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James Bond RPG (play)


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:devil: :devil: :devil:

Sala was :flaming: she had just boarded a flight to Cancun, Mexico when two Men in police uniforms ran onto the plane and started flashing badges at the captain ,then they ran down the isle to her. They were frank and smithy two other agents at the cia's overseas department. Come on sala Frank whispered into her ear , the boss has a code red urgent and he wants you for the job. She was so angry she wanted to kill them both. Who did they think they were ,pulling her off of her once a year vacation?
Then she calmed down and followed them to a waiting car.

# hours later she had all the details , a russian terrorist cell had hijacked a mobile nuke launcher . her mission was to fly to london and help some MI6 agents track down and recapture the vehicle. She usually liked assignments but she hated MI6. All those Brits thought they were James Bond, they thought they could do whatever,whenever, however they wanted , even if it was suicide. Then she left the directors office. At least she had time to pack.

Five hours and one American Airlines flight later she was standing outside the HQ of MI6. She went over her mental checklist

1 got all the clearence passwords memmorised? check
2 Have her colt .45 and silencer/flash suppresor? check
3 have that stupid soild gold pp7 that she was supposed to give to the head of MI6? check
4 have the misson papers for the Mi6 agents? check
5 and last of all, but most important (in her opinion) did i remember to bring the Koolmints? DRAT i new i forgot something

And with that she walked up the marble steps into the hallowed halls of MI6.

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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Holy :cussing: ! this one is old.....


Sala sighed and spoke

"The name is Zend, Sala Zend."

the man roared with laughfter and she chuckled, " I never thought i would see you again"

Man "times change"

"So, sala asked, have you been breifed on ZICAD?"

"yes" the man said

Man "come into the breifing room, the others are waiting..."

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sala listened to the re-breifing with mild intrest, she had been told the same breifing before in CIA but the new one was updated to include possible identities for the hijackers..

Then they all gathered up their belongings and went to the airport to fly to the target area to try and recover the NLV(neculear launch vehicle)
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