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Writing Bear in the Big Blue House Caught Off Camera!

Dragon Warrior

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This is Gavin Brown and I have just been informed that Bear in the Big Blue House has been doing some nasty things lately. We had some spies peak around this whore house that's painted blue. It seems Bear especially enjoys the two little fuzzy creatures that are purple. Police say that he can be dangerous and he will get anyone who is near.

If you are the milkman, mailman, little girl scouts selling cookies or ANYTHING, beware and do not go to Bear's Big Whore House. We are now talking with Mark the Mailman who has witnessed it as he passed the house.

Gavin: Hello Mark.

Mark: Hey Gavin. *waves to audience* hey all!

Gavin: Tell us about what you saw, Mark. How did it make you feel?

Mark: I started to freak once I saw a huge bear poundin' a smaller girl bear. I thought the Porno Circus was in town.

Gavin: Did you hear anything from inside the house as you passed?

Mark: Yes. I heard a lot of nasty crap, Gavin.

Gavin: Like?

Mark: Like "Oh Bear!" and "I need Milk!". I was disturbed. Haven't slept for days.

Gavin: Wow. That's terrible.

Mark: Yes. Yes it was.

We then investigated the scene with cameras everywhere. We shined lights around the house at night, hoping the curtain covered windows will make shadows of happenings inside. Unfortunatly for us, the curtains weren't closed. Ewww!!!

We managed, one night, to tape record one scene from a night in the kitchen with Bear and his mouse friend... Titter, was it? Oh well. It doesn't matter what his name is.

Cheif of Police: I sat there next to my comrades and police officers hoping to hear something, but when I heard what I heard, I wanted to go home and stay in that bathroom for hours. Of course, by natural instinct, we ran off and stopped the tape recording right away. We didn't want to hear or see anything anymore.

That's when the police sent in the swat team.

Cheif of Police: We were so darn discusted that we had to send in the swat team. I mean, who would want to see a sweaty bear doing it?

Sickining, isn't it. The swat team were able to see one full night before dying of fright and leaving he last bits of evidence behind. We'll cover the rest of the story later. I'm Gavin Brown. Thanks for watching.

[B]Broadcast over...[/B]

(You may hear what was happening in that house by clicking the link below marked "Toobig")
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Erm.... that's... nice... interesting............. *silence* ...................................................................... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :bellylol: :bellylol: Nahahaaa, that's funny.... How'd you come up with this 'broadcast'?
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[color=seagreen]i liked your whole lil broadcast! :D

twas funni!

especially since i know how Bear in the Big Blue House [i] treally[/i] is... :wow:

i couldn't hear the attachment though....no zip program on my 'puter...anymore :([/color]

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