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Sonic Adventure 3


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Chapter I- New Mobius
After joining forces with sonic and his friends, Eggman came out triumphant over his wicked Grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, who in a desperate attempt, had tried to doom the world by crashing the overpowered Space Colony ARK, directly into the Earth. Sonic and Knuckles went to the core, via help from everyone else, though Shadow refused to help until Amy helped him remember Maria's Wish. At the core, the Legendary Ultimate being Prototype, BioLizard, attacked the crew, but before they could retaliate, shadow, the ultimate being, showed up and took on BioLizard one on one for a supossed showdown as Sonic and Knuckles went to the Chao Alter and used the Master Emerand to stop the Chaos Emeralds. Though Successful, Sonic and Shadow were forced to go to their next forms when BioLizard took control over ARK and kept it on it's collision Course with Earth. Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow took on the Ultimate being itself, FinalHazard. When he was defeated, Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow combined thier power to perform a super Chaos Control, teleporting Sonic and the ARK to another location. Shadow however, was not as lucky and was caught in the Atmosphere, inside an energy wave and was never seen again. When they returned to Earth, Eggman announced a pact between them, the great War ending back on Mobius. Tails, stayed in Station Square as it's protector, and the rest of the crew, desided to return to Mobius. We are now on the Mountain Range, on Station Squares side where we see Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, and Tails talking near the portal.
Sonic: You sure you dont want to come along little buddy? You'll miss out on a lot of good adventures.

Tails: I'm sure Sonic. Besides, what if Dr. Gerald was to return from hiding?

Sonic: Good point pal. *Sonic nods to tails, walking over to Rouge who is standing by the edge of the mountain, her arms crossed, looking out at Station Square.* Rouge, keep an eye on Tails for me. *Rouge turns around, putting her arms at her sides as she looks at Sonic*

Rouge: Don't worry, I'll take good care of him. You all just go on back home. *Sonic nods once more as he turns around, walking past Tails, rubbing his head one more time as he walks over to the portal with Knuckles and Amy. As they jump though, Sonic puts up Two fingers as he goes into a Sonic Spin, blasting though the portal.*

Sonic: Good luck ol' Buddy! *As Sonic yells that, the portal closes and Rouge walks up to Tails.*

Tails: No matter what's wrong, he always says something to make it better.

Rouge: Yeah, your right about that hon. *she scratches the side of her head as they both turn around, walking to the edge of the cliff. Meanwhile, on the Mobius side, Sonic comes though the portal with a screeching stop, fire tracks behind him as he dusts off his hands. he turns around to see Knuckles and Amy, their mouths open and their eyes widened like they saw a ghost.*

Sonic: Whats up with you two? It looks like you saw the old Dr. Robuttnik! *Knuckles lifts up his right arm, pointing his glove at the sky. Sonic turns around and takes a step back* What the!? *the forest which held Knothole village, is no longer there. A darkish Red sky witht he sun high in the air, far off in the distance, a mega-city with the face of Eggman as the main building in the center of the city. Sonic starts shaking his head as he steps up to the edge of the cliff.* This can't be happening...how could Egghead have done all this in such a short time...? I think we need to go back to Station Square and find Tails...

Knuckles: I dont think were going to be able to do that Sonic... *As Knuckles says that, Sonic turns around, to see the portal gone.*

Sonic: This is uncool...very uncool.. *Amy walks over to Sonic leaning on his shoulder as he looks at her, before looking back at the place where the portal was. What happened in such a short time, and why had Eggman gone back on his word? What caused the planet Mobius to become nothing but a desolate robotic wasteland? Find out next time, in Chapter II, Venture into the Realm of Evil.
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Chapter II- Venture into the Realm of Evil
After leaving Tails and Rouge back in Station Square, Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles return to Mobius, only to find it in ruins of what they left it. Not knowing what's going on, Sonic orders Knuckles to take Amy to the Floating Island for safety, as he desided to go across the plains and into the dark evil city to stop Eggman. We see Sonic racing across the plains as Knuckles and Amy go off into the distance. Rage in his eyes, thinking about Princess Sally, Rotor, and everyone else, he speeds up past mach 2 as he makes good time. Meanwhile, in the dark city, in the main HQ, we see Dr. Eggman standing at the window, his arms behind him as he stares out into the city. A familier figure walks into the room, with red on the front of his shoes, a yellow circle underneath the from, a white patch on the top above the red. Eggman turns his head to look at him, an agrissive look on his face.

Eggman: So, have you captured Sonic's Pathetic friends?

?????: They were easyer than you said Master...they barely even put up a fight to my Chaos Control...especially, with the Master Emerald as the key...

Eggman: I'm glad i was able to retreve you from the other dimension...if not for you and the Emeralds, i'd never have been able to acheave this. *the figure hmms out loud as Eggman cocks his head* What is it?

?????: It's him...he's back on Mobius...


?????: I can sence his power...he's approaching Robotropolis at amazing speeds...

Eggman: Well then this changes everything... *Eggman turns around, starting to walk to the door before the figure puts up his hand, in a white glove with a yellow end to it and red holder.*

?????: No, I will deal with him. You finish the station, i'll deal with Sonic...

