad his voice moves through the wind, taunting her.

Blade: Come on.....I expected more from a warrior, not this pathetic rubbish.

Nico: Grrrrrr :flaming:

Nico looks up into the sky, and only sees darkness in the forest treetops above. Blade drops behind her, and puts her in his death hold, and she surrenders.

Blade: Surrender eh? wise choice


I am not going to continue the whole damn story. POST GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!
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  • 1 month later...
Blade: WHO ARE YOU?!

Nico: I'm an old ally of Drakk, I used to serve as a solider, under a curse, but soon a mysterious magican named Calla broke Drakk's spell on a group of minions, including myself.
During the proccess I was weakened and almost killed by Drakk..
Err, who are you?
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Blade: i am an assasin of the Dark order. No more information is needed. Drakk is my target. Sorry for the disturbance. Could you lead me to him possibly?

Nico: Maybe. Who is this with you?

Blade: This is Bill


Bill better post, otherwise he is out of the story, and this becomes my thread.
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Nico: BILL?! As in Wild Bill the rebel? I thought Drakk had slayed him. *smiles* well maybe we may have a chance.

Drakk has many fortresses put under many combinations of spells and gaurded by warriors and spirits of many kinds. I only know two of these, but we may need more people..
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