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Holding Extended Sparring Tournament!!!!!

~Mystical Pan~

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I'll need three more judges for this.

OK this is how it works...

You can be whoever you want to be. The more origonal the better. I don't mean by the names but I mean mostly by the way you spar. You can't keep using the Kamehameha all the time. When I mean extended sparring i mean you have to creative and original while you spar. I don't want to see this:

*I hit you 60 times in the head and then I throw you a kamehameha*

Also you can't be to violent like this:

*I rip your arms off and tear your legs and beat you with them*

Describe as much as I said before, the more creative and original the better.

Keep yourself in check and don't overdue stuff like having unlimited healing powers.

Also, be careful how you power up in the beginning of the fight...you won't have any to power up later when you need it.

Weapons are allowed but to a limit.

Please sign up if you have what it takes.

First three people that want to help me judge can!

Once I get all the people that are going to partcipate, i'll make a chart of whose fighting who.
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