Eggman: But, if your defeated, the city will be defenceless against his power due to the soldiers being spread so far out!

?????: You forget..as long as i have the Master Emerald...i'm Invincible. After he abandonded me back in space, i swore revenge... *he clamps his fist tight as he looks up, showing his black face and red stripe on the top of his head along with his hedgehogidy snout* ...and revenge I shall have! *He turns around, walking back out as Eggman stands there wondering. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Amy continue to search the sky.*

Knuckles: Picking up anything Amy? *Amy reaches in her pocket, pulling out a type of device, and presses the button on top, the screen zooming out, nothing on it.*

Amy: No, it's still not picking up anything... *just as she says that, a light begins to blink down in the lower right hand corner, moving to theleft rapidly.* Hold it! it shows the emerald moving to the north at rapid speeds behind us...how can that be... *before she can finish, Knuckles quickly stops in midair, Amy grasping his arm harder as she yells.* What did you do that for!?

Knuckles: No...it-it cant be...

Amy: Huh? *she looks out, seeing the ocean dreid up, giant chunks of a tyype of island, smashed on the ground, rotten mushrooms scattered about. Knuckes goes partway down to the ground until Amy lets go, and goes the rest of the way down.* Knuckles...its-its....

Knuckles: ...the floating island... *knuckles growls as he clenches his fists, reaching for the sky yelling.* NO!!!!!

As the plot deepens, more and more questions come up. Why is Shadow back and why is he still helping Eggman? And why was the floating island obliterated just for the Master Emerald? The the biggest question of all is...can Sonic save the day once again? Find out in the next chapter, Sonic against the Dark power of Hyper Shadow!
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Chapter III- Sonic against the Dark Power of Hyper Shadow
Upon Shadows mysterious return, and the capturation of the Master Emerald, Dr. Eggman continues construction of a new space station, while Shadow agrees to go and stop Sonics Approach.
Amy and Knuckles travel out, in search of the floating island only to find it in ruins in what used to be the Mobian Ocean. Upon seeing the horror, Knuckles goes onto the island to try and find any remaining life. Meanwhile, 20 miles from the city we see sonic racing across the plains still. Up in the distance however, there is a flash of light and Sonic's eyes dim as he starts to slow down. Back at the site Amy jumps up yelling like a crased wombat. Knuckles burrows up out of the island, looking at her.

Knuckles: Amy, what is it!? *Amy looks up at him, showing him the radar.*

Amy: Knuckles...it's... *Knuckles growls as he burrows back into the island, popping out in a strange chamber like the one on the Space Station Ark and looks around, this place damaged more than any other spot. He snorts as he burrows back into the island, coming back out the hole, walking over to Amy.*

Knuckles: The Master Emeralds gone. Only two people can use it's power...and i know it's not me...

Amy: You dont mean... *As she says that, they both look at each other, their eyes locked as they both say* ...Shadow.

Meanwhile, back in the plains, the flash of light fades as a super fast golden figure blasts past Sonic with such speed, he goes flying up into the air, doing a sideways flip, landing on his knee and foot, his hands on the ground, his head down. He stands up, lifting up his head, Hyper Shadow mere feet in front of him, their eyes locked. Sonic's eyes dim as he sees the Master Emerald in Shadows hand.

Sonic: So...your the cause of all this...

Shadow: Quiet hedgehog...you'll listen to me now.

Sonic: Shadow, why?

Shadow: You abandonded me back in space, letting me fall into another dimension! Because of you i wassnt able to see Maria though i finished her request...

Sonic: My super form would have run out had i not..

Shadow: That doesn't MATTER!! *As shadow yells that, a shockwave blasts past sonic again, sending him flying partway though the air, smashing onto the ground. He stands up, dusting himself off as they both stay silent and stare at each other.

Sonic: (to himself) If he's got the Master Emerald...what chance have i got..? *Sonic's eyes then widen as he smirks some.* Ok Shadow, you want me, well here i am! *Shadow growls as he leaps into the air, his jet shoes blasting at full power as he rockets towards Sonic. As he approaches, Sonic puts out his hand, to try and use some of the emeralds power.* Chaos Control!!! *As he says that, everything slows down and he leaps into the air as Shadow goes under him, placing his hand on the emerald he summons some of his power, Chaos Control ending with a flash of light, Sonic's body now glowing with a radiant light as Shadow comes to a screeching halt, turning around looking at him with a pissed look on his face.*

Shadow: So...you can still use the Chaos Control...

Sonic: That's not all you traitor... *The radiant glow explodes, shadow shielding his eyes quickly. As the glow fades, a golden version of Sonic Stands there, stars flashing here and there around him, now known as Super Sonic. Shadow smirks and begins to laugh*

Shadow: Is that the best you can do!? *Sonic's expression changes to a calm, angry look as he growls*
Sonic: ok...NOW I'm mad! *Shadows expression also changes as he repowers up, the sparkle around him as well. They stare at each other, both ready to fight to the end as Knuckles tries desperately to get to Sonic to warn him. Can he succeed in defeating Hyper Shadow? Find out in the next exciting chapter, Super Sonic vs. Hyper Shadow!
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yeah well later on, i'm gonna have Ultra Sonic and Mega Shadow go at it in the last chap. so look forward. the reason for the shortness is to make it more interesting in case your wondering.

