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Writing Uesugi: Journal of Conquest


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This is a fictional diary I created of the father of the famous Uesugi Kenshin. His name is Uesugi Tomooki. It takes place in fuedal Japan, around the year 1530. The whole country was at war. The great clans fought for one thing: Absolute military rule. The fought for the right to be called: Shogun.

[b]Things you need to know:[/b]
Diamyo: Leader of any one of the great clans.
Shogun: Military ruler in Japan. He was the true ruler of Japan, as the emperor in Kyoto was just a figurehead.
Ikko-Ikki- Rebels and Ronins.
Mutzu: The capital province of the Uesugi lands.
Shinano: The key province of the Uesugi lands. Through it, everything in Far Eastern Japan can be easily accessed.
[b]That's all you need to know for now.[/b]
August 12, 1530

I am Uesugi Tomooki. This is my first entry as diamyo of the Uesugi Clan. My eldest son, Uesugi Tomosada turned 16 one week ago. On the same day that Japan declared war on itself. My nearest neighbor, the Hojo Clan is mounting an army the likes of which I've never seen. Though, I'm on good terms with its leader, Hojo Ujitsuna, I do not trust him. I know him far too well. I saw him execute 40 trusted soldiers for losing 40 pounds of his koku to 25 Ikko-Ikki warrior-monks. An impossible victory to say the least. I fear he will soon attack Shinano; and Shinano is my most prized posession. It is the portal to all that is mine. To counter the Hojo-threat I've selected my finest Taisho to guard all my provinces. For Shinano, I have chosen Yamayoshi Mitsuharu. His military training will be invaluable since he is adjacent to the Hojo, Takeda, and Imagawa clans. For Hida, I've chosen the ever wise Date Masatsuna. For Echigo, Kakizaki Hyogo. For Sado, I've chosen Kaniizumi Nagashige; whose blood runs rampid with hatred towards my western-most neighbors, the Ikko-Ikki. I myself have chosen to remain at my capital province, Mutzu and I have chosen to leave Dewa free from martial-law for now. It is my sincere hope that the diamyo of the Imagawa Clan, Imagawa Yoshimoto, will not begin an eastwardly assault. That will give me ample time to build an insurmountable force to crush the Takeda forces at Kia. Then I will move against the Hojo Clan. Then, all of Japan will be mine. Total war has begun...

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October 3, 1530

It is now late Fall. We have gained out first victory over the Ikko-Ikki. Kaniisumi Nagashige led a force of 100 yari spearman into the Noto peninsula: the Ikko-Ikki's northern-most province. He left in his place the young, Shibata Hidenobu. I must admit, the Shibata family has a great reputation and this one seems to show particular skill in the art of stratagizing. I await his rise as a great Taisho. Elsewhere, all goes well. We've yet to be attacked by any other opposing forces and I have decided to begin working more on economics. I have ordered all provinces to begin working on better farmland and I have ordered Dewa, Sado, and Echigo to begin constructing mines. It also appears that the Diamyo of the Shimazu Clan in the West sent an emisary to see me. He has not yet arrived at my castle but I have recieved word that he is on his way. His proposal had better be exceptable. Otherwise, he'll go back to Lord Shimazu, carrying his own head. Now for the highest note of my entry: My second son was born today. He was named Uesugi Kenshin. I will make more of an efforst to train him personally than I did with my eldest child. Kenshin will be great. I promise you that. He will learn bushido as soon as he is able to walk and talk. He will be a master swordsman by the time he is 10. Indeed, he will win this war. His brother is a good Taisho; but I'm sorry to report that he lost his first skirmish to a group of Ikko-Ikki Yari Samurai. A disgrace considering he out-numbered them 11 to 6.
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