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Writing What I wrote when she went away......


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Sorry if all of my poems make you sad.I'm just not in a happy mood.


I sit in my room reflecting
what you said"I think it's
time to move on".But what
if I can't move on?You are
what I thought I was here
to live for.But know it's just
a memory.

We used to sit down and kiss
under the stars....but now it's just
a memory.Memorys soon pass you
by and leave you forever.What will
I do if I can't have you by my side?

Sometimes I wonder why you left
me.But then I sit down an stare into
the deep vast sky it floats out of my
mind like the drifting clouds.But this
memory I will not forget.

The day I saw you was the day I
thought I finally met my true mate.
But I guess I was wrong.It will soon
pass through your mind as if it were
nothing.All I can do is hope that it
doesn't become another feeble old
Hope you like it.I'll write more if you want more.
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