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Class Swim


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[b]OK,..we have this witchy form-teacher from the 40s who doesn't die, and has all these proverbs which wanna make you puke and commit suicide.
Anyway, being the last week of school, and having us get very good results, as a form in the Mock SATs all through last week...
anyway, being the last week of school she decided to let us go swimming on friday.

Anyway, so there we are, about 25 of us, on the Bus 22, at 1.30PM, wearin anything, ranging from the school blazers, to mix-and-matches, to full out chillin-clothes, with our Form Tutor, the haegtessen, and the Head of Year. Yes, the one with the Scwartzenneger smirk.

Anyway, we arrive at the bus station, and we get out, and have to climb a steep hill with stairs going up, for about 10 minutes.
We run up, but the crow-lady practically dies. (Normally I'd help, but she's...her. An evil crow, and we'd do anything for her to suffer)
So we make it, and wait. And wait.

And then she gets up, along with help from Shwartz-head.
She then tells us she has asthma, like we should have known, and it was our fault we were eager to go.
Yep, she's having another go at us, because she's ill and red-faced, and having trouble breathing.
[i]'Empty kettles Make the Most Noise'[/i]
The heck's that supposed to mean?!

We arrive at 'Grand Central'. We walk past the shops, the MegaBowl, the Cinema, the Arcade, and we head to the Baths.

Everyone pays, apart from me, another guy, the evil one, her husband (who made his own way here), and the Year Head.

I pay, and go, the other guy pays, and refunds, saying the water's too cold (he never went anywhere near it, so how'd he know?) Form Teacher & Co. wait to watch us with their beady eyes from the thing above.
Kinda like Gladiator.

So I go down the steps, into the lockers, and changing rooms. I get lost, and it takes me a few minutes to find out where my friends are at.

We all get changed and run into the pool. We play-fight, play, and then we alternate between pool, and slide about 50 times.
My diabetic friend comes in too. (He made his way from his hospital check-up)

We get back in, and get battered senseless by each others, and a few cramp-ups and muscle-stretches.

Half 3, and we're supposed to be outta the pool. We (really) do not make eye contact with the eagle-eyed witch and her husband above (Year Head left). Making eye contact results in a signalling of 'Out of the pool, now!'

We all get rounded up by the life-gaurds and sent to the lockers. We sneak round, and get to the slides, and we hide below the covering. Teacher spots one of us, and we all walk back down, with a few 'why didn't you guys come down? Now we're all in trouble'.

We head for the lockers, and run around and hide in different shower room, and shower places.

Teacher gets the PA announcerto call our names, and get us out.
We run around all over the place, getting chased by lifeguards, and stuff.

We run back to the lockers, get our stuff, and hide into the changing rooms. We come out all changed, and when the Book of proverbs arrives, we say it wasn't us. We spray some aftershave about, and when she coughs to death, we split.

We go look around the Cinema, MegaBowl, and the arcade.
teacher gives up on us and leaves. We go to a Kebabhouse, and eat :)
We buy donnas (aka Doners) and share with each other.
I buy 2 bottles and a few paper-cups, and we split drink too.

By now, it's 4.45, and we all get ready to split up. We get into parties, and someone says something about the Breaking of the Fellowship of the Ring.

3 go to Manchester town central, to clothes shops and take the 50. 2 take the 196 and leave for Falowfield/Longsight. 3 take the 22, to return to school where they'll be picked up by parents. 2 go to take the Local train to heck knows where and Longsight.
4 stay at one of the McDonald's shops. 4 of us head for the bus station to catch the 192, to Longsight(other side) and Levenshulme.

We then realise that one of us is by himself, and he's never took a bus by himself, so we put him into our party, and head down the long hill. We run down, and I go straight into a parked car and over the edge.

We have a good look around and realise we now need to take the 197, which takes a longer path than the 192, but gets the other guys home too.

4.55, and the bus arrives, and we go past many unknown places, thug areas, and past school. Right outside school, I luckily notice my Dad. Who had forgot I was to go swimming, and had waited at school for me.
The bus would've took me home too, but hey, my dad was there. So I got off at the stop, and ran to the car. And I went home and read LOTR, before I drifted off to sleep.

I had a nice day altogether, you?
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:drunk: I'm just about dead after reading all that.... but that's funny... :laugh: Did you get in trouble or anything after?

Well at the moment, it's the morining. :D I dunno what the day's gonna be like for me, but I have a few plans.... Hopefully they'll turn out... ;)
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