Chapter [i]IV[/i]-
[b][COLOR=orange]Super Sonic[/COLOR][/b] vs. [b][COLOR=sandybrown]Hyper Shadow[/COLOR] [/b]
In the last chapter, things got a little interesting when Sonic was able to use Chaos Control once more, and fooled Shadow long enough to get to his next form using the Master Emerald. Knowing he was being duped, Shadow desided to mock Super Sonic to try and see what kind of powers he actually has, that he had not seen in space. Meanwhile, Knuckles went into the floating islands remains and when he noticed the Master Emerald was missing, he then realised what was going on, Shadow, was using the power of the Master Emerald to control the environment, causing all this.
Eggman, in a type of worried mood, hurries to try and complete the "project" in case Shadow is defeated. But, using the power of the Master Emerald, as well as Sonic, both of them are not going to give up easily. We are now on the battlefield, where we see Sonic and Shadow, 20 ft from each other, eyes locked dead on, both of them perfectly still, their quills moving back and forth slowly as the wind blows past, sand along with it. Sonic closes his fists, crunching his knuckles, as does Shadow. Meanwhile, back in Robotropolis, in the main control room which looks like a giant egg, we see Robotnik watching one of the monitors, with Sonic and Shadow on it, a worried look on his face.

Eggman: Shadow's power is amazing...i did not concider this a factor in my plans..I must speed up my "other" project as well in case his mind control wears off from all this energy...

Meanwhile, back in the skies, Knuckles stops and floats in the air as he sees the two, both now floating inches in the air.

Knuckles: Sonic's gone...Super!? But without rings it cant be...possible. *Knuckles stays there as the scene changes back to Sonic and Shadow. Sonic growls and rushes forward though the air, pulling back his right fist as he goes. Shadow also blasts forward into the air, starting to pull back his fist as Sonic approaches, but instead, he curls forward into a ball as tery atart to pass by, sonic's fist being caught in Shadow's powerful spines, cutting the edge of it off, several of his fingers bleeding as well as the side of his arm. They both stop in midair once more and turn around to each other, Sonic holding his arm.

Shadow: Did you think you could win this easily hedgehog!? *Shadow soars up into the sky as he finishes that, Sonic looking up at him as he also blasts up into the air after him. Shadow looks down as he smirks, suddenly blasting downward with his elbow outward, the same energy resolution around him like what happened against FinalHazard. Sonic quickly puts his hands together for a double fist, and as Shadow approaches, he blasts upward out of his path, Shadow looking up suddenly to see Sonic holding his arms up in the air*

Sonic: Super SLAM! *as Sonic yells that, he brings down his fists, a golden type field around the bottom of them as he also moves downward, smashing Shadow in the face, blood coming from his mouth as he goes for the ground at warp-sonic speed. Sonic floats there in the sky, phanting as Shadow slams into the ground so hard, it causes a giant earthquake int he area. Knuckles floats in the sky nearby, his eyes widened, sweat running down his face wondering how sonic got all this power. meanwhile, as the dust starts to clear, Shadow suddenly warps out of the crater up into the air at sonic, his elbow pulled back again as he's behind him.*

Shadow: Nice try fool!!

Sonic: What the!? *Sonic turns around as he says that, shadows elbow slamming into his face, Sonic turning he head looking at him in rage as mere seconds later, he counters by slamming his fist into Shadows stomach, his eyes widen as he couchs up more blood. But then his expression changes once more as he grabs Sonics arm, whipping him around, and wrapping is arms around him tightly. Knuckles' mouth suddenly drops as he soars though the air towards them once more, knowing what's going on. But before he can, Shadow begins to glow.

Shadow: At last...revenge is mine Sonic! *before Sonic can say anything, the glowing continues as he suddenly explodes, the force sending knuckles flying backwards as he loses control, slamming into the ground hard, sand covering him up as he tries to keep away from the explosion.
He groans as he rubs his head, looking up and seeing Shadow floating the the middle of the crater, Sonic no where to be found.

Knuckles: SONIIIIC!!! *Shadow looks up, and over at Knuckles. as he does, Knuckles takes a step back as Shadow teleports over to him, nose to nose, an evil look on his face, and a suprissed look on Knuckles.

Sonic: You leave him ALONE! *Shadow turns around to see Sonic's fist slam directly into his face, sending him in a type of spiral along the sand slamming into a giant rock, stopping him. He growls as he stands up, his eyes closed as he turns around.*

Knuckles: S-sonic you're... *As he says that, Sonic turns his head looking at Knuckles.*

Sonic: Knuckles, I'll slow him down until you can get to the emerald and go Hyper. *Knuckles nods as they both turn around to face Shadow. *Shadow looks up, opening his eyes as all 3 of them get ready to finish this fight.*

After taking a serious beating, both sides are hevily damaged, Knuckles now in the fight, can both of them successfully finish off Shadow before he can harness the Master Emeralds Full Potential? Find out in the next chapter, Rumble in North Robotropolis!
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