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RPG FF7-A new beginning


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It's basically just FF7 except we are the new chars and it has a new story.Post a profile like so:

Starting Materia-(only magic materia at first.No spells like Ultima!)
Appearance-(you may have a pic)
For those who don't know about FF7:
Shin-Ra Inc. has Mako Reactors all around the world to suck up Mako energy which is the earth's life source.Resistance groups have been formed to fight the Shin-Ra.But now another problem arises,a powerful man named Sephiroth who was supposedly dead is summoning Meteor to cause massive damage to the earth so he can combine himself with the Mako energy(earth's life source)

Name-Cloud Strife
Weapon-Buster Sword
Starting Materia-Fire,Cure,Bolt
Appearance-Spikey Blonde hair,blue baggy jeans,boots,and blue shirt with metal shoulder thing.(i'll post a pic later)
Bio-Mercenary hired by resistance group AVALANCHE.Childhood freind of Tifa Lockheart.
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well I love ff7 so I am in

Weapon:buster sword
Starting Materia: cure witha all,bolt,ice
Appearance:like squall from ff8 (i will post a pic later)
Bio:formerly in shinra left after 5 years ago one of the newest members of AVALANCHE.
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
Name: Aeris Gainsborough
Age: 22
Weapon: Rod
Starting Materia: Cure, Life, Thunder, Ice
Apperance: Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious
Bio: She met Cloud while selling flowers on the streets of Midgar. She decided to follow Cloud on his adventure, and has fallen deeply in love with him.
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Name: Cid Highwind
Age: 17
Weapon: Spear
Starting Materia: Ice, Bolt, Cure, Barrier
Appearance:Baggy pants with a t-shirt and overshirt. Gloves and goggles as well.
Bio: An ex-employee of Shinra's space program, Cid wants his revenge against Shinra for shattering his dreams. An expert mechanic, Cid and can repair and operate any peace of machinery.
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